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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise the girls pursue Kadiri romantically.
Characters: Kadiri Yasuda,Momoko,Aya,Hatsuyo,Uta,& Nene
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Submitted:Oct 18, 2011    Reads: 80    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Banana 11. Getting Wild in Nature❦

Finally the weekend had come and I was excited packing many of my things, I was invited to a camping trip with Uta and her family. Being a important staff at school of the students often kept Uta very busy, so it's nice to have her be able to relax and what's better than doing it outdoors in nature! ……Hmmm I'm going to regret saying that last line like that *sighs*

Kadiri went to answer the door and Uta smiled waving. "Hey, ready to go?" Uta said with a sweet smile. "Umm… What about your family?" Kadiri asked confused looking outside for them. "Oh something had come up, so it's just the two of us" Uta said passionate with a smile. "Okay…" Kadiri smiled abit with rosy cheeks. "Heehee aww come on, let's go!" Uta happily took Kadiri's hand and ran to a bus stop.

Kadiri blushed remembering the first bus ride with Uta but this time they got on an outer town bus. "Are you still excited?" Uta asked smiling. "Yes!" Kadiri said taking pictures of the town and her with Uta. It was a long bus ride out of town and to a national park with camping grounds. Kadiri even had a small nap on Uta's lap and Uta was frozen red in the face the whole time.

"This is our stop!" Uta said pulling the yellow cord and the bus had stopped with them getting off with their things. "Mmmmm lovely fresh air" Kadiri smiled with her eyes closed feeling the gentle breeze and smelling the air with scents of flowers. Uta smiled watching her and pulled out a map, "Alright, hmmm we are going this way down the trail". Kadiri picked up her bag of camping equipment and followed behind while taking more pictures of nature.

After a while they arrived at their chosen spot and Uta began pulling out her stuff to set up the campsite. "Me and my family always camp here, nice huh?" Uta said with a cute smile. "Sure is, nice choice, not to far from the lake or the trails" Kadiri smiled saying. She helped putting up a big blue tent for two while Uta giggled knowing she brought only one tent for a reason.

"What should we do first?" Kadiri asked. "Let's swim!" Uta shouted throwing off her dress and ran into the river in her yellow swimsuit that defiantly showed off her slim figure and big bust. "Wait for me!" Kadiri smiled going into the river in a sexy bikini top and matching red girly shorts. Uta and Kadiri was happily splashing one another then swimming around only to stumble onto other campers. Uta suddenly turned deep red as her straps of her swimsuit broke and her breasts was out in the water. "Kadiri!" Uta cried out holding her breasts in the water. "Hmmm what's wrong?" Kadiri asked then blushed looking at Uta.

Kadiri blushed and pulled Uta in her arms, holding her tight and slowly heading back to their campsite. "Don't worry I got you, No one can see now" Uta was blushing a lot feeling her body tight on Kadiri's, along with her naked wet breasts tightly pressed on Kadiri's to hide them in her arms. When they reached back their spot Kadiri put a warm blanket around Uta. "Feeling better?" Kadiri asked touching Uta's hand. "Yes, thank you" Uta said with a big smile squeezing her hand.

As sunset was nearly gone, they were eating ramen, strawberries, and making s'mores around a small campfire. "Yummy!" Uta said loud and happy eating the s'mores with a very cute expression that made Kadiri smile. "I'm going to bed now' Kadiri said and kissed Uta's cheek then went inside the tent. Uta was caught off guard and was blushing as she could see Kadiri changing out her clothes into her sleep wear by her shadow of the candle light. "Good night!" Kadiri yelled out from the tent in her sleeping bag. "Night!" Uta yelled back and later disappeared.

As Kadiri was sleeping in the night as her eyes opened a bit, she noticed Uta still not in the tent. "Uta? Are you still outside in the dark?" Kadiri called out getting up and walked out the tent to still see no sight of Uta. "Where did she go at this time of the night?" Kadiri asked confused and worried. With a flashlight and small jacket over her pajamas top she began her search everywhere. In a river deep in the forest was crimson red haired girl in the water in the moonlight.

"Uta? Is that you?" Kadiri asked pointing her flashlight at her. Uta turned around and smiled passionate in a sexy wet white kimono in the river, revealing her undergarments underneath. Kadiri blushed red looking at her and tried to shake it off with a serious look, "What are you doing out here? Then so far away? What if something bad had happen?" Kadiri said. Uta smiled walking to Kadiri slowly from the river and starred deep in her eyes. "Uhh… Uta, are you feeling okay?" Kadiri asked blushing a bit backing up against a tree.

Uta smiled leaning her wet body on Kadiri's body and began kissing her deeply, Kadiri blushing deep red as Uta smiled on the ground with her kimono opened and pulled Kadiri on top of her happily. Uta placed Kadiri's hands on her butt and sucked deep on Kadiri's neck a lot. "Mmmmm!" Kadiri red, moaning softly and squeezed Uta's abit. "Kadiri this is the wilder side of nature" Uta whispered and smiled holding Kadiri's hands on her breasts in her kimono.

Kadiri suddenly felt like she was being hypnotized by the moonlight and found herself pining Uta on the ground and holding up one of her legs, pulling down her panties slowly. Uta was smiling happily watching Kadiri open her mouth with her tongue out. Kadiri and Uta jumped up from their sleeping bags both red in the face and embarrassed. "Umm...did you have the same dream..? Uta asked with her face in a pillow blushing. "Yeah…." Kadiri said with a silly shocked and confused look. For a while still morning was complete silence of arousement and embarrassment. The full moon brought out a wolf in them in their dreams.

Later on, Uta was starting to pack up and clean up a bit with Kadiri. "The bus will be here in another hour, so don't be long" Uta said waving at Kadiri and continued to gather up her things along with their treasures during the trip. "Okay!" Kadiri shouted and was walking down to the river with a bucket and fishing rod happily.

"Perfect spot!" Kadiri said swinging her fishing rod in the water and sat relaxing in peace. Uta was almost done and cam across a picture of her and Kadiri just before they had left town. "Aww cute!" Uta said with a big smile. Kadiri got up excited as her fishing rod was moving and she pulled it up only to stand blushing with a silly expression. Right at the moment Uta appeared, "It's time to go Kadiri, hmm?" Uta looked at Kadiri and at the fishing rod that had a wet kimono on it. "It… WASN'T A DREAM?!!!" Both Kadiri and Uta shouted in shock. ♡


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