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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise the girls pursue Kadiri romantically.
Characters: Kadiri Yasuda,Momoko,Aya,Hatsuyo,Uta,& Nene
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Submitted:Sep 28, 2011    Reads: 116    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

Banana 7. Getting wet all day ❦

Today I had a good time to relax, have fun, and unwind abit, Nene arrived in my new town home and picked me up from my house early, ready to cheer me up for the whole day.

"Where are we going anyway?" Kadiri asked. "Just sit back and let Nene show you a good time" Nene said smiling as she gave blue sunglasses to Kadiri then drove off right at the green light. "Cool" Kadiri smiled and giggled wearing the sunglasses and enjoyed the breeze as Nene was driving. They both sung songs off the radio and stopped to eat before hitting the road again.

Meanwhile Momoko arrived at Kadiri's house but surprised to Aya, Uta, and Hatsuyo also there. "What's going on? Momoko asked. "We all wanted to see Kadiri after yesterday" Aya said to Momoko with abit of a glare. "But she's not home but left a letter" Hatsuyo also added holding it up to Momoko. "That's not Kadiri's hand writing though" Uta said with no doubt after being study partners with Kadiri for a while. Momoko read the note and she let out a furious annoyed look. "Nene!!"

Nene walked out the women's room in a sexy pink bikini with all boys looking. "Heehee come on Kadiri" she said laughing abit. "Its kind of embarrassing…you know" Kadiri whispered from behind a wall. "Aww but I'm here, now let's go!" Nene smiled and playfully pulled Kadiri out. Kadiri stood in a sexy black bikini top with matching swim shorts. They then got on a water ride, gently riding along and lying on rafts.

Kadiri was once finally in peace floating down the lazy river along with Nene behind. "Thanks Nene this is awesome!" Kadiri said loud happily splashing her playfully. "Hey! Heehee" Nene laughed splashing back and got out the water. "How about two cold drinks?" Nene asked. "Sounds very good" Kadiri said and relaxed more on a pool raft.

As Nene stood in line and got two sodas she turned around surprised to see an unexpected person. "Well if it isn't my old friend Momoko" Nene let out a grin with a sarcastic voice. Momoko stood with arms folded glaring at Nene in her very attractive heart pattern bikini, showing off her big bust and slim figure.

Kadiri was resting and relaxing on a beach chair but started feeling very strange like something heavy was on her. "Mmmmm…what?!" Kadiri was very shocked with a silly expression. Aya, Hatsuyo, and Uta stood over and were leaning on Kadiri with their breasts in her face. "That was mean yesterday" Hatsuyo pouted and licked Kadiri's cheek. "You wasn't home twice so far, that's a punishment but if I was a bad girl I'll let you spank me first" Aya smiled winking and teased as she bend over with her cute butt in full view. "Missed you" Uta blushed shy and smiled close to Kadiri's lips.

Kadiri was very red in the cheeks with heart beating so fast that if she screamed she would make all windows break. She was also very overwhelmed with hot steaming bodies' right on hers with boys envious with rooting and cheers.

As Kadiri turned to see Nene and Momoko fall into the pool fighting but playfully. "So much for my protectors and friends" Kadiri said annoyed and sighed smiling. Kadiri looked up at the girls and let out a sweet cheerful smile, "Let's enjoy today together". "Yes!!" The girls said at the same time taking Kadiri's hand.

They all were swimming around a lot in the pool, then Kadiri and Hatsuyo played with cute children who pulled away from the group. Meanwhile there was a competition among Aya, Uta, Momoko, and Uta on matt racing slides. Kadiri willingly took a ride down on a water tub slide with each girl that held onto her tight. Last all went on the water coasters happily many times.

As the day came to a very pretty sunset, Nene left smiling in her car. In Momoko's car, everyone was quiet and tired. Kadiri was in the back, in the middle asleep with Aya sleeping on her shoulder, Hatsuyo was sleeping on Kadiri's lap while Uta slept on Kadiri's other shoulder. Looking like sexy wet kitties on a sleeping beauty that actually made Momoko giggled and smile.

"Momo..." Kadiri said with soft voice, awoke abit. "Yes?" Momoko blushed abit. "I missed you and glad you came for me" Kadiri said and fell back to asleep gently. Momoko smiled very happy all red in the face and continued driving home with a day dream of her hugging Kadiri, who suddenly moved her hand up Momoko's dress. Momoko stopped the car, her heart beated fast, she was about to have another wet dream. ♡


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