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Berry Bosom Blossom

Novel By: Yaya634

A sweet bouncy sequel to Strawberry Banana Smoothie, introducing Miwako Hashimoto a very beautiful hardworking school girl who spends her free time either with her sister or close best friend. Trouble begins to bloom when she is put in charge of four girls coming to town and transferring to her school.

Prequel: Strawberry Banana Smoothie♥
Family story: Fleshy Fruit Paradise ♡
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Submitted:Sep 8, 2012    Reads: 336    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Berry Bosom 1. House of Beauties❦

In a small town the morning had begun with a sunny bright light and near the Hashimoto household a warm breeze blew through the open window upon a sleeping Miwako's face on a desk with many text books everywhere. There standing over Miwako was her sister Kiyomi with her usual aloof cute face turning the hands on a clock that made it went off loud. "Gahhhh!!" Miwako shouted falling off her chair. "…school time onee- chan" Kiyomi said and left the room already fully dressed.

"Wahhh, nooo I'm gonna be late!" Miwako said panicing as she hurried throwing off her pajamas to jump in the shower. Kiyomi sat on her legs drinking an orange soda in front of the TV waiting. "Okay let's go!" Miwako shouted heading to the door only to stop and let a big yawn. Kiyomi got up and followed behind quietly watching Miwako determined to make it on time but very tired.

At school in every class so far Kiyomi finished her work quickly and doodled a lot in her notebook from boredom, then to her surprise leaving the restroom she caught a glimpse of her sister completely exhausted and sleeping in class. "Hashimoto-san?" Ms. Akiyama called out softly touching Miwako's head. "Mmmm…?" Miwako looked up and rubbed her eyes abit that wasn't fully open. "Today is the day, I already excused Kiyomi from class to head back home to meet them there at your home" Ms. Akiyama said kindly.

"Them? Hmm…?" Miwako said yawning in confusion. "You know a month ago you volunteer to help care for the four girls coming to town, well its today sweetie, now get home quick" Ms. Akiyama said cheerfully. Miwako happily shook head yawning in her head she thought Ms. Akiyama let her go home to go back to sleep and left quickly.

Once finally back at home Miwako with no hesitation collapsed onto the long soft comfy couch falling asleep happily. "…Hello?" A voice said gently that made Miwako lift her head up from a pillow on the couch noticing an alluring long reddish orange hair girl sitting on a chair. "I'm Harumi" The girl said with a smile. "Nice to meet you…night night…pretty girl" Miwako replied yawing as she left the room and Harumi smiled with a laugh.

As Miwako was just about to walk pass the kitchen she paused and walked back. "Hmmm…who are you?" Miwako asked surprised now seeing a fully deep red hair stunning girl with big adorable green eyes at the kitchen table. "Hiya! Keiko is my name heehee" She said very energetic eating ice cream only to noticed Miwako fell asleep on the table by her.

In moments as Miwako slept on her arms on the Kitchen table she felt something cold and sticky hit her cheek, waking up abit. "Oops sorry heehee" Keiko said giggling and happily licked the ice cream off Miwako's cheek that made her jump up blushing as she left. "…need to sleep…need a bed…!" Miwako said in a weak tired voice walking upstairs and opened her bedroom door.

There standing in the light like an angel in white lingerie was a gorgeous girl with long soft white blonde hair with sky blue eyes. "Oh…excuse me" Miwako stood red slowly closing the door catching of the glimpse of the name "Yuki" on the suitcase and the girl smiled waving bye. "I must be hallucinating now…I have to go to bed this minute" Miwako said very confused going into the spare bedroom down the hall.

"Ahhh… Finally!" Miwako said very pleased and happy and got into the bed, finally falling asleep in peace for many hours. Miwako was so comfortable that she dreamed of sleeping on big soft marshmallows… that was very squishy and very big that Miwako woke up in a gasp of air. "Mmmm…wahh?" Miwako said finally wide awake catching her breath as a light from a lamp was turned on suddenly. "Hi there, glad I could help you, by the way I'm Shinobu" The very sexy enticing girl said with a wink in the bed covers that slowly revealed her huge bust in a long see through night gown with a big opening of the cleavage.

"Four girls in my home could only mean…oh my gosh! I forgot about my job by Ms. Akiyama!" Miwako shouted standing with red cheeks. "Aww someone been a naughty sleepy girl, only one thing to do about that" Shinobu said smiling as she got up from the bed dropping her night gown off. "Wahhh are you doing?" Miwako blushed red in panic with a silly expression with eyes wide. "You must be punished heehee, I'll be gentle" Shinobu winked holding a whip in her black lace corset lingerie. ♡


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