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The Personal Assistant's Bet

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Ruslan and Inna are a rich married couple with a wild, kinky bedside manner. Nadine is not so rich, and not so good at running her own life, but she's the perfect personal assistant whether it's looking after her employer's estate, business schedule, or kinky bedside manner. She's signed a contract to work for one year with an added condition and if she can fulfill it, she'll make a lot of money. There's two months left. Can she do it? View table of contents...


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Right now he was Master, as he always was in this house, and he looked almost bored at the moment. He felt the desire to be bored while he waited for the Mistress, but he could never be truly bored with a beautiful girl in front of him. Though he looked entirely nonchalant, he drummed the table a couple times with his fingers as his head rested on his other hand and studied the girl by peering at her from the corner of his eyes. Then he leaned against the splat of the high backed chair and studied her more fully while managing to look as if he was giving her a scolding look. The Mistress was coming to punish her, but it would not matter. Even the details that gave a pathetic reason for the punishment were meaningless because they were a loosely veiled excuse for this charade. It had already been ten months and in another two months, she would walk away with a lot of money.

Despite the endearing nicknames he called her and the secret, admiring, awe he held for her, he often thought of her as The Girl. The Girl had a way of positioning her lips so that she was neither smiling nor scowling. Imagination led one to believe that she must be smirking inwardly as if she was seeing through the charade as too. He knew that she did and it wasn't the money that concerned the Master or the Mistress, but the pride in losing. They would give her an extra bonus for the year she had sacrificed to them anyway. She had gone quite above and beyond in her duties, she had a mordant wit, she had an intellect with which he did not want to admit he found difficult to match and he imagined it would be difficult for them to get used to the mundanity and average inadequacy of anyone else who would come after her. She was not the intensely sexual fantasy they had been after, but she had given them more than for what they had bargained.

"The Mistress shall be here soon, since I clearly can not get through to you," he said to cut through the silence. She gave him a look that made it seem as if she was thinking of some private joke. Politely, she inclined her head and replied, "Of course, Master. Master must be tired after your long day and Mistress if rather creative. By the way, I think the collection of books on the wall niche in the Grand Hallway featuring writers such as Raoul Lefevre, David Aubert, Alienor de Poiters and Christine de Pizan, I would like to move them. While the books are not as old as the writers themselves, they are quite old and I am afraid they have been subjugated to too much sunlight."

Niche. Featuring writers. Raoul Lefevre. Inwardly mocking the way she talked so nonchalantly when she knew what was coming, he interjected her as if he had read the works of half he writers she mentioned. Who was Raoul Lefevre. "And you're just mentioning it now? Why not ten months ago when you first started?"

"Ten months ago you were still oddly attached to books you still considered your father's and you had yet to be impressed with my skills as a curator, conservator and general scholar of all things," she returned smoothly, "Though right to be cautious, you barked at me to leave it alone."

"Ten months ago you were just a bartender and never considered yourself a scholar," he mostly mumbled to himself. "Ten months here as made you rather posh."

Her lips spread into an embarrassed smile. Her cheeks colored themselves slightly and she looked down, "Your support has spoiled me, though I feel your sentiment ten months ago is quite right in that your approval should be given before any project is started. May I have your permission now?"

"Of course. I would trust no one but you to give an old and valuable object the scrutiny and care it deserves," he told her.

"That's why we've called the Mistress down here," she said without missing a beat. "So you can rest."

His eyebrows raised sightly. Her defiance was rarely so boldly spelled out and the smile of victory was rarely so plain on her face. Though he believed the joke to be weak in delivery compared to her usual wit, the meaning of it was good and she knew it. "You are too bold tonight, darling, but the Mistress will stamp that out of you," he warned. "You are becoming too sure of yourself."

Taunting in return, The Girl answered, "I've yet to lose, haven't I?"

"Oh really?" Satisfactorily, Master Ruslan watched the smile leave The Girl's face as the color from her blushing cheeks went pallid. "Perhaps we shall revisit the strength of your resolve at the end of the night, Nadine."

Inna's short, dark red dress matched the color of Nadine's halter top. It was because Inna had bought most the younger girl's shirt, and Inna had a thing for that dark, seductive red, while Nadine would usually choose a calming deep blue. The garment was knotted at the nape of Nadine's neck, and hung loosely over her front before it tied again at her back. Her shoulder blades were hidden by long dark hair, but the rest of her back was would easily succumb to a flogger. Even though Nadine's short black skirt would expose her if she was to bend over, Inna hiked it up even more. The Mistress then put the girl's arms so they over and behind her head like models do when they try to be sexy, and Nadine imagined that was the intent, but she only felt ridiculous. It did make her ark her back, which in turn exposed what was no longer underneath her skirt and present it as an easy target for Inna.

