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Wild Cherry Sakura!

Novel By: Yaya634

Mischievous and friendly Sakura pursue twin cousins that she has the hots for a lot, while her two close friends try to pursue her, both rivals for Sakura’s attention.

Family story: Strawberry Banana Smoothie♡ View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 14, 2012    Reads: 358    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Wild Cherry 1. Come Squeeze Sakura♡

It was a really hot day all around in town, so hot that all classes was canceled for the day much to all students joy, running out the building, some ready to jump in a pool, buy a cold drink, or just find some where ice cold. There walking home together was two beautiful cute twin cousin, Kat and Bunny. "This is nice huh?" Bunny said smiling licking a popsicle. "I guess…" Kat said with a pouty look biting her popsicle. "Look where almost home to our cool air" Bunny cheerfully said pointing as she licked her popsicle more. Kat sighed to her Popsicle melted right down her hand, licking it off slowly.

They then both stopped at their door step starring to what had appeared to be a life size teddy bear sitting in front of the door. "What the? Where did that thing came from?!" Kat said a bit creeped out and surprised. "Aww I love it! Can I keep it then?" Bunny said hugging the teddy bear tight. "Hmmm...I don't know" Kat said looking at the cute big teddy bear. "I don't even see a card or an address" Kat said very suspicious. "Oh could it be? A secret admire then? Please can I keep it?" Bunny smiled with big eyes asking. "…Alright" Kat sighed and smiled shaking head, helping Bunny carry the teddy bear inside the house.

The teddy bear was placed in Bunny's room in her pile of many charming stuff animals near her bed. Kat went into the bathroom, quickly stripping down out of her panties and bra, going into the nice cool shower. Bunny in her room also began undress out her school uniform, dropping her skirt down her legs then unbuttoning her shirt, removing it. Soon Bunny was looking in her closet standing in long white lace tights and underwear. "Bun Bun!! ♥" Sakura shouted popping out of the teddy bear, glomping Bunny tight. "Eeeeekkk!!" Bunny screamed embarrassed and very surprised.

"Bunny?! What's wrong?" Kat yelled jumping out of the tub and ran fast to the bedroom soaking wet in a towel. "Oh hi Catty heehee" Sakura said sticking out tongue as she glomped Bunny more by her breasts. "What the heck your doing? No...Wait how you get in here?!" Kat said very shocked and annoyed pulling Sakura by the legs. "I was the teddy in hiding…was so worth it, yay!" Sakura said smiling squeezing onto Bunny's breasts. "Umm gentle please…" Bunny softly said blushing red. "Bunny you're so soft and warm! ♥" Sakura happily said. "Thank you...hee" Bunny shyly smiled at Sakura's comment.

"Gahhhh!!" Kat groaned and yelled cutting the conversation as she pulled Sakura's cheeks. "Owwie, you're awfully mean today, feeling catty enough to rip off my clothes?" Sakura teased and smiled enticing. "I'll rip you to shreds if you don't leave!" Kat said holding up with her fist bawled up until to her shock her towel dropped down to Sakura's excitement.

"Aww boo! I can't see!" Sakura said pouting as Bunny paniced holding her eyes closed as Kat very embarrassed quickly put her towel back on. "Out you go! Out now!" Kat shouted with her face red as she kicked Sakura out into the sunset. After a while later Bunny was in the kitchen making a big delicious dinner while Kat finally calm, was on the couch starring in the window at the night sky in a daydream. "Do you hear something?" Bunny asked stepping out of the kitchen in her cute pink apron. "Huh? Do I hear what?" Kat said snapping out of it.

Kat stood with Bunny, both moving slowly to the window hearing a lot of noises, as Kat opened the window she was stunned smiling more annoyed. Outside Sakura was in a group of cats meowing loud into a melody. "Awww so adorable" Bunny happily said much to Kat's dismay. "Get out of here already!" Kat yelled throwing her shoe at Sakura with the cats that ran away. "I rather you throw your yellow bow panties instead please" Sakura requested sweetly. Kat turned red looking down and up, bawling up fist with an irritated smile. "How do you… know that?!"

Bunny smiled going to the door, opening it, and waved at Sakura for attention that mad her quickly walked over into the house. "Please join us for the night, I made plenty of food" Bunny kindly said with her passionate cute face. "What?!" Kat said shocked and pouted sitting at the table near the food. "Mine heehee" Sakura giggled snuggling up against Bunny who just smiled taking her hand to the table for dinner. Soon they all were eating in peace and Sakura happily enjoyed the food a lot. "I'm glad you liked it" Bunny said very pleased. "It would be even more better with dessert…you covered in whip cream, oh, and yes naked too" Sakura teased and smiled in thought. "I don't know about that but….How about this instead?" Bunny said blushing with a smile.

In a few minutes Sakura was smiling big falling asleep on the couch with her head on Bunny's lap as she held onto Bunny's small waist like a comfortable pillow with a skirt. Kat starred down at Sakura asleep and actually let out a smile shaking head. "Let's go to bed too" Kat said turning off lights heading to her room. "Okay, night" Bunny said placing Sakura's head on a couch pillow and left for her room too, yawning. Once midnight came with the house quiet and dark, Sakura got up instantly crawling through the hallway to a bedroom.

She was in Bunny's room, closing the door gently, and was crawling up on sleeping Bunny from under the covers. Sakura smiled alluring as she slowly unbutton Bunny's shirt while kissing her neck down her chest with no hesitation to rubbing her breasts that made Bunny suddenly turn red in her sleep. Sakura smiled rubbing Bunny's sides and squeezing them that she woke up just abit seeing Sakura but then pretend to be still sleeping blushing as Sakura began moving up to her lips.

Kat who had woken up went pass the room and into the kitchen for some water only to notice the couch was empty with no Sakura in sight. "Grrrr!!!" Kat yelled running to her cousin's room fast once again, stunned to see Bunny with Sakura close to kissing and more. "What's going on here? Your suppose to be sleep!" Kat shouted with funny angry expression with arms folded. "Umm its not…well maybe it was" Bunny blushed red smiling embarrassed holding her shirt closed. "I was showing my love…jealous?" Sakura grinned and winked still on top of Bunny.

Kat very annoyed pulled Sakura off and away into her bedroom that only made Sakura excited in thought. "There, now stay put!" Kat said after handcuffing Sakura to her bed. "Are you going to blindfold me now?" Sakura smiled teasing that made Kat growl turning to the other side in bed going to sleep but messed with by Sakura blowing on her neck playfully.

In the morning Kat woke up stretching from bed and to her surprise Sakura was gone again even from being hand cuffed to her bed. "Huh? Kyaaahhhh!! What the?!!" Kat shouted blushing completely confused. Kat's panties were gone and her bed was very wet with Sakura leaning on the door smiling. "That was one wild night, thanks" Sakura said squirting a water gun at the bed throwing panties at Kat who exploded in furry finally kicking Sakura out the house who just laugh. ♡


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