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Summer Passion,Honey!

Novel By: Yaya634

Michiru Shinsato is now out of school for the beginning of summer vacation, ready to relax and have some fun but finds herself filling in for more work at her part time job at Rosaceae restaurant. But her next costumer may change things, Karina Yasuda, a spunky and playful beauty who is very fond of girls, cute things, and sexy clothing. The long summer brings a lot of hidden and sudden passion from many and Michiru, especially Karina are in for surprises. View table of contents...


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Summer1. *

Today was the best day for all students in schools around town and like many they sat at their desks with those eyes glued to the clock. As usual time goes so slow like when you wait and kept in suspense for a while. But once the bell had finally ranged, every student burst for joy and ran fast out the school building, even some of the teachers right along. Summer had begun!! Michiru happily stretched and pulled out her to do list for the summer only to get a sudden call.

"Hello?" Michiru answered her cell phone as she walked home excited with school now over. "Shinsato-san, oh I'm so glad I caught you in time" Emiri said with relieve in her office. "Is something wrong?" Michiru asked as she opened her home door. "Well, kind of sweetie, you see it's like this…" Emiri said slowly with worry in her voice. "WHAT?!" Michiru shouted in her house and with Emiri moving the phone off her ears just in time. "I'm so sorry, but I really need you for the summer and two are out sick, please fill in and I'll give you a bonus to your pay" Emiri said smiling on the other end of the phone line. Michiru sighed but then smiled, "Okay, I'll start tomorrow bright and early".

Overnight Michiru packed two bags, one with clothes with accessories and the other with clothes and toys. Once the morning came, Michiru and her little sister Namiko where on a subway, right at seven, beating the crowds and traffic. Hand to hand they made it off and started walking with a view of a restaurant called "Rosaceae" and coming closer until they walked inside. "Good morning Shinsato, thank you for keeping your promise" Emiri smiled happily, she was a beautiful young attractive woman running the restaurant. "No problem, besides I'm a little short of money and do love my job" Michiru said going to the back to get changed.

"Come with me sweetie" Emiri said kindly taking Namiko to a place with other kids playing all day and cared for during the summer with their guardians working. Namiko smiled happy and waved bye to Emiri as she returned to her restaurant. In a private dressing room, Michiru was done and came across her co worker, Hanayo, who just arrived already dressed. "Morning Hanayo-Chan, are you ready for this?" Michiru smiled asking.

"Heehee I suppose so, lets try to have fun too" Hanayo said yawning and smiled cheerfully. When the clock had reached right at eight, many costumers entered in for a cold beverage from the heat and some very hungry with energy to get their started. Michiru, Hanayo, and other waitress had their work cut out for them.

In the restaurant, at one small table was a beauty with glasses called Chizuru, drinking down a smoothie while texting, then two good buds at a table, Hisoka and Samuru, one shy and kind, the other a cool calm guy flirting at Michiru. One girl sat in a corner blushing shyly, a very beautiful girl with a sexy body most girls envy a lot. "Are you alright? Can I get you anything?" Hanayo asked sweetly. "Oh, umm me fine but can you check to see if there is anyone waiting outside, you know suspiciously" Ayumi said in her soft voice shyly.

"Oh... alright heehee" Hanayo shrugged a bit confused and checked anyway outside but didn't see anything weird or strange. "I think it's safe now" Hanayo said with a smile and returned to her work as Ayumi smiled in relief leaving the restaurant. As Ayumi walked away and passed a tree a girl suddenly jumped down holding tow big water guns. "Haahaa got cha!!" Karina shouted with a happy grin shooting water all over at Ayumi, who screamed in a low shy voice, running away to hide in the trees.

"Can't run from me or hide!" Karina giggled and chased after her, still shooting water at Ayumi, who hid behind a tree to catch her breath. "Now I got cha again!" Karina smiled squirting water at Ayumi's red cheeks and made her dress soaking wet with her lingerie revealed. "Ooo so sexy!" Karina said happily groping Ayumi's big breasts. "Karina this very embarrassing, please stop" Ayumi shyly said blushing red. "Aww just a few more minutes" Karina said with a seductive grin spreading Ayumi's legs a part abit to see her panties in show from her wet dress.

"Ahhh there you are" Futaba shouted and pulled Karina away, along with Toshiko's help. "Nooo… I'm not done yet!" Karina yelled smiling and pouted. Ayumi watched them as they left and held her heart that was going crazy over Karina. "So sneaky, I should have known you were up to something" Futaba said sighing. "You're very weak for Ayumi" Toshiko smiled shaking head. Karina pouted drinking an ice cold drink, "Not fair she has those big melons, she's the tease, of course I wanna take a bite!" Karina said with a playful grin. "That sounded so wrong…but right in a way" Futaba smiled and giggled. "May I take your order now?" Michiru asked. "Yes indeed" Karina smiled happily at Michiru's waitress outfit. ♡


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