"I doubt you can take this standing," Mistress Inna drawled as she took off the desk a the paddle that Ruslan had used on Nadine earlier. It was thick in width but small length in one way and long in length the other way. Slowly, Mistress let it drag across the surface of the desk before quickly flicking it with cruel intensity at Nadine's breast. Nadine shut her eyes against the pain but refused to whimper. After ten months, she built up some resistance, though it still stung terribly.

"Hmm, perhaps I should disband with this," Inna muttered, fingering the halter top, then striking the opposite breast, "Perhaps not until later."This was the reason the Mistress liked to have her positioned like this. Both her breasts and her ass were easy targets, but it would not be long before the Mistress would have to drape Nadine over the furniture or have her supported by chains. Ruslan stood from his chair and walked to the other side of the desk, next to his wife. Leaning against the table, he admired Nadine's slim silhouette. "She needs a severe lesson in where her place is. I'm afraid we've been soft for too long. Perhaps we've grown too found of her. Perhaps we want her to win."

In her sophisticated and polished voice, Inna murmured, "We've not let her sleep in nearly a week. I doubt we've been too soft. Besides, we need not always be so harsh. Remember when we made her sit on a stool for almost a full day?"

The Master eyed Nadine, "I thought we almost broke her then. She was so close to begging. Tonight, however, I think she would benefit from the birch."

Though the Mistress was oddly a fan of birches and other instrument of pain made out of wood, she disagreed, "I know what will make her beg." The Mistress walked some where and when she walked back, she dragged something that was like ten cold tongues of metal dragging along her bare skin. "You will be on your knees begging after this." To Ruslan's satisfaction, Nadine shivered because she suspected that the Mistress might be right. Her suspicions were confirmed when the Mistress brought down a half-hearted strike, which would have been a normal strike for anyone else, and Nadine cried out against her will, "Oh dear God." Her skin pulsed with the stinging.

"Have you had enough? You know what you have to do to make it stop," Inna offered. Against all reason, Nadine replied, "Forgive me, Mistress. I hadn't realized we'd started." A harder, biting strike that caused hundreds of stinging ripples hit her again and she swayed. This time she piqued weakly, "Mistress is very skilled."

"Do you want to beg now?" The Mistress offered her another chance.

"I would like to interject my opinion that Mistress does give very good hand spankings, which would be my preference if my opinion does have any consequence," Nadine replied over her shoulder. The Mistress rolled her eyes and gave the girl two harder, well spaced out, and well aimed strikes.

"That is not quite the answer I am look for, girl," Mistress Inna replied. They were silent, with the next four strikes placed twenty seconds apart. They were beginning to make her legs buckle with the intensity. Usually, Mistress Inna only used this flogger when she was frustrated at Nadine's stubbornness to beg mercy or if the Mistress was angry. Laying down an exceptionally hard fifth one, Nadine stepped forward and bit her tongue hard as she took an involuntary step forward. Tasting the repugnant metal flavor of one drop of blood, Nadine quickly moved herself back to position, but the Mistress tossed the metal flogger onto the large study's desk. "Goodness, Nadine. Even Russian spies have a breaking point.Perhaps I should stick to what I know," Mistress led Nadine to the desk and had her bend over. Taking her time to walk over to a cabinet by the fireplace, Inna chose a birch from among the variety of canes, switches, and leather instruments. Skillfully, she applied strong, powerful blows. Some were well spaced and some in succession, but it was over a long enough course of time that Ruslan wanted to beg on the girl's behalf, but she could it in just one word.Please.It was all she had to say, there was no safe word. The second Nadine said, Please, I can't. No. Please stop.The second she said,I beg you.It would all be over. If she couldn't even protest that much, then she clearly was not in enough pain.Each strike would send a shudder of pain through Nadine that would ripple through her body until it reached the end of her toes and fingers, which would curl in response. One. Two. Three.There were only so many strikes Inna could give before she tired of this session.Four. Inna was dominant and kinky, not an unmerciful sociopath. Five. Six. It was hard not to fidget it out of place and it was harder not to jump on each strike.Seven.She tried to breathe so that she could keep her muscles relaxed so that the strikes were not as bad as they could be.Eight.Maybe begging was worth it. No, she couldn't lose after ten months.Finally, Mistress put the implement down and moved in front of Nadine. Collecting the younger girl's head in her hands, Inna wiped the tears from Nadine eyes ."All you have to do end tonight is beg," Mistress Inna told her softly.

