Strawberry Banana Smoothie

By: Yaya634

Chapter 1,

Strawberry1. A Sweet Secret. ❦

When I was little my mom told me that little girls were made of sugar and spice with everything nice but for me I was special. Either I got a frog, snail, or puppy-dog’s tail but I had something that I thought belong to a boy. I suppose now I am a strawberry with a banana, as one. ♡

“Ahhh feel that morning breeze!” Kadiri said happily as she stepped outside with her backpack. “Heehee Morning” Momoko waved, as she waited for Kadiri outside. “Oh, Momo!” Kadiri smiled very calm and sweet.

Momoko Shinsato, she is so beautiful and elegant, we met in middle school, I was exposed in a girls shower room and bullied so bad. But Momoko made the girls stop with a deep look of anger and loan me one of her shorts to wear, there with a gentle smiled she said, “Our secret together”. Since then things became much better, I had such a good friend and a lovely princess acting out as a knight.

“Hmm Kadiri?” Momoko looked at her shoulder to see Kadiri had fallen asleep. “Sleep tight” Momoko whispered softly and smiled rubbing Kadiri’s head. It was a long peaceful ride on the train and in time a stop was made and the girls got off in a local town with there school just ahead.

“Well talk about a big fancy looking school” said Kadiri with a very surprised look. “Come on silly, can’t be late on our very first day” Momoko teased and smiled. “Yeah!!” Kadiri said happily taking Momoko’s hand running to the school.

The bell rung and all students were seated in their classrooms and out of the principal’s office Kadiri and Momoko was shown to there official homeroom class.

“Quiet!” Ms. Hatanaka shouted sitting on her metal with an oak top teacher’s desk. “Now two new students arrived today and we are lucky we get to have one join us in this class”. The class cheered and gossiped excited as the door opened. Kadiri shyly walked inside and stood in front of the class. “Umm Hello, I’m Kadiri Yasuda”. The class all together said, “Welcome Yasuda!”

“Alright, there you can sit in middle desk of Aya and Hatsuyo “said Ms. Hatanaka. “Okay” Kadiri walked to her desk and sat down with her things. “Hmm?” Kadiri felt a strange uncomfortable force. Aya was starring at Kadiri in a flirtatious look and when Kadiri looked to the other side Hatsuyo also had a charming smile.

I never saw two girls just looking at me, and in that way. Maybe it’s nothing, besides they could be ready to pick on me or something, So much for trying to look forward and start fresh. *sighs*

It was lunch time, and at a table Kadiri was sitting alone but kept noticing other looks from girl students. “May I join?” A sweet voice asked. “Momo!” Kadiri said happily. “How were your classes so far?” Momoko smiled and blushed. “Well I saw this really cute boy in English class, so handsome”. For some reason Kadiri lost her smile and put on a happy act, “I’m so glad Momo”.

“How about you?” Momoko asked. “Uhh you know same old same old heh” Kadiri laughed a little. “I’m still always here for you, friends always first” Momoko held Kadiri’s hand and smiled. “Right!” Kadiri said with a very happy smile. The bell ranged and students begun their final last classes.

“Gym?! Swim?! Girls room and shower?!!” Kadiri paniced as she looked at her schedule. “What am I going to do, either one will let my cat out of the bag!” Aya and Hatsuyo noticed how Kadiri avoided the girl’s locker room with showers, refused to do swim class but worn boys shorts in gym. When gym was over, Kadiri quietly headed into the locker room after the girls left full dressed in uniforms again. “Whew close one” said Kadiri. She went all the way to the back and began to unbutton her small buttons on her shorts. Just then Hatsuyo ran back to the locker room as she left her uniform ribbon.

“Here it is, can’t let my cheast catch a cold heehee” Hatsuyo giggled as the ribbon kept girls cheast from exposure with buttons down there breasts area. “Hello?” Hatsuyo said looking around, hearing sounds. As Kadiri pulled down her shorts slowly to her knees her male genitalia was out, only to look up with a very shocked embarrassed look.

Hatsuyo stood completely surprised and frozen as her eyes slowly looked at Kadiri’s secret, she blushed bright red and Kadiri paniced but then saw a wet drop fall from Hatsuyo, and both girls ran separated ways.

Behind a wall Hatsuyo was trying to catch her breath, still very red in the face. She stood with her legs tight together embarrassed and suddenly let out an alluring smile with the thought of a banana. “Mmmmm now that is one sweet secret” said Hatsuyo with a wink. ♡

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