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1,001 Nights

Novel By: WriterErotic

A young woman, slave to her own potential sex addiction and inspired by the story of Scheherazade, embarks on a quest to have a different sexual encounter every night for 1,001 nights. Sara isn't even certain why she decides on this course of action. Is she really this depraved, or does she hope to burn the never-ending desire out of her system? Does she think she can find happiness in the arms of a different lover every night, or does she hope to find true love by sampling the vast array of potential partners? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 15, 2007    Reads: 1,496    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

They had wasted neither words nor time, and headed straight into the bedroom. Sara took in the sparse furnishings with a quick sweep of her eyes: double bed, nightstand, cheap dresser, and a small TV on a stand opposite the foot of the bed. There were no decorations to speak of, no curtains, just crooked white mini-blinds hanging diagonally across a single window. An alarm clock and an ashtray were on the nightstand, video game controllers trailed their cords under the television, and a few random clothing items were heaped on the floor.

She set her purse on the nightstand, careful to avoid the overfull ashtray. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took a deep breath trying to master the craving that had driven her into this room, but only succeeded in succumbing further to her hunger. She wanted this, wanted these two strangers, wanted them in her and on her; her body quivered with it. She lifted her sundress off over her head, dropped it onto the floor, and climbed onto the unmade bed, lying on her back on the crumpled sheets. She watched the two men in the doorway, feeling more exposed that normal in nothing but powder blue panties and wedge sandals with them leering over her, both fully clothed.

T was rubbing himself through his pants, a strange smile locked on his face. James stood, hands on hips, surveying her nearly naked body like a hungry animal eyes raw meat. Knowing they both wanted her only increased her excitement. The thought of two men pleasuring her simultaneously stirred things deeper in her than she dared consciously explore. They were both well built, muscular, and neither was bad looking. James was downright handsome. He had a sense of humor, and a disarming smile. If she were anyone else, she wouldn't be having sex with him; she'd be withholding it in the hopes that they would make a meaningful connection, perhaps explore a real relationship. Why didn't she want that?

James approached the side of the bed, walking slowly as he came nearer. Sara could see T still immobile out of the corner of her eye, but her attention was focused on James as he moved closer until he stood beside her. She rolled onto her side and reached out for him, her fingers deftly unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and sliding his zipper down. She stared up at him as she did so, looking for any reaction, but his face was unreadable. She reached inside his pants and gasped as her fingers wrapped around him. He was huge.

She pulled at him as gently as she could, trying to release him from his briefs, and broke eye contact with him. She had to see if he was actually as big as he felt. He was. He was gigantic. She knew she must look like an idiot staring at it as if she'd never seen a cock before, but she never had seen one this big. He hung more than halfway to his knee, and he was still flaccid. Her fingertips barely met her thumb when she tried to wrap her hand around him. She was amazed. James chuckled his quiet amusement and Sara looked up at him, eyes wide, mouth agape.

"You look surprised." He was grinning now.

"It's so…" Sara fumbled for the right word, "big."

"Ain't big yet." James pushed his hips towards her. "But work it some, you see big."

Sara slid her hand all the way to the tip. She couldn't believe it was real. There was no way she could deep throat him. He'd probably hurt her if she let him put it inside her. She rolled onto her stomach and edged up the bed until he hung right in front of her face. She lifted it and looked again in disbelief, and then closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around him.

Even in her mouth he felt huge, and she resisted the urge to gag. She hadn't felt that way since she was an inexperienced teen behind the bleachers, a memory that flashed unbidden into her mind and was gone again just as suddenly. She moved onto him, taking him in as far as she could, and felt him hardening. Not only was he getting firm, the girth of him was expanding as his arousal rose. She opened her eyes and saw that he was only halfway in, and knew she'd never get any more into her mouth.

Moving slowly, she slid her lips up and down his length, wrapping both hands around him as she stroked and sucked. The massive black shaft was rock hard and finally stopped getting bigger as she worked him in and out of her mouth. She never thought she would see a penis so large that was still human. James was making low noises and his hips were moving against her, pushing in when she sucked down and pulling back when she did.