"Or until you tire yourself first. All I have to do is make it until you want sex or the sun comes up," Nadine answered, putting her head against the desk. Inna pursed her lips. "Is that what you think? I will not lose in these last two months. Fine. Then I'll just have to continually punish you these next two months, or until you beg."

Ruslan moved forward and muttered in his wife's ear, "I know this is a 24/7 thing on her part, per her contract with us, but are we really that committed to your plan. I mean, what about the other things she does so well. You know. Other things."

"Well, if she's lacking in the department of other things, we'll just have to think of something creatively cruel. Think we can make her go gluten free?" Mistress Inna asked.

"That might be overkill. She is very attached to her gummy bears. She might just die instead," Ruslan replied. Inna clicked her tongue and muttered, " Give her six with your belt, then bring her to me." While the birching was taking place, Ruslan had lit the fireplace in the room. Settling onto the couch in front of the fireplace, Inna listened to Nadine's soft moans become terrible cries as the girl still managed to count each stroke and add, "Thank you, sir. May I have another one?" She dragged the phrase out as much as possible to buy her time between strokes. On the last stroke, she said, "Six, thank you, Master. May I please have another one, sir?"

"Oh, what the hell," he said, as he sometimes did, always bringing dismay to her, "One more for good luck, but that's it." He made sure that this was the hardest one, and Nadine's cry of pain echoed through the room. "Seven, thank you, Master," she finished, slowly moving to stand. Vigorously, he whisked her off her feet and delivered Nadine to his wife, gently setting the girl down. Inna tapped her lap and Nadine more collapsed on her Mistress's knees rather than gracefully spread herself over the Mistress's lap. The couch supported Nadine's body and she grabbed a throw pillow to hug comfortingly to herself. Unlike most caring and wise doms, Inna did not follow the notion of using a hand spanking as a warm up to prevent bruising. Bruising was going to appear anyway. Welts and red marks were signs of good punishment. Anything that involved skin on skin or such close, intimate contact was something that Inna found erotic, so it was always the last thing she did. For Nadine, it felt like Inna was following through to see if Nadine's ass had been tenderized enough. Flipping the girl's skirt up with one hand, Inna rubbed Nadine's back with the other. "Poor girl. Let this be a lesson in stubbornness. You could just beg, but you let pride get in the way."

"I've come to far," she moaned into her pillow. "Victory is worth it."

Inna slapped Nadine's ass and eliciting a small whimper. "This lesson was wasted on you. What was the catalyst for this any way?"

"Our dearest Nadine has suddenly learned to talk back," Ruslan said casually, from another tall backed chair, this one near the fireplace. "Usually, you wouldn't know you'd been insulted for a few minutes, but now she's practically spelling it out on a silver platter."

The swat was so hard, Nadine almost choked on a sharp intake of air and thought for a second that she'd been hit with a paddle, not a hand. "That does not sound like our Nadine," the Mistress said.

Hugging the pillow closer to her, Nadine interjected, "Our Nadine has very much learned her place and shall not venture from it again. There need not be any continuance of this evening, I assure Master and Mistress that I am reformed of this talking out of turn business and shall fully commit my wit not to sassy rebuttals but save it for only the benefit of Master and Mistress."

"Not good enough," the strike was lazy but it still was received with protest from the welts and bruises that were forming. "You know what you must say. Preferably something along the lines of 'Dearest Master and most illustrious Mistress, please forgive me, this small slave begs for your clemency' would be appropriate."

"You're forgiven, Mistress," Nadine replied sleepily into the pillow. She shivered as the Mistress ran her the tips of her nails along Nadine's back.

"Clearly, you've learned nothing."

"You are most illustrious, Mistress," Nadine moved to straddle the woman's lap and began kissing her neck. Mistress Inna grabbed the girl's chin, prepared to set her into place, but Nadine rubbed the woman's shoulders and kissed her hands, trailing kissing back to the woman's chest, saying between kisses, "You're so tense tonight. My primary job is to give you a good time, have you relax. Let me do that." She felt the Mistress's breast and sighed, "I wish I had these."

She laughed, "You are struck with sleepiness, girl. Go to bed."

"How can I? You won't let me," she asked, leaning her head against the Mistress's shoulder. The woman ran her fingers through Nadine's hair. "Tonight, I say you can."

She wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck. "Will you sleep with me? I'll go if you sleep with me."

Letting her chin rest in the younger girl's hair, Inna answered, "Sure."


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