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Love Is So Damn Easy Part 6

Novel By: XxPredicxX

This is the last of the story, sorry. I've been out of ideas lately, but i got a some new ideas for a new story, so keep updating!

Julia has to make a big decision. View table of contents...



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It was night. The sound of thetrain running over the rail line. The trees covering the light of the moon. The moon's ray of light beaming into our room. I laid on the schoolboys chest, breathing heavily. We'd been fucking and sucking each other for the past hour or so. He told me his name was Tim. He just turned 16 and he was going on a summer vacation with his friends. I told him my story and he said I could come with him as a friend. I thought about it alot; I was a pregnant with either my boyfriend who cheated on me's baby, or with a boy who raped me's baby. I had just fucked with a schoolboy on a train to God knows where and was alone. I hate making decisions.

Dawn. Tim and I were on the platform. It was a summery day, the weather was boiling hot; I had to rip the sleeves from my top. We walked over to his friends who were sitting on their suitcases in shorts and t-shirts.

"Who's the cutie" said a tall one. I blushed.

I replied,"I'm Julia, Tim's friend"

"You look older to be friend's with Tim" He got up from his suitcase and stood in front of me.

"You sure Tim didn't rape you and force you to come with him?" He chuckled and the rest followed. I hesitated to look at Tim.

"I promise you Tim did not rape me and force me to come, I met him on the train and he invited me" I lied through my teeth.

I walked with Tim and his friends to the car park where one of his friends had been waiting in his car.

"JULIA!" someone shouted from behind. I turned around, but no one was there. I must have heard it wrong.

We drove for 2 hours on the motor way. I sat in the back seat, in the middle with two guys next to me. Tim sat in the front passengers seat and his other friend driving. The teenage boys talked to each other about sports, girls, cars, girls...mostly girls. I kept quiet and just thought about what I had pulled myself into. I closed my eyes, wrapped my hands around my stomach and just thought; I am pregnant. I am pregnant with a mystery man's baby. Either a cheater's or a rapist's.

I opened my eyes. They were gone. I looked around in the small car to realize no one else was in here with me.

"What the fuck?" I whispered to myself. I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. The car was outside a motel. I must have fallen asleep, whilst they booked a room. I headed to the main reception area when I heard someone call my name from above. I looked up. It was Tim.

"Hey Sleepyhead, we're up here." He smiled and signaled me to come to his room. I ran up the stairs and entered the room; all four of the boys, including Tim, were on the bed watching the cable TV.

"I'm just gonna go down the road to get us something to eat, okay" said Tim. I nodded as he brushed pass me and shut the door. I was now alone with three strangers.

I sat down in a chair that faced the TV. They were watching Jackass. Typical. Then the tall boy came up to me again and knelt down so we were eye level.

"So, you single?" He smiled. He had tanned skin, a very muscular body and dark, brown hair.

"Er....no...I mean yes." I quickly thought about what I was saying.

"You ever fucked before?" his next question surprized me.

"Um....." I was now starting to freak out. Why was he asking me these questions? He came closer to me and kissed my lips, but I pushed him off me. He came back and wrapped his hands around me. I struggled to come out from his grasp.

"Hey guys, we got another one!" I had no idea what he meant. The two boys smiled at me from the bed and headed towards me.

"My name's Craig by the way." said the tall one. He dropped me onto the floor and I shuffled myself to the corner. I was scared. I was frightened.

The three boys formed a circle around me and pulled out their dicks from their pants. Now I was freaking out.

"Suck me, bitch!" yelled one of the boys. I had to do what he said. After that, I was their slave. I sucked them, jerked them off and fucked them too. Everytime I begged to be let free, I got a slap and more torture. Then the door opened. I was on the bed, being fucked in the ass by Craig. The other two jerking off in front of me. Tim at the door.

"What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK?!?" shouted Tim. The two boys came away from me and both took a gun from their trouser pockets. They shot him. I screamed in shock, but Craig quickly covered my mouth. They pulled Tim's corpse away from the door and closed it. I was trembling. Craig came out of me and dragged me to the bathroom to the right of the room. He told me to stand on toilet seat and wait. I was crying. Sobbing. Grieving. He came back with a rope. My eyes widened.

"W..what are you gonna do-"

"SHUT UP!" he yelled. He made a lope with the rope and pushed my head through the hole.

"Please don't do this, please! I'm pregnant, you fucking bastard!" I begged and pleaded, but he never listened. He tied the end of the rope to the lamp on the ceiling and walked behind me.

"I'm sorry." he said. I looked infront of me. The boys had set fire to Tim. Craig pushed me.

I hanged. Dripping of blood.

Love Is So Damn Easy....not.


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