Emerald Apple Bust

By: Yaya634

Chapter 4,

Succumb My Heart 4. ღ

At the party table deep in the forest, Harley was fishing with a mallet, the moment she saw one she would quickly smash instantly while face down on the ground Minna looked dead but very much alive and sound asleep. At the table Sharon was sitting on Adelaide’s lap, with legs wrapped around the chair as she and Adelaide had been making out a lot the past hour. They were twirling their hot tongues in each other’s mouth with saliva running down lips slowly, along with groping breasts passionately.

“Umm… my spot please” Sharon said with an adorable smile blushing hot red. “Oh I see…a naughty mind we have” Adelaide teased and winked. She began to slide her hand up Sharon’s thighs and slip in a finger to her pussy that quickly tighten around Adelaide’s finger being pushing in then out while twirling about in a erotic manner. “It is me or have I become crazy…but you seem almost not there” Sharon said flustered. To her shock everything thing had gone black with a small glimpse of light, she had woken up from a hard floor other than soft ticklish green grass.

“I’m home…?” Sharon mumbled in shock still. For a moment Sharon became disappointed with a broken heart until her eyes caught onto the green apple from a far on the floor too. “That’s right, because of this one apple, I was there…complete nonsense” She said. Once Sharon gently got up from her knees and the floor, her eyes widen while holding the apple looking down as cum was rolling down her legs slowly, nipples still hard sensitive, and body just felt sticky everywhere. The front door had suddenly opened with Charlotte entering happily but paused to stare at her sister acting peculiar. “I’m back, say are you alright?” She asked very concern.

“Huh? Oh yes! I’m just fine, don’t worry” Sharon said as she smiled nervously. She had moved over to a table to hide her wet legs from Charlotte who had approach just a little. Sharon was still surprised to realize that her dream was indeed real especially once the next thing happens. “Wow…that’s really pretty, when did you get those?” Charlotte asked really interested and intrigued. “What do you mean?” Sharon said confused. “Hi girls, were home, Oh dear, I didn’t know you were contacts, they are perfectly lovely on you” Mrs. Valentine said nicely walking pass.

“Hmm…nice” Ashley said in her aloof tone with a short smile following behind the Mrs. Valentine. Sharon with no idea what they were going on about went over to pick a small mirror only to shake abit stunned completely, her eyes were still emerald green with her family thinking they are just contacts over her blue eyes. Later on during dinner Mrs. Valentine, Charlotte, and even Ashley noticed Sharon was in a good more than ever before, practically glowing. “Mmm so yummy heehee, could you pass over the potatoes please?” Sharon said smiling big very cute.


“Uh...sure” Charlotte said looking speechless a tad. “Well someone has a big appetite tonight” Ms. Valentine smiled drinking some wine. “Yes! I feel like my taste buds have just bloom and just feel hungry heehee” Sharon giggled with a happy blush munching down. Ashley’s eyes went big for a sec at the bowls and plates to clean while keeping her statue like pose. “I’m full, time get cleaned up and head to bed, goodnight sweet family” Sharon said with a lovable expression waving from the staircase. “That’s very curious…” Charlotte smiled with her deep blue eyes. “I love it, don’t what it is but my daughter is blissful, I hope you are too” Ms. Valentine said.

“Mom, I’m good heehee” Charlotte blushed and giggled embarrassed. Meanwhile Sharon had took a nice warm shower, dried off to put on fresh pair of undergarments, and into bed in a simple yet sexy plaid pajamas with her big breasts in view as she only did two buttons. “I wonder…could I go back?” She said in thought starring at the apple that was wrapped and hidden. Sharon took it out gently from a box that she unwrapped and looked at her bite mark just as she began to hold the apple to her pink lips. “I must be really mad…but here goes nothing” She said taking a bite again happily. Sharon like before felt dizzy and with what felt like a heart attack, falling out unconscious in her bed.

In time Sharon finally woke up and to her excitement was back in forest but things were a little different from her first journey to the place. For one thing, it was like a dark forest being night time and went from warm to now windy. “Hello? Is anyone out here? Adelaide?” Sharon called out holding her arms with a slight shiver. The bushes near was noisy and shaking with tree’s leaves being blown around even hitting Sharon as she tried to walk with the wind going in her direction. “Umm…who’s there?” She said with a spark of fear inside. As she walked more she could hear scratching sounds then was sure freaked out in everyway and thought hearing actual howling.

Sharon began to doubt if she was even in the right place or forest now hiding behind a tree, really cold and worried. “Wahh..? Eeeek!!” Sharon yelled loud as her leg got caught and was lifted up into a trap on a tree branch. “Someone help me please!” She cried out unable to get loose. In the shadows two figures had appeared once closer stepping into the moonlight it was revealed to be the twins hand to hand, both eating very sweet treats. “Oh it’s you, could you help me down?” Sharon asked very nicely in relief. “She needs us now” Jezebel had grinned bumping arms with her brother. “…it would seem apparently” Jasper replied back with same grin. There Jasper cut Sharon down but then had left her tied up on the ground. “Thank you but I’m still stuck heehee” Sharon said with a blush giggling. “We know this already” Jezebel said in a teasing tone.

“Indeed we do and the second time is even better” Jasper added biting a piece of chocolate with a wink. Sharon found them annoying but felt on alert by their weird behavior and way of words like before in their first meeting. “Wahh, wait!” Sharon shouted turning red in shock.  Jezebel was groping her breasts, squeezing tight and rubbing slowly passionate that Sharon moaned slightly with some resistance. Jezebel started to pull on and bite on Sharon’s nipples from her plaid pajamas top. Sharon flinch a bit and gasped as Jasper held her legs up with her sliding onto her back on the ground watching Jasper pull down her bottoms along with panties to thighs. He instantly used his fingers to finger around inside her pussy, making it get tight quick and very moist.

At the same time Jezebel rubbed under Sharon’s butt, slipping a finger into her hole while using her free hand to rub on vulva and mons part of Sharon. For a good time Sharon was moaning much to her dismay but her body’s pleasure. Suddenly Jasper begun to push his cock up between her breasts, moving and down slow to fast. He was hot and tuned on a lot with his hard cock, squeezing Sharon’s breasts against his cock sexing her breasts now with swollen nipples.

“Mmmm…!”  Sharon blushing red closed her eyes with a small peek as Jasper’s expulsion of sticky hot cum shooted into her face, hair, and lips that Jezebel scoop up some with her finger into Sharon’s mouth to suck off. “I like this one better…” Jasper said panting with a pleased expression. “I too agree, let’s start again” Jezebel replied with a playful grin. “Nooo!” Sharon shouted red pouting. ♡

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