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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise the girls pursue Kadiri romantically.
Characters: Kadiri Yasuda,Momoko,Aya,Hatsuyo,Uta,& Nene
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Submitted:Oct 20, 2011    Reads: 80    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Banana 12. Kitty Cats Go Meow❦

I was so tired after out camping with Uta and I wanted to stay in bed all on Sunday before school tomorrow. Just sleep in peace if possible, good thing my little helper was here to see to that *smiles and yawns*

In the kitchen of Kadiri's home was an adorable younger version of her, cooking up stacks of pancakes, along with eggs, and a glass of orange juice. "There all done, oh wait I forgot the most important part!" The girl put the food on a tray and placed flowers in a small vase, starting to walk towards Kadiri's room carefully. "Wakie! Wakie! Neko Kai!" The cute girl shouted placing the food on the bed.

"Mmmmm…?" Kadiri yawned and smiled sitting up on her bed. "Wow Katsumi, You didn't have to do that sweetie" Kadiri happily hugging her Katsumi. "But I wanna! Purr purr!" Katsumi said very cheerful. Kadiri started eating and Katsumi left the room to do some tidying up in the house.

That is my twelve year old twin sister Katsumi, she has a big heart with a fond of cats and loving bond with me. Me and Katsumi resemble our gorgeous deceased mother, not just by looks but her personality growing up. Katsumi actually arrived today for a visit while on her school break back home. Oh yes, my sister has a cute speech mixed with cat emotions and words.

Kadiri yawned and finished eating, going back to sleep with her baby rabbits snuggled closed to her. Katsumi was happily cleaning around, and left a note on Kadiri's forehead with a heart glitter sticker, as she was stepping out to check out the town and get a couple of things.

"Heehee, Yay meow!" Katsumi shouted with a big smile, riding around on her bike with a bell, cat helmet and yellow cute goggles. She waved at everyone, blew kisses at cats, and ran from dogs but hugged a puppy lovingly. Aya and Hatsuyo were coming out of a store with shopping bags from "The S Spot lingerie and costume shop". Aya smiled wicked, "wait still Kadiri see me is this!" Hatsuyo giggled, "Bet she will like mine more!" They both shared an instant glare then paused as Katsumi rode pass them "Meow Aya! Mew Hatsuyo!" Katsumi shouted waving with an adorable smile. "Was that Kadiri…?" Both Aya and Hatsuyo asked shocked.

In the town's park, Uta was on a bench reading a book called "Do it right at midnight", and started to blush giggling as she turned to the next part. "Rawarrr!!" Katsumi yelled out from behind Uta, scarring her to drop her book and blush embarrassed. "Huh?" Uta turned to see a cute girl holding catnip and run away giggling. "Kadiri?!" Uta said confused in shock.

Later, Momoko and Nene saw a huge crowd and witnessed Katsumi using catnip and cat talk to rescue kittens up trees, and put them in a box to take to an animal shelter or find owners. "Hey was that…" Nene said thinking. "Yes indeed" Momoko smiled.

At sunset, Aya, Hatsuyo, and Uta where at a fortune teller shop waiting in a room on a couch each discussing their experience with what appeared to be a Kadiri as a little girl. "That's so weird, same with us!" Aya said. "It was really unexpected too" Uta told Hatsuyo and Aya. "So how come we came here?" Aya looked at Hatsuyo suspicious a bit. "Don't look at me like that! Relax, I have come here before and today is a good day to find out what all this means for us" Hatsuyo said with confident smile. "Alright young ladies, please come in" Madam Zigana smiled holding back her curtain of beads as the girls walked into the room.

"Nice to see a familiar face, what may I help you with? Madam Zigana said with a calm smile in a long deep blue cloak and moon crescent gem on her forehead. "We seek answers about someone we love who seems strange today" Hatsuyo said with concern as Aya and Uta waited curious. "I see..." Madame Zigana closed her eyes focused and once opened a strike of lighting was heard with thunder with her crystal ball shining like moonlight.

"Look into your present you wish to be your future" Madame Zigana said and the girls looked with amazement to see Kadiri in the crystal ball. They fell into a spell of dreams, Hatsuyo dreaming of Kadiri kissing her, Uta taking an aggressive side having Kadiri against a wall, then Aya kissing Kadiri into a strong love spell. "Fear not, the girl earlier is not who your heart loves" Madame Zigana said "But her arrival means the day after this, a full moon will rise once again glowing bright red and You will lurk in the shadows as beautiful creatures wanting the werewolf of the night".

Meanwhile, Kadiri was sleeping safe and sound with Katsumi in the other room watching TV. Kadiri was suddenly feeling uncormtable, sweating a bit along with twitching. "GAH!!!!" Kadiri shouted as she jumped up scarring Katsumi, who watching a scary movie. "Neko Kai what's wrong?!" Katsumi yelled as she paniced, running into the bedroom. Kadiri was sighing as her body was hot, shaking, and sweating. "Say something sister!" Katsumi shouted with cute face with tears of fear. Kadiri looked up very annoyed and in a great stress. "It's Halloween... Tomorrow…" Kadiri said sighing a lot. "And… "Katsumi stood shocked with a smile. "I won't survive…they will get me…" Kadiri whispered in fear slowly moving her bed covers over her head moaning like a ghost. ♡


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