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1,001 Nights

Novel By: WriterErotic

A young woman, slave to her own potential sex addiction and inspired by the story of Scheherazade, embarks on a quest to have a different sexual encounter every night for 1,001 nights. Sara isn't even certain why she decides on this course of action. Is she really this depraved, or does she hope to burn the never-ending desire out of her system? Does she think she can find happiness in the arms of a different lover every night, or does she hope to find true love by sampling the vast array of potential partners? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 25, 2007    Reads: 5,962    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Sara twirled her hair around her finger as she sat at her kitchen table thinking. It was Thursday morning, and she had called in sick, avoided Rebecca by staying in bed while she got ready for work, and was now trying to figure out what she was going to do about Kevin and his identical twin brother, David, both of whom she'd now slept with.

The revelation last night hadn't gone well. She had fucked Kevin every way she knew how, the whole time thinking he was David, her mysterious woodsman. When she had brought up their first meeting in the woods, Kevin had initially been confused, and then connected the dots and confessed to having an identical twin brother who still lived in Rochester. It was his twin, David, he told her, with whom she had sex in the grass. It was David who had fingered her against her car in the parking lot two nights later. It was Kevin she had thrown herself at yesterday after work, Kevin she had gone down on, Kevin who had fucked her relentlessly for hours.

She didn't know how to separate the two of them in her mind. To her they were the same person, but she knew there were two of them. An image floated through her head of being sandwiched between the two of them, Kevin behind her, David in front, both of them inside her at the same time, Kevin furiously insistent, David slow and measured. She shook it off. Thoughts like that were not going to help.

The phone rang, shattering her thoughts and making her jump nearly out of her skin. She shook her head and her jitteriness, and the phone rang again. Crossing the kitchen, she answered on the third ring, putting on her best sick voice.

"Hello?" She let herself sound hoarse and confused, as if she had just woke from a sound sleep.

"Sara?" It was a man. Sara recognized the voice, but couldn't immediately identify it. She waited a moment, and then heard, "You sound terrible. Are you all right?"

Familiarity crept over her. She knew this voice. "Edward?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Sorry." Sara dropped the fake sick voice. "I called in sick and thought you were someone from work."

His laughter echoed down the line. "Playing hooky, eh? You won't get in trouble, will you?" Level-headed Edward, always worried about her. She missed his constant presence in her life. He was an anchor of rationality, a pillar of stability, and one of the few links she had to her life before the accident that took her family.

"No, I think they owe me after the deal I sealed yesterday." Sara remembered the way her night ended, and wanted Kevin all over again. She couldn't tell Edward about last night, she could never let him know even half of her real life, or even an iota of how she really felt about him.

Edward had worked with her father and was her first crush on an older man. Though younger than her father, he still had fifteen years on Sara. Since she was sixteen she had felt his eyes upon her whenever they were in the same room. They'd gone out to dinner every few months to keep in touch ever since her father had passed away, and their subtle flirtation had grown in frequency since his divorce a year ago.

"Sounds like you're doing well." Edward's voice was filled with pride, like a father would have for his successful daughter.

"Great, actually. It's really good to hear from you." Sara let some of her natural personality back into her words; just having him on the other end of the line was a reassurance that things were normal.

"So are you doing anything fun, or just lying low?"

"Just staying home, I've got some things to think about."

"Well don't think too hard, that always leads to trouble." She could tell he was smiling on his end of the line. "Listen, I can't talk long, my flight's leaving in a few minutes. I just called to see if you had dinner plans for tomorrow night. I'll be in town for a week."

"Sounds great," Sara was delighted to spend time with Edward. They always had such great conversations, and she had always loved his eyes; she could stare into them forever. "Do you have any place in mind?"

"Phillips?" Of course he'd pick Phillips, it was expensive, upscale, and the food was divine.


"Pick you up at your place, say six o'clock?"

"See you then." Sara smiled. Edward was always punctual; she'd have to be sure she was ready early.

"I've got to run. Take care of yourself."

"See you tomorrow."


Sara smiled inwardly as the line disconnected. She loved when Edward came to town. His attention to her as a teen, so different from her parents, so accepting and encouraging of her experimentation, had helped her get through the times when her parents seemed to be her enemies. He had always been a voice of reason, a balance between the restrictions her parents had placed on her and the rebellious tendency she had to do the polar opposite of what they wished.

He still maintained that steadiness; he gave her the same perspective her parents might have when she was too spontaneous or wild and brought out her untamed side when she was mired in a difficult situation. He reminded her of who she really was, the good and the bad, and helped her focus on what was in her own best interest. He also took her out to the most exclusive places and showered her with attention and gifts. He doted on her as her father had when she was a little girl.

Unlike her father, she had detected a flirtatious side to him over the past year, something she'd never expected, but of which she'd secretly dreamed. She had always wanted him, from her high-school crush on him, to the vivid sexual fantasies of her late teens, even now with the furtive glances she cast at his still fine ass when she followed him to their table at dinner. She remembered teenage fantasies of Edward being her first and, after she lost her virginity at fifteen, of his touch, his commanding presence towering over her, teaching her his preferences, instructing her in love, leading her down paths unknown.

Even after years of sexual experience, after countless lovers and relationships, she still held Edward above all others, separate from anything she had experienced, as if his touch would melt her, would fulfill every one of her dreams. She knew it was childish, but having developed in childhood, she couldn't quite wipe the mystery or taboo of making love to her father's friend from her mind. She had always wanted Edward, and always would.

Her thoughts came back to her current difficulties. She had stormed out of the hotel room last night, smelling of sex, only the top two buttons of her blouse done up, the others scattered across the living room floor. She hadn't known what to do about Kevin; she still didn't. There was also still the threat of the surveillance tape that she hoped to acquire from Dave, the security guard. Edward was a pleasant thought, but she had other issues that demanded her attention before dinner tomorrow night, issues she hoped could be resolved as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.


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