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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise the girls pursue Kadiri romantically.
Characters: Kadiri Yasuda,Momoko,Aya,Hatsuyo,Uta,& Nene
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Submitted:Oct 3, 2011    Reads: 122    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Banana 8. Dessert delivery❦

Today I was very excited, at school we were having a "Best Dessert Competition", Open to all students who either had some great cooking skills or just wanna win that nice award. But most of all I was elected as one of the five judges. Aya, Hatsuyo, and Uta told Ms. Hatanaka that I had a great tongue for this type of thing….yeah they would know *blush*

"Alright contestants, for this year you are required to use strawberries, bananas, or any berries for your dishes, a special hint to win over the judges favorite" Ms. Hatanaka winked and smiled. "In the hat is desserts you will choose and make your very best, now let's start". The students got in a line, each pulling out a piece paper out of a top hat. Aya, Hatsuyo, Uta, Momoko, and Nene, who transferred, also entered in the competition. Kadiri was sitting at a table with her co judges, the girls waved as they pulled out there chosen dessert dish. "Good luck students you have still tomorrow to bake, decorate, and wow us" Ms. Hatanaka said on the mic and left the room as the school bell ranged.

I was actually looking forward to seeing how the girls do, I know Momoko and Aya are great cooks, but what about the other three….

"Hmm three to four cups of sugar...huh? coco powder?" Hatsuyo reading the directions then throws it happily. "I can do this, it's easy!" Moments later Hatsuyo was on the floor crying with powder all over her with egg yolks. Nene had her smoke alarm going off with her panicing and Uta kept burning her dessert with her late timing. "We withdraw" Hatsuyo, Nene, and Uta said to Kadiri on her porch. "Aww okay, but come in first" Kadiri smiled and giggled abit.

"Let me taste your dessert first, before you drop out" Kadiri said smiling at the table. "Okay, here is mine" said Uta pouting. Kadiri took a bite only to pause as crust surface was hard as medal, then Hatsuyo's dessert look awfully watery, and Nene's was black and smelly. Kadiri found her self on the couch unwell and when she woke up she could smell the sweet scent of cherry cheesecake. "Ooo what's going on here?" Kadiri smiled asking. "Feeling better?" Hatsuyo happily hugged Kadiri's arm. "We order a cheesecake to thank you for being brave in tasting our disasters.

"Aww well let's dig in!" Kadiri said excited cutting slices for her and the girls. "Yummy!" Nene giggled eating with cherry lips. Hatsuyo smiled licking her fork slowly at the cream. Uta was twirling her finger in the cheesecake and sucking it off her finger.

Kadiri blushed watching them, feeling aroused abit that she kept her legs closed hiding it in her shorts. Uta smiled finishing "Kadiri you alright? You haven't touched all of yours yet" Kadiri snapped out of it blushing more embarrassed. "Yes, heehee I'm okay" Nene playfully sticked her creamy finger in Kadiri's mouth. "See yummy" Nene winked and giggled. Hatsuyo and Uta happily joined in with their fork and spoon.

Kadiri was overwhelmed but shyly stood and walked to her door. "Sorry girls I have some work to do and it's sunset already" The girls pouted but smiled leaving with each kissing Kadiri's cheek. "See you later!" Nene yelled. "Bye sweetums!" Hatsuyo said blowing a kiss. "Take care!" Uta smiled waving bye. Kadiri shook her head abit laughing; good girls can't help to do at least one naughty thing before the end of the day.

The next day, Kadiri and other four judges was at there places trying all sorts of desserts dishes, and it was down to Momoko and Aya who out beat all students. "Our final contestants everyone, which means tomorrow is the winner, girls here are your last chosen dessert projects, good luck!" Ms. Hatanaka said excited in a sexy mature manner. The students clapped and Aya winked at Kadiri as Momoko gave her a smile.

Yeah...right there, Oh shame on me for not seeing this come, Aya yes, Momoko, a big surprise….

At home Kadiri phone ranged as she got out of the shower, "Momo! Hey!" Kadiri said smiling. "Umm Kadiri mind coming over for a sec please it concerns the competition and you as judge" Momoko said in a shy cute voice. "Aww sure, no problem" Kadiri hung up as she happily got dressed and headed out her home.

"Momo?" Kadiri knocked on the door and pulled out her key to the house, walking inside closing the door. Kadiri smiled smelling Momoko's cooking in the kitchen but her no where in the room. "Hey where are you Momo?" Kadiri called and giggled noticing Momoko's door opened abit. When Kadiri moved the door back she blushed deep red as Momoko was on the floor in a sexy small apron naked. "Uhh…" Kadiri was blushing so much like a red apple and unable to move, Momoko was really turning her on too much. Making her heart desire to see what was behind the apron, Kadiri never saw Momoko like that.

"Kadiri, how does my dessert taste?" Momoko asked as she held up a plate with a slice of her Banana Berry Brownie Pizza. Kadiri took a bite and bend down to Momoko, starring in her eyes. "It's very delicious… like you" Momoko blushed moving her apron top slowly but stopped by Kadiri. "Momo, do you mind if I kiss you?" Kadiri asked blushing. "Yes" Momoko blushed with longing in her eyes pulling Kadiri on top of her. Together their lips moved close and began kissing very deeply. Momoko happily enjoyed her first kiss with Kadiri as well as Kadiri did from her.

"Mmmmm" Momoko blushed and moaned in Kadiri's mouth. Both still kissing more until breathless and Kadiri couldn't help but to squeeze Momoko's breasts from her apron as they started kissing more and Momoko squeezing Kadiri's male genitalia from up her shorts of her cute boxers. Kadiri ended up staying over and made out with Momoko everywhere in her house.

The next morning at school, was the day to announce a winner and Ms. Hatanaka begun to start. "First up is Aya with a Strawberry Crown Tart" The judges happily ate slices, testing the taste, all holded up a ten out of ten. "Now is Momoko with her excellent big dish of Banana Berry Brownie Pizza" Ms. Hatanaka said. Kadiri quickly held up a one hundred out of ten and made a request, "I wish to have a special delivery of one at my house please" Kadiri smiled looking right at Momoko who blushed very happy.

"Well alright then the judges agree with their co judge, the winner is Momoko!!" Ms. Hatanaka shouted on the mic with all students clapping loud as they stood up from there seats. Aya was shocked and glared abit at Momoko but received a warm hug by Kadiri. "You're still just as good" Kadiri smiled placing a medal around Aya's neck. "Thank you" Aya smiled moving close to Kadiri's lips that made Momoko jealous and Hatsuyo stood watching holding her heart that started to hurt. "You okay?" Uta asked worried. Nene patted Hatsuyo shoulder, "Don't worry we can try next year". Hatsuyo smiled but once the girls had left she was standing with a small tear. "Did I loose… already for Kadiri…" ♡


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