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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise the girls pursue Kadiri romantically.
Characters: Kadiri Yasuda,Momoko,Aya,Hatsuyo,Uta,& Nene
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Submitted:Oct 20, 2011    Reads: 128    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Halloween Special Ending*

Strawberry Banana 13. The End to another Start❦

The spooky and haunting holiday had come, Today was going to be a nightmare, and I could feel it in my bones. The moon had a scary red look that made me feel worse, I was going to be lunch by those girls…

Just around sunset, Kadiri and Katsumi was getting ready in the house, Katsumi was in a cute Red Riding Hood costume, along with sweet red lips and a basket to use for candy. "I love it!" Katsumi shouted loud and spinning around in the mirror. Kadiri giggled and sat in the mirror starting on her make up for her costume. Kadiri was looking very scary hot as she was putting on black eye liner and eye shadow, along with a dark shade of red lip gloss. Kadiri then smiled in the mirror with contacts to go with her costume, yellow glowing eyes.

The phone suddenly ranged with Katsumi answering it, "Hello? You have reached the Yasuda household, may I help you". There was no answer but breathing, Katsumi hanged up quickly to watch a cartoon. At that moment Kadiri received a text message that read….I want you to meet you alone… -Unknown.

The lights in the house began to flicker a bit until it all went black inside the house. "Katsumi are you alright?" What the?!" Kadiri froze seeing a mysterious shadow that leaped onto her, pushing her down on her bed, the shadow figure began to having a neck nuzzle on Kadiri, making her giggle a lot." Hey! That tickles!" Kadiri said all giggly and embarrassed. The lights came on and Kadiri was still laughing at it was only her two rabbit being playful. "Got cha! Neko Kai!" Katsumi smiled taking a picture. "You Little Monster!" Kadiri smiled hugging her sister tight. "Let's get going, its night now" Kadiri said taking Katsumi's hand as they left the house.

Around the neighborhood and town Katsumi went door to door, "Trick or treat!!" Katsumi said loud hold up her basket as candy was being poured in it. Kadiri stood in the moonlight as a very sexy and hot werewolf girl with a cool biker girl look. Tight black pants around her waist with her boxers in view a bit, tight shirt showing off her big bust along with matching boots to her thighs and long gloves with silver chains on her wrists and neck. "Ready?" Kadiri smiled with yellow eyes. "Yup!" Katsumi said excited.

Katsumi was taken to a kid Halloween party in a mall and Kadiri waved bye as she headed to her school that was having a Halloween Monday party. "Welcome students, enter if you dare" Ms. Hatanaka said as a hot grim reaper, greeting students with other school staff. "Very nice Kadiri, be careful those girls will become cats in heat for you, looking like that" Ms. Hatanaka smiled and winked. Kadiri smiled and walked inside the building.

In the huge gymnasium, the students were all creatures of the night dancing to the killer music, zombie boys hitting hardcore moves, succubus girls dancing to enchant boys, skeletons doing the music entertainment, and more creatures just having an undead time.

As the music picked up a beat with a howling noise, Kadiri walked in with all eyes on her, students applauding and cheering happily, no monster party was complete without the actual creature of the moon. Kadiri giggled and got some punch near the snack tables. Only to be pulled away out the room and into a classroom.

"Momo?" Kadiri smiled a bit confused standing by the door. "Yes it's me, you like?" Momoko said smiling in an enticing ghoul girl costume. "It's very nice" Kadiri said with a sweet smile. "I thought I was going to be okay but then you how up like this…I can't hold back Kadiri" Momoko starred deep into Kadiri's eyes. "What do you mean by that?" Kadiri blushed. Momoko became bright red dipping Kadiri's fingers in a bowl of cream and placing them on her tongue. "Mmmmm" Momoko was sucking Kadiri's fingers passionate. The full moon was shining through the window, catching Kadiri's eyes. Kadiri used her other hand rubbing cream on Momoko's cheeks, forehead, and neck. Kadiri bite Momoko's ear, holding up one of her legs. Momoko was deep red watching Kadiri. Momoko was soon n a desk unconscious.

At that moment a mysterious fog appeared and Kadiri was gone, leaving Momoko confused. In a closet Kadiri found herself with Hatsuyo the witch. "Heehee, Your mine!" Hatsuyo said happily revealing sexy black lingerie under her witch's cape. "Fall into my spell, I promise I have the good magic" Hatsuyo said sweet and wicked with her broomstick between both there legs. Kadiri blushed with anger that mad Hatsuyo's heart beat fast. Kadiri had Hatsuyo bent over, began groping and spanking Hatsuyo's butt softly with her biting on her witch hat. Hatsuyo was coughing up blood and soon became quiet in the closet.

Kadiri soon found Nene dressed as a cute gothic doll and had her in a locker room, blindfolded as she was groping her breasts non stop, Nene was ecstasy laying on bench as Kadiri layed on back of her, biting and still groping her everywhere. Kadiri then smell a familiar scent and disappeared. "Kadiri?" Nene got blushing a lot with heart going crazy, Kadiri was a predator on her with no mercy as Nene was very embarrassed to feel her legs wet and back scratched in blood.

"Mmmmm nice breeze" Uta smiled as she sat alone near the school pool relaxing with her legs in the water. Uta was in a very sexy mummy outfit, with her body wrapped tight, along with an alluring Egyptian look. "What's that?" Uta asked looking in the water suspicious only to be pulled by her legs into the water and up against the pool wall. Kadiri smiled and Uta blushed deep red looking back to see Kadiri, who started unwrapping her. Uta was very overwhelmed and held her mouth as Kadiri pulled her breasts out exposed in the water. She suddenly gripped on the wall as she was blushing red as she felt something from behind from Kadiri. Uta soon found her self on the ground in blood on the floor panting a bit as Kadiri disappeared again with a grin on one more hunt.

Aya was drinking punch outside on the roof as a sexy vampire and suddenly dropped it as Kadiri locked the door and pulled her tight, making out with her with red lips and taste from the punch. Aya was very surprised blushing deep red with a shy expression, gasping for air with her fangs in view as Kadiri had her body leaning against the roof wall as she made out with Aya more. Aya was in fear and ecstasy at the same time, Kadiri was trying to devour her and send chills on her spine by below. "Bye Aya" Kadiri grinned and held up a stake. A loud scream was heard all over the school but the music was too loud.

A mysterious girl as a ghost appeared ahead as Kadiri was walking in town with a dead Red Riding Hood in her arms. "I want you…" The girl said and Kadiri smiled.

"GAH!!!!" Kadiri jumped up yelling from her bed. "What's wrong sister?!" Katsumi shouted running to the bedroom. "Had a nightmare…" Kadiri said sighing with a silly shock look." Aww… again?" Katsumi said with a cute smile with tears being scared for real after a scary movie. "I saw that girl again, what does it means?" Kadiri said thinking hard. "A new love for my sister?" Katsumi said sticking out her tongue teasing and smiled. Kadiri actually paused in fear with a crazy look. "Oh no…." To be continued! ♡


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