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Gimme More Bite

Novel By: XxPredicxX

The urge for more a tastful pleasure is just a few fucks away! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 4, 2011    Reads: 300    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

" Aaaah! I think i'm cumming" I screamed at the top of my lungs, only to have my mouth covered so I was quiet. My face was pressed up against my bedroom wall, hands tied behind me, and my boyfriend, Dave, thrusting himself inside me. I was on the edge of climaxing and so was he. Dave suddenly pulled his hard manhood out of my core and sprayed his substance all over the back of my top. My pussy juice dripped onto the floor and poured out like a waterfall. I fell to my knees, gasping for air, my gosh Dave definetly took my breath away!

"So," said Dave quietly as he zipped up his jeans, "same time tomorrow night?!" I turned my head around to see a big grin on this face.

"Sorry hun, but I got a full-day of work, but come by in the morning, i'll give your 'breakfast'!" I had a cheeky smile. As I raised up from the floor, I wrapped my arms around Dave's neck and kissed his soft, rosy lips. As we pulled away I heard a knock at my door. No one in the house knew I was fucking Dave nor was he here. I told him to hide in my closet, until it was safe.

"Hello?" As I opened the door, my older, 19 year old brother, Nick, stood infront of me with only his pants and his bathrobe on.

"Yeah I heard screaming and came to check if were alot right? You weren't fingering yourself were you?!" joked my brother.

"No!" I shouted, "and even if I was, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I TELL YOU?!" I tried to slam the door but Nick's foot jammed it.

"Seriously," he said, "what was all that screaming, or were you watching some loud porn?!" Now he was just pissing me off.

"Go, to sleep Nick!" And I shut the door on him.

"URRRGH!" I groaned to myself


"Is it safe to come out yet?" whispered Dave in my closet. I opened the sliding door and helped Dave out. As I sneaked him out the backdoor, we could hear something in the back yard. We crept slowly towards the back of the garden. It was cold and breezy: I was only wearing a thin top and a mini skirt. Then we both stopped. In the bushes....we heard my parents shagging each other.

"Oh for fuck sake!" I whispered to myself.

"Atleast I know where you get your energy from!" giggled Dave, but my parents probably heard that as the moaning stopped. Crawling out from the bush, my mum looked at as us with a guilty smile and then followed dad...naked.

"OH GOD!" I covered mine and Dave's eyes so we didn't have to see my wrinkly, old parents naked.

In unison my parents said, "Hi sweetie!"

"This can not be happening..." I whispered to myself, "Dave I'll walk you home...."

We turned around, DEFINETLY not looking back, and walked out to the front of the house.


We walked along a pathway that lead to estate where Dave lived.

"So I'll call you later?" I asked Dave as we were outside his front door.

"Yes!" He kissed me passionately on my cheek and went inside his house. I was now alone.

It was dark and quiet. There was a full moon covered by a foggy mist. I decided to take a short-cut through an old forest. As the wind made me shiver, I wrapped my arms around my waist, walking as fast as possible so I didn't freeze to death. Then, I tripped over and tree branch that I hadn't noticed, and landed on my face. A spiky branch jabbed into my skin. I screamed in pain. My blood started to drain onto the mass of leaves underneath me. The cold was unbareable. I was starting to lose unconciousness.....everything was going blurry, but the last thing I could see before my vision blacked out was a figure. Pale as snow.....fangs as sharp as a knife...


By the way guys, anyother story I was doing before I'm afraid i'm ending it as I don't know how to continue them :P


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