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Sex and Blood: A Tale of Murder from the Rapist's Point of View

Novel By: XOXONinjaBunnyXOXO

Sex and Blood is a novel about a man who brutally rapes and kills hundreds of girls, this man is on the run from the law. throughout the novel you will see what he see's, understand what he understands, you will come at it, form his standing point. (I wasn't sure if I should put this under 'horror' or 'erotica' but I figured since the rating is 'adult' I should probably just be safe and...put it in erotica) And, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry to you guys! Because I sarted this on my other account and didn't update for months! I'm so sorry U guys! NOTE: I DID NOT COPY THIS FORM SMILEY MONKEY LUVER, THAT IS JUST MY OTHER ACCOUNT. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 23, 2009    Reads: 682    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Day One: Monday

Downtown Austin: 8:01 AM


he urge, the temptation...is almost too much at times. However, not enough to hold back. No, it is never enough to hold back, never the less...to stop. I could never stop. It's more than an addiction now, it my life. My sick, torturous, grusome life style. Once I tasted it, just one taste was all it took...I was hooked. It was better than drugs, better than 20 shots at the bar.

I remember thinking how awful it was, for some one to harm an innocent girl that way. How sick it was for them to invade her privacy, and come upon her that way. But when the time came, I had to try it. One time. One time i thought, I wont get caught. She was all alone, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I tried to hold back, turn back...but I couldn't help it. This girl, short brunnette hair, with greyish-blue eyes, she sat in the back alley, on the steps that led to the storage unit of her father's work place. She sat and drew, drew cute little animals in her sketch book. How could I harm such an innocent being? It was really quite easy really.

I walked up to her and told her I needed help. Whne she asked me what for, I told ehr I needed her to watch my child while I ran down the street to get gas for my broken down van. Of course she agreed. I led her up the alley way to my van, I told her my child was in the back area. I opened the doors. Whne she peeked inside, I pushed her in, locked the doors, and hurridely climbed into the drivers seat.

My heart raced, and my hands were soaked in sweat, but I slammed my foot on the gas anyways. The girl in the back screamed at me, asking me questions like 'what's going on?' and 'what are you doing?' I answered none of them. She soon figured it out, and began begging me to let her go, still, I did not reply.

I drove her to my place, a large house, more int he country, not another hosue for miles. However I gagged her just in case. Pushed her into the house. Luckily I was quite a bull rider in my twenties, so I had some rope lying around the house. I took it up and shoved this girl up the stairs--to my bedroom. I forced her clothes off her, when she refused and began to fight, I got some scissors and began to cut them off her, her fighting got her soem cuts int he proccess.

After she was naked, I tied her on the bed, at the wrists and the ankles, her screams were not loud enough to arouse any country folk, sadly. I got my knife, and other things I found around my house, and brgan to torture her. I would cut into her skin, drawing as if she were my sketch pad. Soon, torture was not enough, and I began to rape her.

After I was finished with my pleasure, and felt no more use with her, I pondered what it was that I should do. I couldn't return her home, or the police would be after me. There was only one option--Ihad to kill her.

So, I took my gun and brought it to the room. When she saw me with it she begged me not to shoot. She promised me she would do anything I wanted, anything at all. But I ignored her words, aimed the gun at her head...and pulled the trigger.


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