"You a dirty girl, ain't you?" His voice was almost a whisper; his hands played with her hair.

Sara tried to reply, but could only make a muffled "mmph" sound in her throat. God, he was big.

"You like that cock, huh?" He wrapped one hand in her hair, the other clasped behind her neck, holding her there as his hips moved against her more urgently, pushing him in deeper with each stroke.

Sara felt herself gag with each thrust, tried to suck air in when he pulled out only to have it cut off again as he pushed himself into her throat. Her eyes started to water and she heard an awful wet gagging sound coming from her own throat as she tried to breathe. This wasn't fun anymore; she was getting frightened that she might suffocate, fear welling behind her ribcage every time her oxygen was cut off.

He pulled her onto his cock, fucking her mouth, driving himself in far deeper than was comfortable. He pulled at her head as he pushed inside, let her go for a fraction of a second, then rammed himself back inside. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but she made no move to stop him. Instead she looked up at him through the blur of water, watching desire dominate his face as it ruled her very being.

Sara wasn't sure how much more she could take. She was barely getting enough air and was afraid she'd black out. Suddenly he was gone, popping out of her mouth with a sound like a soggy suction cup loosing its hold. She gasped for breath and opened eyes she didn't realize she had closed to see him pulling his pants down around his thighs, a severe expression engraved on his features.

"Get that pussy over here." He held his cock in one hand, aiming it straight at Sara.

Sara felt an involuntary tightening in her abdomen as if she were going to vomit. James grabbed her waist and spun her around on the bed. She was still willing herself to calm, trying to stop the heaving reflex within as she edged up to him, her ass right on the edge of the mattress. He pulled her panties down over her thighs, hard against her skin as James yanked them down off of her legs. She spread her legs wide to either side of his hips, panting as she tried to catch her breath. The bed was shifting more than her movement alone could account for, and she turned her head to see T climbing onto the bed from the opposite side fully nude, his erection not quite as big as that of James, but still larger than average.

She felt something press between her legs and looked down to see James right up against her, rubbing himself over her from her ass to her clitoris. She watched as he lined himself up and slowly pushed inside her. It stretched her painfully as he forced his way slowly into her, a whimper escaping her throat. He moved in and out slowly, deeper with every stroke. Sara's moans were a mixture of pain and pleasure, surprise and awe. The sheer presence of him inside her felt as if it struck every never ending in her body. Every time he moved it was excruciating bliss, ecstatic agony.

She wanted him to stop, wanted him out of her, please dear God he was going to rip her in half. She was in pain, but there was still pleasure underlying it, or was it the other way around? Her enjoyment of the act must be in the forefront, or wouldn't she tell him to stop? It was getting easier now, taking him in. Her own lubrication and his steady rhythm seemed to be reducing her discomfort, but then T was beside her, pushing his cock into her mouth and she was lost again, unable to concentrate fully on either of them.

This was what she had wanted, two men at once, but somehow it wasn't as sexy as she had imagined. Every time she tried to focus on giving a world class blowjob to T, James would thrust back into her too far, too wide, too much. Her gasps of mixed sensations were stifled by T in her mouth, causing even more gasping. She reached up to try to push T back, give her some time to collect herself, focus on what she was feeling, but he pushed her arms aside, forced them over her head, and pinned them to the bed with a single hand.

He wrapped the other hand around her throat, and fear cut through her like a scythe, but he didn't squeeze. It seemed more of a threat, a warning not to try stopping him again. She lay there, unable to even participate except as the pincushion in which they sheathed their pricks. She tried to move with James' thrusts, but he was so inhumanly large that she found herself moving away from him, trying to keep him from pushing so deep. He grasped her hips, holding her where he wanted her, driving deep inside.

This was not what she wanted. She had wanted something sensual, three bodies moving together as one, not this sense of helplessness, of being used. She had pictured something beautiful and erotic but instead received hard, uncaring flesh and cold reality. This was not what she had expected.

