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His Wrath

Novel By: Zahraaaaa

A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Especially for fantasy, and romantic story lovers out there ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 5: Lions and Lust

Green eyes locked with Sophie's brown eyes. The lion's paws rested on either side of Sophie's head. It's chest was heaving, breathing hard, as if it had run a long way. Sophie's eyes were wide with terror. She had never come this close to a lion, let alone having one right in front of her! She decided to play dead. The lion looked like it was taking it's time staring. She closed her eyes and didn't move. Weren't you suppose to do that when bears were around? Sophie wasn't sure if the rule applied to lions as well. She laid still with bated breath, felt the paws of the lion touch her arm and then she screamed. She opened her eyes and saw a barechested guy lying on top of her but not on her.

"Dave!" yelled Sophie. "How?" She was lost for words.

Dave stood up and rubbed his hands on his dark denim jeans. Sophie was relieved, but also a little scared of what he wanted of her. She stood up and immediately felt dizzy. She felt strong hands on her arms instantly.

"You must be starved. Are you hurt?" Dave asked in a deep gruff voice.

Sophie saw that he was indeed concerned judging by the crease in his forehead.

"I'm okay," she tried to assure him. "Just a little tired that's all."

"So I'm wondering...Why did you leave the place that I specifically told you to stay at?" He sounded mad.

"Why should I listen to you?" Sophie retorted. "I know you're concerned and all that, but I can take care of myself. And I killed Fred just so you know."

Dave's eyes widened in shock, "you what?"

"Well I think he's dead," Sophue shrugged. Would-be rapists get what they deserve. He had probably raped dozens of other girls before her. Who knows?

"Damn. Fred knew I'd look for him around the back, and I had to rescue a kid, who I'm sure was put there by Fred to stall me," said Dave rubbing his face. His chest glowed tan in the moonlight, his muscles rippling with anger. Well he's a sight to behold, thought Sophie.

"Oh well. Can you please explain to me, why he was after me? And why you were in my house as well?" Sophie asked.

"You need sleep and food right now," said Dave, inspecting her face.

Sophie's hair came loose from the braid she fixed it, as she shook her head violently. "I need answers now! I've practically been through hell!" Tears started coming, the stress of two days coming to a boil. "I'm cold, tired and hungry, tell me now."

"Shh," said Dave. He suddenly pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms tight around her tiny frame. She shuddered and tried to break his comforting embrace, but he didn't let go. She surrendered and just let the tears come. She cried and cried on his chest. She had never felt so alone in her life, her whole life she was always alone. This hug felt comforting, as if he cared. Her parents had always been distant from her. No hugs or anything of physical contact was present in her home. Dave stroked her hair, and Sophie's tears subsided. This was the second time he'd seen her cry. Sophie blushed and pulled away. He released his hold on her.

Sophie sniffled and wiped her nose on her nightgown that she was still wearing.

"Come on", said Dave quietly. "I have a place where you can rest and eat." He gazed at her face, trying to read her emotions. He looked a little frightened as if she might start bawling all over the place again.

Sophie followed Dave through a path of trees, her feet still hurting. The rain had stopped, but there was still wind in the air. Leaves flew past them, and everything looked dark and spooky to Sophie. The smell of damp leaves filled the air.

"Owch!" exclaimed Sophie. She had stepped on a sharp rock. She looked down and saw the sole of her feet starting to bleed. Dave looked back and walked towards her.

"What happened?" He asked as he kneeled down to inspect her feet, which were all cut up and really dirty.

"Stepped on a sharp rock I think," said Sophie embarassed. She always did a pedicure, but out of all times some hot guy decide to see her feet. Life is so unfair, Sophie thought amusedly. She leaned against a tree as he held her foot, applying something that felt cool on it.

"What small feet you have," said Dave. "Like a little bird."

"Oh shutup," said Sophie. He wrapped some big leaves around the wound.

"Now I'm going to carry you the rest of the way. Understand?" said Dave.

She started to protest, but he swiftly lifted her up by the waist and put her once again over his shoulder. Sophie sighed, might as well enjoy the ride. In just a few minutes of walking, Dave put her down and put both hands on a random tree. It was a big tree, then out of nowhere a tiny door appeared on it.

"Oh wow," said Sophie.

He twisted the gnarly woody doorknob and when it opened, Sophie saw a huge space with a bed and some cozy chairs.

"Sorry just thought up this one in just two minutes. You were freezing," said Dave apologetically.

"This is perfect," said Sophie immediately getting inside the shelter. "You have some nice magical powers sir."

Dave looked pleased and shut the door, blocking out the wind. Sophie flopped onto the bed at once and lied down. It was white with designs of a dove all over it. It felt like she was lying on air, especially felt like that after the last time she slept, it was in Fred's car.

"Food Sophie," said Dave bringing her a sandwich and drink.

"I'm tired," sighed Sophie, her arm slung over her face.

"Now or I'll kick you out," threatened Dave darkly.

Sophie knew he wouldn't, but she barely knew him either. After she ate, she needed to use the bathroom and wanted to take a bath badly.

"Dave," she called to him. He was sitting on a chair, contemplating about something. "Can you make a shower magically appear?"

"Sure can," said Dave. "My powers are good around trees, especially if we're in one."

He swiped his hands across the air, his wavy black hair falling over his forehead. Another door appeared on the wall.

"Wow thanks Dave," said Sophie.

He grunted in response. Sophie opened the door and went inside a simple looking bathroom, but all she cared about was trying to get clean. She hurriedly stripped out of her filthy clothes and turned the water on full blast. Soon she had a steamy hot bath going. She saw soap on a rack and squirted it all over her body and in the water. She sighed and relaxed in the tub. She popped some bubbles on the edge. She closed her eyes and her mind wandered.

She felt water going down her throat, and Sophie immediately woke up coughing hard and spluttering. She hears the bathroom door slamming open, and struggled to clear her nose and throat.

"You foolish woman," said Dave. "How could you have fallen asleep in the tub?"

Sophie coughed some more. As soon as her throat was clear and she told Dave to stop pounding her back, she covered her chest with her arms, even if Dave already had a view.

"I'm okay now,"said Sophie. "You can go."

Dave laughed. He had already seen her breasts, and my were they beautiful he thought. Not too big or too small, and the soft swell of her breasts and pink nippples looked too enticing to bear.

"Are you sure? You're always trying to kill yourself," said Dave.

"Yes," said Sophie. She looked up and saw that he was gazing at her with desire, the same look he gave her when her house caught fire. Oh my.

Dave touched her arm, and she shivered. She looked like a goddess lying there in the water, he thought. He needed to calm his animal instincts now. Just because you haven't been with a woman for almost three years, he berated himself. He suddenly didn't care. It's been a long time since he'd ever been attracted to a woman.

Dave leaned over and put his mouth on hers. Sophie was shocked, but seconds after, she let her eyes close and leaned into his kiss. It was heavenly, she thought. She let her mouth open a little, and he suddenly took advantage and touched his tongue to hers. Wow she thought, she'd never been kissed like this before. He deepened the kiss and Sophie ran her hands through his silky soft black hair. So what if he's a lion thought Sophie, lost in his kiss. He suddenly pulled away, lust burning in his eyes. He wanted to take her out of the water and take her voraciously, but that was dangerous. He didn't want to go back to his dark past and repeat history.

Sophie looked hurt but relieved he broke the kiss, before things got out of hand. He quietly walked over to the door and let himself out. Sophie tried to calm her breathing and finished up bathing, thinking about the kiss all the while. She slept that night on the cozy bed smiling to herself, while Dave sat in his chair and reading a little notebook.


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