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Fleshy Fruit Paradise

Novel By: Yaya634

Enter the parallel world of the Ruber Blood Kingdom and meet the new identities of Kadiri and the girls. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Special*
Kadiri Yasuda- Kadi& Kadia (Thief SpellCaster/Succubus)
Momoko- Manami (Bunny Maid)
Aya- Ayako (Royal Knight)
Hatsuyo- Hatsue (Royal Princess) Cherry*
Uta- Utako (Beautiful Hunter Assassin)
Nene- Nishi (Cat Girl)
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Fleshy Para 1. Meet Kadi

The Royal Ruby coach was riding down a road to the way of the kingdom. Inside was beautiful Princess Hatsue, a long haired golden blonde with a cute medium size bust, in a long red and white gown with two long slits on both sides to her thighs. Along with ruby gems around her chest, high heels, and crown Next to her was her loyal Knight Ayako, a sexy dark haired girl with a big bust behind her breast plate with long black boots to her thighs and gloves with her tight fit ruby armor, showing off her figure.

"Something wrong? Princess?" Ayako asked with concern as she wiped down her long dragon sword. "I feel like a failure, every prince my dad introduce me to, I turn it down" Hatsue said looking down sadly. "It's not my fault their not what I seem to want..." Hatsue sighed looking through the window. "Now I'm left in charge of the kingdom while he is away". Ayako took Hatsue's hand and smiled. "Hey, don't stress on that, I'm always here and things won't be so bad" Hatsue smiled back feeling better. "Alright"

Meanwhile in town, a lot of trouble was going on in each market and shop by a mysterious petite girl with cute big breasts, very long pink and purple pig tails with a gorgeous appearance and child like features that made women and girls gushed, cheered, and squealed excited. "HAA HAA CAN'T CATCH ME!!!" yelled Kadi happily running away with a bag of stolen food and treasures. "GET BACK HERE THIEF!!!!" Men chased after Kadi and soon cornered her along with royal guards. "Oh no what ever will little me do?" Kadi playfully said with her adorable baby face then grinned being lifted off the ground by two giant bats. "BLEH!!" Kadi sticked out her tongue at them, as she disappeared into the sky.

"Yay! That was fun! You two were awesome heehee" Kadi happily cheered at her success and at her two pet bats who returned back to normal after the spell by Kadi. "Hmm? What's going on?" Kadi asked as she pulled out a telescope with view of the town where everyone was excited and then Kadi saw the royal coach. "Oh dang! Just when things became easy...wait! It's just the princess?! No king or queen?!" Kadi smiled very curious and quickly hurried back into town in a disguise, riding on a large dog she created with and summon of a potion.

The townspeople welcomed Princess Hatsue back home and she stood on top of the outside stairs of the kingdom. "My wonderful people and loyal subjects, starting today I will be ruling the kingdom in the absence of my parents, I hope to do you a great job for the sake my future as queen" The peopled clapped happily and Hatsue went into the kingdom with Ayako.

"So that's it" Kadi said in a long pink cloak with a hood and smiled sneakily going behind the kingdom only see more guards. "At night I will steal the ruby necklace of the royal queen left behind "Kadi smiled wicked but very cute with such happy energy with her bats fluttering around above her. Up high in a tree, Kadi waited while eating plums, with its juices going down her soft enticing bubblegum pink lips and her alluring breasts in a sexy pink over bust corset along with long gloves and lingerie tights. Looking like a very cute irresistible fairy behind the cloak. In the kingdom, Princess Hatsue was in the bath tub and got out in a towel getting ready for bed in a white night gown with just panties on. "Come on snowball" Hatsue called out patting her bed and a kitten jumped on to the bed, snuggling against Hatsue's breasts in bed. Once her bedroom light went out with others, Kadi and her bats flew upon the roof on a glass window. "Time to begin our next treasure fun" Kadi happily said and opened the window, throwing a potion with knock gas at the guards. "Yes!" Kadi jumped down and sneaked around like a sly fox and her bats keeping look from behind.

"Ssssh with those wings sillies" Kadi giggled abit and smiled quietly entering a room full of red security lights with the queen's ruby necklace in a glass case. "Piece of cake" Kadi said with a lick of her lips, squeezing her little body through, and showing off her acrobat moves in a sexy outfit. "Heehee, now, your mine" Kadi used a spell to switch the necklace out the case but with a fake duplicate without the alarm going off. "Let's go!" Kadi said energetic running with her bats following, as Kadi was thinking of a neat way to escape she was suddenly caught off guard by Knight Ayako. "No thief will leave this place!" Ayako yelled waving her dragon sword, releasing fire at Kadi. "Ouchy!! Hot! Hot!!" Kadi shouted falling back with her cloak burned to ash revealing her adorable face with tears and her petite sexy body.

"Your…um...under arrest!" Ayako mumbled then yelled with her face red abit putting hand cuffs on Kadi and escorting her away. Kadi was put in a room of the dungeon with her bats hidden upside down on a wall. "Huh? What are you doing?" Kadi asked nervous abit as Ayako closed the cell with her inside also holding her sword still.

Ayako then suddenly dropped her sword and armor off and pulled Kadi's body tightly closed to her making out her deeply on the bed. "Mmmmm!" Kadi blushed a lot moaning in Ayako's mouth. Ayako's big breasts was pressed very tight on Kadi's breasts, Ayako starred in Kadi's eyes, still making out and began rubbing Kadi's pussy slowly from her panties. "Nooo…" Kadi said moaning very shy as she pulled away from Ayako's lips. "So cute, me wanna make you cum" Ayako whispered in Kadi's ear, squeezing her breasts. Kadi pouted very cute blushing on the bed backing away but Ayako pulled her legs apart, licking her pussy from her panties.

"Mmmmm… not there!" Kadi pleaded red in the face with tears abit. Ayako pulled down Kadi's panties, lifting her leg up and Ayako moved her pussy into Kadi's, rubbing together fast. Both girls moaned loud with their passion echoing all through the dungeon walls. "Nooo body, don't cum for her!!" Kadi moaned loud, blushing red as Ayako's pussy was rubbing faster on hers. "Mmmmm yum…!" Ayako moaned and kissed Kadi's lips, licking them happily.

Kadi's eyes suddenly became deep red and she begun to transform while having sex with Ayako. When Ayako opened her eyes she was shocked with blood on her neck, holding up her sword. "Who are you?!What have you done with the girl?!" In the smoke appeared a sexy woman with huge bat like wings, sharp tail and half naked with a dark purple and black bust corset, boots, and panty shorts. Grinning with fangs of Ayako's blood and cum. "So you wanted to toy with my other half, well now you must answer to me... Kadia!"


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