T was lengthening his strokes into her mouth and she felt him expanding against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. He was going to come, his quickening strokes and the tightening feeling she sensed told her as much. She didn't want it in her mouth, especially not like this where she would be hard pressed to spit it out. She felt James picking up his pace and knew he was nearing his climax as well when she suddenly realized: he wasn't wearing a condom.

In her shock at the size of him she had completely forgotten to get one from her purse. God, he was almost there and was making no signs of pulling out. She had to stop him, get him out of her, God, not inside her. She began thrashing against him, trying to unwrap her legs, get her arms free from T's hand. Her eyes were wide with panic, her body shook from more than just the pleasure running along every nerve. She tried to catch his eye, but he was watching himself disappear inside her and seemed more focused than ever, a grimace on his face as he fucked her.

He didn't see her, didn't seem to recognize the fright she was trying to express. If anything he was reaching deeper, angling himself up into her, coming close to her G spot. God he was going to hit it… The world exploded as he hit the spot. Somewhere deep inside her was a spot she only ever seemed able to find with her vibrator. Once, maybe twice had a man located and exploited it, and James had just found it. The world faded into something unreal as he struck that cluster of nerves or whatever it was that she called her G spot.

Her nails dug into T's hand where he held her pinned, her legs locked around James as if she were bolted in place, her entire body tensed, every muscle contracting as she rode the exquisite waves towards a mind-numbing orgasm. She was almost there when she felt the warm explosion as James came inside her. She couldn't have asked him to stop if her mouth were available, so lost was she in the feeling James was provoking within her. He gave her two more long, hard thrusts and sent her over the edge. She would have screamed but T was in her mouth, the taste of him salty as he neared his own discharge. James stopped moving inside her, but even his mere presence was enough to keep her shuddering as T spewed onto her tongue.

God, they had both come inside her. It was reality, and a terrible one at that, but her body was still reacting to her orgasm, and she couldn't concentrate. She tried to spit around T, still in her mouth, but couldn't. He thrust into her a few more times and finally pulled out. Sara spit onto the sheet, but she was certain she'd swallowed some. James pulled out of her slowly; she felt every inch escape as he left her empty.

T rubbed his cock across her lips, but she was too scared at the thought of swallowing and letting James come inside her to respond at all. Pregnancy wasn't likely; she was on birth control, but what if either of them had some STD. God, she could get AIDS. Why did she let that happen?

Sara felt wetness on her lips and cheek where T had rubbed himself. She suddenly felt soiled, unclean, and afraid. She reached up one trembling hand and covered her mouth. T hopped off the bed, grabbed something off the floor and started wiping his cock with it. James gave him a sideways glance, but remained silent. Sara just sat and stared at nothing. She was nothing but a dirty whore. They both came inside of her. How could she have been so stupid?

T threw the rag he had wiped himself with at her, and when Sara caught it she realized it was her dress. She was disgusted; he had cleaned himself off all over the neckline of her sundress, the slob. She shot him an appalled look as she sat up on the bed shaking her dress out to survey the damage.

"A'ight, git yo cracker ass out." T hooked one thumb over his shoulder.

Sara's hands fell into her lap and she felt her mouth hang open. She felt even dirtier now. She knew how they must see her, and they were probably right. She hadn't given them anything but a view of a cheap slut who wanted cock, and now that's how T was treating her.

"G'won." He made shooing motions with both hands. "Git."

Sara looked to James; he had seemed nicer that T from the start. Maybe he wouldn't be so callus. He stared at her, his face no longer amused, just blank.

"You got what you want." James shook his head and looked away. "Best be going."

Sara slid from the bed and shrugged into her soiled dress. She didn't know how, but T had torn the shoulder strap on the left side and it hung low, almost exposing her breast. She held it with one hand, picked up her purse with the other, and mustered the most stately gait she could as she walked past both men. She tried to maintain her majestic stride all the way to her car, but her insides were twisting. She could only think of one thing as she climbed in and fired up the engine: they had both come inside her. She had swallowed T's spunk and felt her pussy filled with James' semen. My God, what have I done?


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