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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise the girls pursue Kadiri romantically.
Characters: Kadiri Yasuda,Momoko,Aya,Hatsuyo,Uta,& Nene
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Submitted:Sep 28, 2011    Reads: 119    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Strawberry 6. Four is a crowd❦

The day had started out pretty normal so far, I was in peace at a library in town. In a book section about food. Looking for good cook books to make a special dinner for tonight with company. I do admit this is very last minute but after walking in on something I been in fear knowing tonight that was going to be me…

Hatsuyo knocked on the front door, "Kadiri-Chan?" Aya grinned and found the spare house key hiding in a flower pot. "Heehee Aww, you would think she didn't want us in" Aya giggled as she opened the door. Hatsuyo happily ran inside but stopped as she noticed Kadiri was not home at all. "She's not here…" said Hatsuyo feeling disappointed. "Don't look so gloomy, we can practice until she comes back" Aya winked and smiled pulling out a love doll that amazingly resembled Kadiri, in white lingerie. Hatsuyo smiled as she remembers that they order that with Kadiri's likeness. "I'm ready" Hatsuyo said to Aya and they begun to undress slowly on the floor.

"Well I'm home now, so I'll text you later Momo" Kadiri said smiling and closed her cellphone. Kadiri suddenly felt a strange feeling, her front door knob was warm and when she looked into the flower pot, she found her spare key missing. She sighed abit knowing who where inside and went into the house. "Alright you too, what are you up to now?" Kadiri asked but stood frozen.

Aya and Hatsuyo in their bra and panties were practicing a threesome with the love doll. The love doll had a banana symbolizing Kadiri's male genitalia and strawberries on the nipple areas. Kadiri had walked into seeing Aya was nibbling and licking the strawberries off the doll's chest while Hatsuyo was below sucking and licking the banana slowly in passion. Kadiri didn't know whether to walk back out or just stand there, either way she couldn't lie that it didn't turn her on abit.

"Kadiri!!" Both Hatsuyo and Aya threw the doll away and jumped onto Kadiri, very happy and longing for her a lot. "Join us please, we want you" Aya said smiling holding Kadiri close onto her body on the floor and Hatsuyo laying on top Kadiri's back. "Uhh…" Kadiri was deep red, once again in the middle of them with their body tightly close. "Can't breathe... Circulation!" Kadiri face was stuck between Aya's big breasts with Hatsuyo squeezing Kadiri in places without stopping.

I really do think those two are trying so hard it may kill me and I knew that for sure after they found out my surprise dinner party tonight, especially since they wanted something way different with just us three.

The girls arrived at Kadiri's house in very beautiful dresses and sat on the couch excited. "Kadiri how come we had to get dressed up tonight?" Aya asked smiling very curious. "Oh it's nothing really, Just a nice get together…with friends" Kadiri smiled abit nervous and drinked a glass with sweet juice. The door bell ranged that struck the girls like lighting. "It's not just us?" Hatsuyo asked disappointed and confused. "Who is it?" Aya asked with her arms on her hips. Kadiri even more worried and nervous giggling went to the door and opened it. "Kadiri, Hi" said Uta who happily kissed Kadiri's lips. Aya and Hatsuyo got very angry giving Kadiri the image of burning wrath behind her then Momoko appeared. "I hope I'm not late or anything?" Momoko said and hugged Kadiri with a small peck on the cheek. "Nope, glad you made it Momo" Kadiri smiled and held the door for the girls to go inside and shut the door.

A few minutes later, at the table Kadiri tried to keep a sweet smiling face as the girls were not pleased at one another, giving mean looks and an uncomfortable atmosphere. "Let's play a game!" Kadiri said cheerfully but soon regretted very quick. She found herself tied up on a chair as the girls played musical chairs but Momoko sat watching feeling bad for her friend. Whenever the music had stopped the girls would try to do something to Kadiri as the winner. The music stopped and the girls tried to run to get on Kadiri's lap first, Aya won stealing a very long passionate kiss on Kadiri's lap. Uta won the next one and felt upon Kadiri's breasts area, that seem to make Momoko very mad and after Hatsuyo made a hickey on Kadiri, Momoko stood pouring water on the girls and left.

"Momo?!" Kadiri broke free from the chair and ran to catch up to Momoko. "Go back to your party" Momoko said angry. "No, you are very important to me, I didn't expect that to happen either" Kadiri said. Momoko walked away more. "Wait!" Kadiri reached for her shoulder but Momoko accidently slapped Kadiri. "I'm so sorry! Kadiri?" Momoko cried shocked. Kadiri walked away very quiet as Momoko stood outside crying feeling like an idiot.

"Kadiri we are sorry" Uta said as she, Aya, and Hatsuyo were in towels but Kadiri passed them going into her room, locking it. The girls left very sad and worried. During the night, no one could sleep, Kadiri's cold shoulder made the girls heart felt a deep pain. Aya, Hatsuyo, and Uta right there noticed that they were very much in love with Kadiri. No like, no crush, not even just lust but love and a lot.

Kadiri was under the covers with her baby rabbits snuggled close to her sleep, she suddenly received a text that read...

Hey Kadiri! I got your text earlier, I don't want you all upset, Momoko may not like it but for you, because I'm also your childhood friend I'm coming there. Besides I liked you first before all of them! Lol p.s me boobs are way bigger than Momoko's now ^-^ -Nene.

Kadiri let out a laugh and a smile and was able to go to sleep the rest of the night. Momoko in her bed was still trying to figure out why she acted the way she did, got jealous, ruin the girl's outfits, then walked out on Kadiri who she slapped by mistake. It all came clear once she had a dream where she was in the bed covers, with Kadiri below and she had an orgasm. Momoko quickly woke and found her self wet, without any hesitation pulled out a toy and went back to sleep. ♡


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