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His Wrath

Novel By: Zahraaaaa

A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Especially for fantasy, and romantic story lovers out there ;) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 15, 2013    Reads: 344    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

Chapter 2:The Assualt

Sophie stopped midway down the stairs and thought about running upstairs to call the police, but she was too frightened to make a sound. Heart pounding she started to turn around really slow, as to not attract the attention of the tall frame of a person who was still at the sink, but was looking out the tiny kitchen window.

"Don't even try..." he said, his deep voice emanating through the kitchen. Sophie's heart was practically on her throat and she tried not to show her fear.

"What are you doing in my house?" she demanded, her voice shaking slightly. The man turned around and she saw a man she had never seen before. His face was full of scars and on his right arm was a tattoo of an eagle. He had a hard-angled face which suggested he had been handsome once, but he looked hard worn and had an evil looking gleam in his eyes. "You know you want me here," he leered.

"Who are you?" said Sophie, backing away slowly and realizing she was still in her sheer silk blue pajamas, which stopped just above her thighs.

"Not important," he took a step towards her, gazing at her body. A darker gleam went through his eyes. "Where's the tool kit?"

She stared at him, horrified. The man who she was talking to on the phone! "Get out," she said, and dashed up the stairs.

"Hey!" he yelled, and she heard his big frame running up the squeaky stairs after her. Before she could close her room door, intending to lock it, he burst through the door breathing hard.

"You little slut," he said smirking. "Think you can escape?" He grabbed her by the shoulders roughly, Sophie struggling get escape his strong grip.

She tried to scream, but he immediately covered her mouth with his own and pushed his tongue into her mouth.Yuck! She thought wildly. He tasted of booze and oranges. She tried kicking him, but ended her leg being trapped in his huge hand and he ran his hand up her thigh. He was breathing heavily, not breaking his forced kiss.

He pushed her down on the floor and he got on top Sophie. Breaking the kiss, he covered her mouth with his hand and hitched up her nightgown. She bit hard on his hand, intending to hurt him, but he laughed instead of moaning in agony like she imagined. Alarmed, she felt his hand slide up her dress and started feeling her breasts.

"You like it," said the man. Sophie now believed it was hopeless and tears started to fall down her face. She would just end up being raped and murdered. Oh why couldn't she have gone with her family to Hawaii? She thought. She felt him continue groping her breasts with his hairy hands. Suddenly she felt his weight off her and she opened her eyes, not realizing they were closed.

"Fred you son o bitch, why the fuck you doing this?" said a man who was holding the guy who nearly raped her in a chokehold.She hadn't even heard this second man come in the house. She pulled her nightgown back down and sat up to watch the strange confrontation.

"Was just 'aving a little fun," spluttered the would-be rapist of Sophie's.

"I would kill you right now if I didn't need your miserable self for the mission. Young lady, I aplogize for his disgusting actions," said the man who saved her. She finally saw his face after he turned his head to the side to look at her and she stared in shock. It was the man in her dreams who was always covered in the dark cloak!


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