Emerald Apple Bust

By: Yaya634

Chapter 5,

Twist Up My Womb 5. ღ

Sharon who had been left still tied up by the twins was now blindfolded, being carried off by Jezebel and Jasper into somewhere in the big forest. She soon could feel her self being placed down upon a chair that made her lit in side. “Is this…the party table? Am I back now…?” She whispered in thought. Sharon felt a sudden lip brush against her lips that seemed familiar even by a small tease of a kiss. “My Sherry has return, finally and on time too” Adelaide said in usual sexy mad voice. “Adelaide, heehee I have missed you” Sharon happily said. “How sweet, loosing your mind over me, so touch I am” Adelaide smiled removing the blindfold and rope gently.

Sharon starring at Adelaide with her adorable expression and big green eyes almost sparkling love struck, she slowly started to spread her legs in enticing manner. “Hmmm…so you’re that crazy for me huh?” Adelaide said letting out a smirk. “Maybe heehee” Sharon giggled with her cheeks getting flush. Adelaide began slide her hands down Sharon’s pajama bottoms, through her panties, and begun to rubbing then caressing her soft pair of lips below. “Mmmm Adelaide…” Sharon moaned deep red smiling passionate squeezing her breasts in arousement.  

She watched Adelaide awaken her pussy that became stretchy, more stimulated, and even more sensitive for some special attention. Adelaide was fingering inside Sharon’s pussy, using three fingers to push deeply into the happy trail, twirling about that her fingers felt almost being suck up and tighten around. In intense lust Sharon stood up facing backwards on the chair, opening her wet butt hole for entrance to Adelaide only. To her delight Adelaide removed her jacket to unbutton her blouse, showing her nice sexy C average breasts in an alluring cut short corset like bra.

She then untied the strings a tad abit, loosing her breasts that she held up and onto Sharon’s butt. Adelaide used her breasts to rub seductive upon Sharon’s butt to tease while letting her tongue explore the now damp cave of pleasure. Sharon moaning still was nibbling a string of her hair, squeezing her hard nipples, even rubbing her finger on her clit in an erotic happiness expressed in her eyes getting lost in the heat. “I need to let some out…Adelaide…can’t hold it…Adelaide?” Sharon moaned and called out. She was shocked when she turned around to see Adelaide actually having a tea break with Harley and Minna who had appear sometime already.

“It may be dark as a raven and noisy like scratching wooden desk but tea we still do, time frozen to us” Adelaide said sipping up her cup with a sexy wink. “Oh...That’s right” Sharon smiled and blushed a little embarrassed. “Come join, one of same now” Minna yawned patting a chair. “Yes! Hurry or no less tea for you, just lots more!” Harley shouted twisting her long ears in a knot. “Hey be careful there…!” Sharon said worried sitting down quickly. “Don’t worry five cups of sugar can make even crazy immune” Adelaide said in her alluring smile. Sharon blushed and looked at Harley who was indeed fine, drinking tea with Minna who completely drunk up one tea pot and cuddle into a nap. “Heehee I think my mind is going” Sharon said shaking her head and giggled very cute.

“Fantastic!” Adelaide said with her eyes widen in excitement for the first time. “What a small world…” Minna mumbled happily in her sleep. “Alright! Time for a dessert celebration!” Harley cheered with both arms up in the air. In minutes there was a tray with three layers of desserts going around, from cupcakes to brownies, even cheesecakes. Sharon had her finger to her lips very overwhelmed and unable to decide what to pick in hopes of using to seduce Adelaide. Minna was licking cream off her vanilla cupcake, even pushing her tongue inside to scoop out the hidden flavors onto her tongue. Harley was literally devouring her carrot cake dessert, stuffing in mouth in quite an erotic way and happily did a dance with her hips, enjoying her self.

“My sweet Sherry, open up now…nice and wide” Adelaide whispered into Sharon’s ear. For a moment Sharon felt the inside of her ear melt in seduction making her feel wet, she opened her mouth even sliding out her tongue just a bit. Adelaide fed a creamy cake with strawberry sauce to Sharon, letting filled her mouth with its delicious red juices flow down her lips and chin. While even nibbling playfully on a strawberry with sugar, Adelaide kept feeding Sharon gently the slice of cake, making her mouth sticky, full, and succumbs to swallowing it all down. Sharon then instantly wrapped her arms around Adelaide’s neck, starting a passionate French kissing make out.

“Mmmm…hold that kiss a sec” Adelaide said coming for some air smiling. “I’m curious now” Sharon said sweetly cute. Once Adelaide disappeared Sharon finished up a last bite of her cake with Minna and Harley who was still digging in all messy and hot. “Little twinkle little bat...fly up high to the night sky…wishing to bright joy” Minna mumbled stretching a little. Harley smiled waving around her fork and knife to the short song and hummed with her ears moving energetic and grabbed a cup of tea to chug down happily. “Huh? What’s that?” Sharon said with a small jump. Oblivious to Harley and Minna, something was moving under the table, Sharon slowly lifted up the table cloth only to see an Adelaide caught in the act.

“Ssssh…” Adelaide teased that had amused Sharon to nod, letting go of the cloth.  Sharon just then sat waiting in wonder as she picked up a tea cup only to spill in shock, with the tea going down to where Adelaide hid and was eating Sharon out. There Adelaide was using her sexy moist hot long tongue to deeper and deeper into the reddish pink tight walls that had Sharon in overwhelming pleasure. While substituting her tongue with her fingers now, Adelaide held up a tea cup with cum going in from a moaning Sharon biting down on a strawberry fed to by Minna. Harley cheerfully began to burrow and wiggle like a worm under the table to Adelaide, with feet up and chin upon her palms she starred fascinated.

 “Your mouth so sticky Hatta… it was marshmallows right?” She asked with a mischievous grin. “I’m glad to say no, cuz it‘s way better” Adelaide replied twirling her spoon in the tea cup. “Ooo what’s that?” Harley asked excited. “My mad lust I would say, for my taste buds to tingle” Adelaide teased. She then gave an enticing grin as she drunk up the entire warm sticky cum, licking her lips in erotic satisfaction. “Oh…well I’m jealous, sounds pretty darn sweet, my favorite” Harley said with a pout. Adelaide held Harley’s chin to rubbing a finger of cum onto her lips.

“…Yum!” Harley squealed holding her cheeks and rolled around silly on the ground only to stop in surprise. “Hmm…when did you get down here?” She asked energetic bumping into Minna. “I’m not sure…maybe fell off chair…” Minna said in sleep talk. She had been laying half way under the table on her back holding her mouth open as spilled tea dripped onto her tongue. “Umm…hello?” Sharon said with an adorable confused face, feeling forgotten up on the surface of the table with a cold breeze in her hair and lonely leaf blown behind her. ♡

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