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His Wrath

Novel By: Zahraaaaa

A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Especially for fantasy, and romantic story lovers out there ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 4: Kidnapped

"Let go of me!" yelled Sophie.

Fred grabbed her tighter. "We need to take you someplace where no one would hear you. Woulda loved it if you burnt in the fire."

"Dave is going to get mad though," Sophie tried reasoning with him.

Fred's eyes looked uncertain for a second and hardened. "He can't do anything to me, and plus why the hell would he care what happens to you?"

Fred pulled her to him and Sophie started screaming for help. People in thier houses were sleeping. Fred pulled out a dirty looking washcloth and stuffed it in her mouth, effectively silencing her. He once again started pullung her towards a small car that was just around the corner. Sophie dug her feet to the ground, but he was a man and her efforts were fruitless. He threw her in the back seat of the car, and before she could think of escaping, he had already locked the door.

It was a long drive, a drive that Sophie dreaded and felt nauseous. Fred hacked, coughed, and mainly scratched his tatooed arms while he drove. Once or twice every ten minutes, he'd look back and smile evilly. When he smiled, his tiny beady eyes became smaller and narrowed. Sophie turned her face every time. She had already taken off the gag, but yelling in the car was sort of useless she found out.

They were passing fields of farmland and pasture. Now Sophie had no idea where they were at. During the drive, all she could think about was her mother and family. Would they ever see me again? She thought to herself. She even thought about tackling Fred, but that would kill them both if the car went out of control. She slept, still feeling sick to her stomach especially after staring at the green seats on the car covered in filth.

"Get up!" a voice was yelling in her ear. Sophie groaned, it was the nasty screechy voice of Fred's. She opened her eyes to see his snaky eyes under his bushy eyebrows glaring at her.

She stepped out of the car and shivered. It was still raining and in seconds her nightgown, that she was still wearing became soaked. It was early in the morning and Fred looked extremely grumpy, like he wouldn't care and would just kill her. He grabbed her left arm and walked her over to a little cabin place that was deep inside a thicket of trees. It was like a forest, and Sophie shook again from fear this time and not the cold. She didn't put up a struggle in case he killed her immediately if she did. Her feet hurt, she didn't have any shoes. Fred wiped his bald head with another rag that looked suspiciously like the one from Sophie's kitchen. He opened the door to the little cabin, and Sophie saw spiderwebs lining the walls and cracks on the walls. Fred pushed her all the way into the house and locked the cabin door.

"If you ever think of escaping, the next time I see you, you're a dead woman," threatened Fred, his eyes narrowing once again.

Sophie nodded wearily, biting her tongue from saying something that would get her killed. Fred stomped towards wherr the kitchen would be and pulled out a glass for himself. Sophie looked around at the tiny living room and saw with a start, that there was man sleeping on the yellow coach, that was in the corner. He had a mustache greasy looling blond jair. He was deep asleep, his mouth open wide and snoring. The TV was on mute, and it was only the yellow couch and a little table that was the only furniture in the living room.

Sophie sat in a corner trying to warm her hands and shivering from her wet clothes. Her stomach growled with hunger.

"Fred," Sophie called out.

"What?" He said, coming over to sit on the table with a packet of cookies and a drink in his hands.

"Have any spare clothes?"

"No, just take those off," Fred chuckled darkly.

"Please," said Sophie, and her stomach growled once again.

"Shut the fuck up, or I'll strip you naked myself," said Fred. "Go get something to eat, I want a woman with some meat."

Sophie went to the kitchen in order to get away from his filthy self. The cabinets and the fridge were literally bare or had molding food. I'll probably just die of hunger, thought Sophie. She saw a bag of peanuts forgotten on top of the refrigerator. Ad she reached up for it, she noticed there were no windows in which to escape to. She leaned on the counter and cracked a peanut. Damn not even salty, she thought. While she munched she thought about how she would escape when Fred slept. If he would ever sleep that is.

Fred lumbered into the kitchen and Sophie felt his eyes on her. Uh uh, Sophie thought. She continued munching the peanuts, avoiding eye contact. He stalked nearer and now she felt his breath on her shoulder. It stank, as if something just died.

"Yo Freddy," called the man who was sleeping in the yellow couch.

"What?" Fred replied gruffly.

"Come here, got somethin'to show ya."

"We always seem to be disturbed, but I'll come for you later bitch," whispered Fred, his dark eyes dilated with lust.

Sophie didn't reply to him, she just sighed and looked away acting like royalty. No wonder he called her a bitch, she thought smiling to herself. She needed to get out of here now. Before he intends to rape her, she must be prepared with a weapon. She rummaged through the cabinets, and found a rusty jagged edged knife. Yes! Now how would she overpower both men... They're conversation was getting louder and it seemed Fred was excited about something.

"So she is important?" demanded Fred, in a loud hushed voice.

"Yeah the girl needs to be captured somehow, then we can get the other side to react," said the man who was sleeping on the yellow couch.

"I got her dude," said Fred gleefully.

"Dayum how?"

Sophie stopped listening at that point. She didn't want to hear what would happen to her. She wondered why she was important. Not long after, she heard footsteps coming towards her way in the kitchen. Thunder boomed through the forest and the cabin as if timing the arrival of the villians.

"She fine," whistled the man from the yellow couch.

"Told ya," said Fred, his rotting yellow teeth showing. His tattoos seemed to turn darker.

Sophie looked at the man and Fred, both of them looked mental she thought.

"When are you ever going to let me leave?"Sophie demanded.

"Ooh a fiesty one," said the man from the yellow couch, his skinny frame looking like it would collapse any second.

"Who said we were gonna let you leave?"Fred shouted. He seemed to lose control and rage towards women, Sophie observed.

"Ok chill," said Sophie in an attempt to pacify him.

He lunged towards her in rage, and Sophie pulled out the knife from behind her just at the last second and stabbed him right in the middle of the chest. His weight made the knife go right through him, and he gazed at her in shock. He fell and with her underneath him. He was heavy, and Sophie heaved him off her.

"Fred!" yelled the man who was in the yellow couch. He ran to Fred's body and kneeled. "Wake up, get up man!

Sophie took that moment to run to the.living and yanked the door leading outside open. She didn't even glance back to see if Fred was really dead. She hoped the other man would be just busy with trying to revive Fred. Gulping for air, she ran like never. before. Her gym instructor would be proud she thought. Sticks, brambles, and rocks poked her feet causing her mortal pain, but she kept running blindly in the dark. She couldn't believe it turned dark so fast, it was just daytime! Her nightgown ripped in many places, but she didn't care. She suddenly heard footsteps running behind her. Her chest heaving, she sobbed for breath, and panicked wildly. All of a sudden she felt herself fly for a second and fell flat on her back. Fuck! She slipped on a big rock. As soon as she tried to scramble up, she felt a furry body on top of her, keeping her down.

She screamed bloody murder when she saw a yellow mane and orange eyes. It was a huge lion, king of the beasts.


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