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Strawberry Sugar Swirl

Novel By: Yaya634

Prequel: Strawberry Banana Smoothie ♥
Family Story: Fleshy Fruit Paradise/Berry Bosom Blossom♡
Plot: Kotomi Yasuda is a young beautiful, friendly, yet withdrawn girl and the twin cousin of Kadiri Yasuda. She has just transferred to a private girl’s school for her second year and to be near her childhood friends. There Kotomi meets and befriends five stunning and busty girls who fall for her, much to her dismay. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 20, 2013    Reads: 201    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Sugar Pop 1.A Lustful Welcome❦

It was time for spring once again, with warm weather and lovely blooming flowers awakening from a long winter nap. This also meant another new year for returning students from a long snowy break but most importantly a fresh start for Kotomi Yasuda, gathering her things from the car. All ready with her stuff, she waved bye as the car began to pull off and in the back seat was her younger cousin Katsumi waving back cheerfully.

"Kotomi, yay, you made it!" Chisako happily shouted running up to hug Kotomi tight. "Heehee yes, glad to be here with you both" Kotomi smiled with her long hair blowing in the wind of cherry blossoms. Yuuna smiled and shook head pulling Chisako off as she looked at the time up on the clock of the school building. "We better get inside, catch up later" Yunna said. "Lead the way" Kotomi said walking behind them with her things and Chisako kindly held her free hand, just excited still.

Inside the building Kotomi was happily looking around and walked more until her friends stop in front of a older attractive woman with long straight black hair with red lips looking sharp. "Oh they you girls are….and you must be Kotomi…wow so much like my old student" The women said amazed smiling nicely. "This is our homeroom teacher and now yours too, Ms. Hatanaka" Yuuna said with her cool smile. "Nice to meet you" Kotomi said shaking Ms. Hatanaka's hand.

The bell then ranged that all students including Yunna and Chisako went in the classroom to be seated and settled in. "Wait here please, Yasuda" Ms. Hatanaka smiled going in her classroom. "Okay sensei" Kotomi smiled back waiting a little nervous but calm. The students were chatting, relaxing or setting up their books for class. "Alright quiet everyone, all eyes up in front…thank you, now I'll will like you meet our new student, she just arrived today" Ms. Hatanaka said and opened the door with Kotomi walking inside.

"Good morning everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you all" Kotomi sweetly said with a lovely bow from her legs that captivated the students. Chisako cheered as Yunna waved a flag playfully with Kotomi's name on it and the students greeted back to Kotomi with a clap that made both Ms. Hatanaka and Kotomi pleased. "Yasuda the empty desk there is for you, now everyone open books to page 45" Ms. Hatanaka said going to the chalkboard. Kotomi went down for rows and sat at the desk near the window able to feel the warm breeze then turn to see her classmate, a very pretty and cute girl. "Hello, you are?" Kotomi asked smiling beautiful. "I'm Hikaru" She said pouting at Kotomi and looked away that left Kotomi shocked. Kotomi suddenly let out a small laugh as she opened her book that Hikaru surprised blushed abit.

During the whole class session Ms. Hatanaka read out loud as the students listen taking notes and following along especially for a sudden pop quiz to come up later. Kotomi trying to keep up and stay organize notice her pen falling onto the floor, after a small sigh she use her foot to push the pen back over but her pen instead rolls over more but this time under Hikaru's desk to her dismay. "Hikaru…umm my pen right there could you…" Kotomi cut off by Hikaru who just shush her and completely ignored Kotomi who got very annoyed.

Kotomi moved her desk slowly and quiet to not disturb her classmates, bending down to reach her pen right near Hikaru's feet but froze in shock. Hikaru caught off guard blushing as she looked down to see her legs just trapped Kotomi's arm in between with her pen. "What are you doing?" Hikaru said blushing still. "My pen fell, if you weren't being so mean you would have known" Kotomi said upset. For a brief moment Hikaru felt strange turning red and slowly rubbing her legs on Kotomi's arm that pulled away with Kotomi even more shocked especially after a view of Hikaru's pink lace panties, back on her chair holding up her book at her desk.

Hikaru suddenly grabbed Kotomi's hand placing it on her thighs gently looking at her with longing with her ravishing blue eyes. Kotomi looking away embarrassed feeling Hikaru's soft skin, Hikaru pouted and leaned over to kiss Kotomi's cheek sweetly that made Kotomi look back at her, close face to face. "Alright, good work everyone, that's all for today, your dismissed" Ms. Hatanaka said smiling as the bell ranged.

Kotomi left the classroom in a hurry abit and stood against a locker feeling her heart beat as Hikaru standing from her desk looked at her hand still warm by Kotomi's touch. "Hey, you okay?" Yunna asked concern touching Kotomi's shoulder. "Yeah, sorry, I'm good" Kotomi smiled shaking off what happen. "Yay! I'm glad" Chisako shouted happily but held back by Yunna before she could glomped Kotomi.

Afterwards Kotomi stood in front of a room door and looked at a paper with instructions with her key she opened it and smiled amazed by the lovely fancy room, placing her stuff down. "So lovely…Mmmm" Kotomi said and sniffed a scented candle on a table. "Umm... Hello stranger" A girl said standing in the bathroom door. "Oh sorry, I'm your roommate…." Kotomi blushed unable to finish her sentence.

The red haired girl was standing in a towel in a mist of fog by her shower, looking stunning and sexy with an adorable smile. "I'm Kotomi, nice to meet you heehee" She said holding out her hand for a friendly shake with a small blush and giggle trying to not stare at her. "Oh yes, I'm Asuka!" She said smiling big even more adorable only to slip from the wet floor falling on top of a surprised Kotomi.

"I'm so sorry, are you hurt?" Asuka asked sweetly staring down at Kotomi rubbing her head unable to move on the floor. "Oww...I'll be okay" Kotomi said looking up at her. "I'm glad I'll make us some tea" Asuka smiled happily sitting up unaware of her towel slipping off down to her nipples. "Whoa! Please get dress first!" Kotomi said red with panic after quickly holding the towel back up. Asuka looked at her self and shyly laughed going back into the bathroom with clean clothes to put on. Kotomi sighed abit still blushing and got ready for bed after the long day.

Once lights were out in the school Kotomi was deep in sleep peacefully with her long hair out from her pony tail but her bang still over one of her eyes. Asuka in her bed got up and quietly went over to Kotomi, crawling into the bed covers and snuggling close to Kotomi. "Good night" Asuka shyly smiled and blushed kissing Kotomi lips softly. ♡


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