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Wild Cherry Sakura 2! Fleshy Blossom

Novel By: Yaya634

Sakura returns and goes on a birthday road trip with friends Viola and Aqua to celebrate her now nineteen years. Sakura gets many surprises like staying at Viola’s vacation mansion, seeing her little sister again, and quickly win the hearts of many beauties.♡ View table of contents...


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Wild Cherry 1. Parade Time Sakura♡

In the very early morning of Friday just before the beginning of sunrise, with night sky still in sight, the car was all packed up in the trunk, a tired Sakura and yawning Aqua sat in the backseat as Viola starts to drive off away from the house and out the town. In moments in her mirror Viola caught a glimpse of Sakura sleep with her face on Aqua's lap, shaking her head laughing.

Once the morning light was out with a new day starting both Sakura and Aqua was wide awake not missing the great view as Viola drove more through cities and small towns. "This is amazing!" Sakura said smiling pushing for window to come down and enjoyed the cool breeze. "All for the birthday girl heehee" Viola replied playing loud dance music. "Oh yeah, heh" Aqua said happily dancing to the beat in the backseat. Sakura laughed chilling with her black sunglasses near the window as the wind's breeze went through her hair.

Near a red light a car pulled up beside Viola's car and Sakura smiled alluring giving out a friendly wink as she pulled her sunglasses down abit revealing her grayish blue eyes. The girl winked back and droved off with another car on the road appearing with Sakura waving with a smirk making the girl laugh. "Hmm...Liking this trip so far…" Sakura said as Aqua smiled reading a magazine. As Viola drove more Sakura happily saw another beauty behind the wheel waiting to make a turn rolled her window down to blow a hot kiss. "Mmmmm" Sakura grinning taking a deep breath in and out.

Before Sakura knew it after blowing a seductive kiss at girls in a car they all suddenly flashed their breasts. Sakura with a surprised look fell back with a happy frozen state. "What? Sakura?!" Viola said with a paniced smile. "Sakura?!" Aqua called out as well shaking Sakura abit. Viola soon had stopped the car in a parking site near a city park, there lying across a blanket with Sakura head on her lap.

"Can you hear me sweetie?" Viola said holding Sakura's head, massaging it gently. "How is she doing?" Aqua asked smiling holding up a cool wash cloth and patted Sakura's forehead. "I'm not sure but its Sakura she will come back" Viola replied relaxing looking down at Sakura who just then got up. "You guys hear that?" Sakura smiled and pointed up a head. "A parade?!" Aqua said shocked as Viola got excited. "Let's hurry and join in!" Sakura said and quickly left with Viola and Aqua hurrying behind.

Sakura walking up the road was looking very sexy and mysterious in leather shorts, long black leather boots, matching leather jacket with her enticing smile with black sunglasses. She jumped right on stage on an empty mic joining in the loud rock and roll music. "Oh my gosh! heehee" Viola said completely stunned as she and Aqua watched happily. Sakura playfully throw her jacket at Aqua who catches it and laughs dancing in the crowds. Everyone cheered loud clapping as tons of balloons and confetti end the show in hours of fun.

Sakura, Aqua and Viola were then back on the road again, all tired but happy, once in an area Viola began to drive slow and stopped in near a house. "We are here ladies" Viola shouted and got out with her keys and purse. Sakura and Aqua both stood speechless the house they were staying in was more like a mansion. "Whoa now this is hot" Sakura said with a grin walking inside with her things. "So beautiful…" Aqua said until caught off guard by a girl right behind as she turned around. "Welcome, I'm Olivia the new house maid, anything you need please ask" Olivia said sweetly bowing abit. "Oh yes, Olivia I hired myself for us and she needed the job" Viola said smiling. "This way please" Olivia said leading the way to the chosen rooms for each of them.

Soon out in the backyard pool Viola was already relaxing in a bikini drinking wine, in the house Aqua was all settled in her big room starting to head out in her swimsuit holding a towel. "…Hmm?" Aqua said walking back a room she heard a funny noise from peeking through the key hole only to be surprised seeing Olivia change and stood in her black lingerie pulling out her maid uniform. Suddenly Aqua starting imagining a hot Olivia rolling around on the floor with one hand on the breast and other on her butt then thigh just before both hands met in the center.

Aqua snapping out of it quickly left and out to the pool with Viola. Sakura looking around in another section in the mansion pulled out a camera with a fun idea. Next to a painting she made a cool pose with arms folded with her known sexy smirk with a flash, then with another painting she made a high jump kick pose, the following after with a silly face with tongue out, last she pose with a painting in a strong pose like a king of the castle.

"What's taking Sakura?" Viola asked wondering as she relaxed in pool more with Aqua sitting at the edge lost in thought at the moment. "Look out!!" Sakura yelled playful out the blue jumping into the pool in cute shorts and top splashing Aqua and Viola a lot. "Hey!" Aqua laughed splashing back with Viola taking cover. Olivia appeared near the edge holding a tray of fruit drinks with little umbrellas. "Excellent!" Viola smiled happily taking one and layed down on a chair on a towel. "Thanks, looks good" Sakura said taking one too standing with her towel on.

"Umm oh no thanks" Aqua declined looking away embarrassed especially by an instant memory of seeing Olivia. "Okay, I'll leave it here just in case" Olivia said kindly. "Its fun time, join us!" Sakura said letting out a wicked smile giving Olivia a gentle push to her shock into the pool that Viola laughed clapping. Olivia was shy trying to swim out but her maid outfit became abit heavy, Aqua worried swam over to her grabbing her hand.

"Are you alright?" Aqua asked wrapping a towel on Olivia. "Yes just was surprised heehee not everyday a maid fall in a pool" Olivia smiled looking beautiful in the sunlight dripping wet. Aqua smiled but as Olivia walked away she suddenly slipped onto Aqua, falling on top of each other near the pool. "Hey there we got ten rooms for getting all cozy heehee" Viola teased. Both Aqua and Olivia embarrassed a lot looked up at Sakura standing with legs crossed in her sexy boots, letting out a smirk with an up thumbs up to her friend Aqua. ♡


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