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His Wrath

Novel By: Zahraaaaa

A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Especially for fantasy, and romantic story lovers out there ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 3:Fire

Sophie stared dumbfounded at the man who continued to glare at Fred (the almost would-be rapist). The man who she mostly saw in her dreams was definetely goodlooking in her opinion. His bright green eyes seemed to burn with fury. She noticed lots of features about him, which she'd never actually saw in her dream but she knew it was him, or a guy who seemed like him. He had shoulder length black hair which was wavy, but was always covered in the hood and cloak in her dreams.

"Let's go," he demanded.

He let go of Fred and finally looked at Sophie full in the face.

"Who are you?" Sophie blurted, her small face features bright with curiousity.

His face was like a carved statue and impossible to read. He simply gave her a small smile. "That's not important."

Fred wiped his bloody nose, glared at Sophie with such intense hate, that shook Sophie to the core. The tall but extremely handsome man who had saved her shoved Fred out the room door, and Sophie could hear Fred had fallen down the stairs with loud thumps and groans. Sophie stifled a smile.

"I think I know you," said Sophie. "What is your name at least? Can you tell me that?"

"Hmm you could call me Dave. That's what I would be called here I guess," he said, his forehead scrunched in thought. "And how would you know me?"

"I see you in my dreams," Sophie said, and was immediately embarassed because it sounded so silly when said outloud.

"Sooo you dream about me?" he asked and gave her a wicked grin, and Sophie blushed feeling warm everywhere. "What happens in those dreams?"

Now Sophie wished she didn't say anything about dreams, but looking at his face she knew he knew what she was talking about. She was about to say some kind of smart retort to his question,but she smelled something burning.

"Do you smell that?" she asked Dave.

"That fucker didn't seem to learn his lesson enough. Come now," he said, walking fast towards the window. "Let's get you out of here before this place burns down, then I'll deal with Fred."

"Wait," said Sophie rushing to her closet.

"No time for valuables or whatever", demanded Dave. Sohpie ignored him, she needed her money she saved up. The smell of smoke became stronger. Dave lost his patience with her and stomped over to Sophie. He lifted her by her tiny waist, and slung her overhis shoulder.

"Hey!" she shouted. "Put me down!"

"Shut it," Dave growled, and he pulled out the netting of the window and grabbed the window sill. They were pretty high off the ground.

"Let's just go back inside and go through downstairs," said Sophie, clinging onto Dave's neck for dear life as he proceeded to climb out the window and slowly make his way down. "Wait, how are you climbing down if there's nothing to hold on to?" Sophie demanded.

He ignored her, and she twisted her head around to look. She regretted that decision immediately as soon as she saw how he was holding onto the wall. He seemed to have sprouted claws, really sharp lion claws. Sophie screamed.

He seemed to act as if he didn't hear her, especially since there were a ruckus of neighbors and fire engines all over the place. Dave and Sophie finally reached the ground, but technically not Sophie until he put her down on her feet.

"You're not human," said Sophie quietly, her brown eyes wide with fear.

"I am," said Dave, who towered over her.

"No I know what I saw," said Sophie. "Then how do you explain how you climbed down?"

Dave was watching the people and they walked towards them, away from the blazing ruined house of Sophie's. Firefighters struggled to contain the blaze, shoots of water erupting from the hoses. Dave ignored Sophie's question, and Sophie felt suddenly weary and very scared. She knew her parents would absolutely flip when they hear about this, but the thought of this man being an animal was even more worrying to her.

"I'm going to find Fred. Stay here," ordered Dave, watching her.

"Ok", said Sophie braiding up her long black hair, her breasts jutting out from the silky nightgown she was still wearing. Dave's eyes turned darker, with animal desire. Sophie realized where he was looking and crossed her arms over her chest nonchalantly. He turned his eyes upward to her face and winked. Then he was gone with lightening speed.

Sophie was still pink in the face, wondering why this man made her feel this way. It was such a good feeling, and butterflies in her stomach, well the good kind. At the same time, she was scared and knew he was not of this world in some way and she didn't takr to his ordering around lindly. As soon as she double checked through the throngs of people that he wasn't still around, she ran through the street and past people's driveways. She could still hear fire engines and sirens in the distance, and she ran even faster. Her friend Lilly lived down two more streets. She could ask her for help.

Suddenly she crashed into something that felt like a boulder. Hands grabbed her upper arms.

"Where did you think you were going?"

Sophie looked up and saw the leering face of Fred's.


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