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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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"What are you doing?"

Quinn grabbed a pillow to cover herself. "Do you want to join us?" she panicked, and the question popped out.

Cold, and steely, Gabe returned, "What is this?"

Rolling her eyes, Sara swooped down, grasped her bathrobe, and tossed it at Quinn, who scrambled to put it on. To Gabe, Sara asked, "What does it look like we're doing?"

"Don't fucking lie to me, Sara, and stop trying to mold Quinn into you," Gabe's voice began to rise. "Don't think your quack degree is going to work on me. You know damn well what it looks like."

Seeing that this was going to get much worse, Quinn shuffled out of bed, and grabbed a pair of shorts she kept next to her beds. Many summer nights, like this one, she slept in a tank top, and panties, but she always kept shorts, or sweats nearby, in case of emergencies. Now she quickly whisked them on, since this qualified as an emergency.

"Then say it," Sara challenged. What did Sara think she was doing? If the challenge had been given to Quinn, she'd have backed down, muttering apologies, and whishing for sweet pets. Gabe always wanted to win.

"This is not like the dreams went down," Quinn muttered, jumping a little. Sara reached a hand behind her, but did not look back, and murmured, "Calm down, pet."

"Pet?" Gabe said, then echoed, "Pet? What happened to 'she's not your fucking slave. Gabe,' do you remember that?"

Nonchalantly, Sara said, "Of course. She's not yours."

"I'm sorry," Quinn said. "Enough for both of us. I know it was wrong, but I'd do it again."

"That's some apology." The sarcasm wasn't anywhere near what she deserved.

"Are you sure you don't want to join us? I thought it was every man's fantasy," Quinn asked.

"I think that's a good idea. Sex is the best way to get aggression out," Sara replied.

"My fantasies, were faithful, and loyalty," Gabe exclaimed. "What is wrong with you? You fucked my girlfriend? And you, all that talk about how she's not property was because you wanted her to be your property?"

"What is going on?" Daniel asked, "Is there a party, or an exorcism going on in here. I've participated in both."

"Nothing. Quinn's not feeling well," Gabe said. "We'll be quiet."

"She's got a terrible case of the weeps," Daniel pointed to her. Quinn's hand swiped beneath both eyes. She known her eyes were wet, but not that they'd pooled over, and made her skin shimmer in the moon.

"She doesn't always sleep well alone," Gabe said. Now who was liar? Quinn could sleep anywhere. She'd fallen asleep in the shed, the boathouse, the laundry room, the kitchen, and one time, she fell asleep in a watermelon patch. "She's having nightmares, constantly."

"That explains a lot of the noises I hear coming from this room," Daniel said.

"So could you please leave, and let us handle it?" Gabe snapped.

"Sorry," Daniel held his hands up, and backed into his own room. Gabe slammed the door shut. "You know, this makes a lot of sense. The hostility between you two was unspoken attraction; you're close now, before you're fucking all the time. All the locked doors for girls' time, all the girl' dates, just the two of you. How long?"

"Two weeks before we moved in," Quinn said.

"Never get a job in the government," Sara told Quinn. "You'd give away the nuclear codes, as soon as you knew them."

"Shut up. This isn't a joke," Gabe told her. "Normally, I think the cheater should leave, since they were the one so unhappy, but there's two of you, so I'll go."

"No," Quinn called after him, making him stop. "We've known each other our whole lives. It's stupid to throw that away."

Coldly, he asked over his shoulder, "So why did you?"

"Because I like what her body can do. I can't make your body do that, and you've never made me feel like I make her feel. I am sorry you are hurting, but I am not sorry for what we did," Sara told him, "Because it was stunning. Morally, it was wrong, but neither of us would have done it if it hadn't felt right."

"And how did you feel when she left your bed, to come back to mine?" Gabe asked Quinn.

"All the more blessed when she came back again," Quinn said, not looking at him.

"Did you ever do it in my bed?" Gabe asked. Quinn shook her head, and Sara said, "It wasn't for lack of me trying."

"Well, that's something," Gabe said. "You agree with her? It's so special, being on her leash, begging her for the slightest relief?"

Quinn couldn't meet his eyes, but she at least looked at him, when she nodded this time.

"Then fucking show me how special it was," Gabe hissed through his teeth.

Quinn almost stumbled back into Sara, but she held her ground. Still sitting on the bed, Sara looked up at Gabe, and challenged, "You've had her under your control, under your thumb, and on your leash, for almost twenty years. You're not upset that we cheated, and it's an immoral thing. You're upset your girlfriend, and your serving girl got together without your permission."

"I've never had her on a leash."

"As far back as I can recall, you've told her who she can, and can't date, you control her friends. If you don't them, she doesn't see them, she doesn't wear clothes or colors you don't like, she caters to your every whim, and you should have seen how she can serve you in bed, because trust me, sweetheart, she does not disappoint."

"That's not true. I don't do those things," Gabe said.

"Honey," Sara said, in that voice all women have when they are about to prove a point, "What happened to that backless, little black dress you bought last month?"

"Gabe donated it," Quinn answered quietly. She didn't like this came, it twisted her heart to much. She wanted him to do something to her, like kick her out of the house, or take away her privilege to sleep in a bed, until she learned not to jump into someone else's. Make her go back and sleep in the servant's house. She didn't regret what she did, but at least she'd make up for the hurt it caused, if possible.

"That thing was so tight, and short. With her personality, she'd be shark bate in it. You could hear all the sexual predators coming out of the woodwork," Gabe replied.

"What about last Saturday? Why couldn't she go out?"

"When she makes friends who aren't friends with Todd, she can go out," Gabe said.

"She's twenty years old, pays her own tuition, and her own rent. Two of those things, don't describe you. What the fuck gives you the right to tell her who she can go out with when?" Sara asked. "I think we all agree that Todd should be pushed off a cliff, but he's in the same field as Quinn, and she likes having him as her academic partner. He could be an important person to know in her field one day. You can't take that away from her. Face it, you're upset that you've dominated her every where else, but the bedroom, you're mad I got there first."

"And I told you, to show me," Gabe said. "Go on, show me how fucking special it was." He grasped Quinn's wrist, and pulled her down the hall, into his bedroom, and shoved Quinn towards the bed. Slowly, less rushed, and more elegantly, Sara walked in, shut the door, and locked it.

Her gaze turned onto Quinn as she approached her. At first Quinn shook her head. She didn't want to do it in his bed, with him watching. Sara's gaze was calming, though Sara was really full of electricity. It was one thing to do it with the risk of getting caught. Now that it was a performance, Sara felt supercharged. Something about that transferred in the touch of Sara's hand, stroking Quinn's jaw.

Upon feeling Sara's desires, Quinn turned, and walked away. Somehow, Sara knew Quinn was not refuting her, but that Quinn understood what Sara had wanted. Quinn grasped a chair and pulled it over for Gabe to sit in, she went back for his slippers, and left them next to the chair. Sara went over to the hutch they had against the wall, and pulled out a glass, and alcohol they had taken from Gabe's dad's collection. She put some ice in the glass, and poured him a decent amount. She handed it to Gabe, who was thrown off by their sudden gesture, he accepted it, and sat down.

Sara turned to look at Quinn. Time to perform.


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