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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 27, 2013    Reads: 350    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Quinn knocked on the door, and then slid it open with her foot. She put a tray of breakfast foods down on the bed, between Sara, and Gabe. She started to walk away, but Sara called to her. "Quinn, come here." She turned and moved to the foot of the bed, but Sara patted the bed, and said, "Come here."

"What are you waiting for, Quinn? Ms. Rowan has commanded you," Gabe said. Quinn climbed onto the bed, and awaited instruction.

"Feed us," Sara ordered. Quinn picked up a grape and leaned forward, putting it in Gabe's mouth. Then she picked up a strawberry, and did the same for Sara. She bit into it, holding Quinn's gaze. She put a hand on Quinn's shoulder, and said, "More." She pushed Quinn onto her back, and climbed on top of her. When she slid her tongue into Quinn's mouth, Quinn could taste strawberry, and duplicity. Quinn tried to push back, but Sara pinned Quinn's arm above her head, tracing her tongue along Quinn's body, Gabe just watching as he settled into the pancakes.

"Jesus Christ," Quinn threw a pillow across the room. She didn't know what was worse, that she had the dream, or that she kind of got off on it. "Sara?" Quinn sat up as the door shut. "What are you doing in here?"

"You were dreaming about me, right?" Even in the dark, Quinn knew Sara was smiling. She could hear it in Sara's voice. Sara climbed on top of the bed, pulling away the covers. "Let's do away with these silly things," Sara said. "And especially this." Sara pulled Quinn's tank top, but Quinn denied her.

She protested, "No."

"Only I can deny, baby girl," Sara said. "Do you need a lesson in it?"

"No, I want you so bad, you've no idea," Quinn said.

"I've some," Sara slid down Quinn's panties, between her legs and played with what she found. Quinn moved to relieve the pressure there, but Sara retracted her hand, "I don't think so, tiger cub, you've got to give, if you wanna get."

"We'll wake him up," Quinn whispered.

"We already had a lesson in this, do you need another? I will bring you to the edge the whole night, and you won't get any relief, until tomorrow," Sara threatened.

Quinn brought her hand up trace Sara's delicate jaw line. "Why can't you ever be gentle with me?"

"Oh, Querida," Sara chanted, riding Quinn's hips a little, "Namorada, coração. I can be gentle."

Tenderly, Sara bent down, pressing her lips to Quinn's. Her hands gently massaging her breasts, while she whispered, "I don't want there to be anything between us, tonight. Not even this." She grasped the hem of the tank top, meaning to take of it, slowly, but Quinn was in a greater hurry. With an amused grin, Sara looked at the corner in which Quinn had tossed her tank top, then back at Quinn, pleased to find she wasn't wearing a troublesome bra. "Sh," Sara said, "A little patience, querida, that's not like you."

"Please," Quinn murmured feverishly, pulling at Sara's robe. It fell half way down her arms, but Sara lifted her hands to brush back Quinn's hair. "It's been so long."

"I know, that's why I want it to be slow, so I remember all of it, so I can drink in all of it," Sara's fingertips slid down Quinn's naked body, to slowly pull down her panties. It was taking too long, Quinn was already thrust upon the edge of what she could handle. Part of her hated Sara for doing this to her, but the majority of her was wise enough to know that she was addicted to the things Sara did, and she wanted more of it.

"Yours too," Quinn said, "I'm always the only one completely naked."

"You always will be," Sara said, letting Quinn hook her panties, and drag them down. Once they got to her knees, Sara shook them off herself. She ditched the robe too, and was left in a tiny, white night dress. "You are the one who is vulnerable, you will always be more naked then I."

"But you said you wanted nothing between us," Quinn repeated.

"Then why are you talking?" Sara straddled Quinn, brought their lips together, and dragged her teeth along Quinn's lower lip. She raked her nails along Quinn's back, causing her to gasp. Her hands moved toward's Sara's sides, down to her sex, then up the center of her body, to her breasts.

"You want to play with breasts?" Sara said, twisting Sara's nipples, then rubbing her breasts harshly. Quinn groaned quietly, her back arching against the painful pleasure. Sara grinned Quinn was taken to the edge so easily. Whenever she bucked, she was searching release, but Quinn would have to beg a lot longer for it.

"If you won't be inside me, can I be inside you?" Quinn begged.

"No," Sara grabbed a fistful of hair, and leaned down to whisper in Quinn's hear, all the while grinding at the girl's hips. "I will decide who gets relief tonight, and only I will give it."

Sara sat back up, but Quinn followed her, "Please, Sara, do you need me to say you've become the mistress of my heart, body, and soul? Do you need me to call you that? Please, mistress." Quinn kissed Sara's sternum, before latching onto to the woman's right breast, and suckling gently. Sare hadn't really mentioned being called mistress to Quinn before, but she found she liked it. She also found the girl had so much to offer in terms of endearment, and sweet promises. "Do you want to be my goddess?" She asked, giving the left breast a quick lick. "I'll worship you, if that's what you want? This room can be your shrine. I won't talk any more about how wrong it is. Please, I need you. Purge away all my dreams about how bad I am. I'll never say again, about how its unforgiveable, or its cheating."

"Won't you?" Sara mused.

"No, how could something this beautiful be so awful," Quinn fell back on the pillows, writhing beneath Sara's hips. "It makes me feel like I'm flying. Plus, you're so beautiful. Goddess, free me. Please. I want to be yours."

"All this, for an orgasm?" Sara fell on top of Quinn, quelling her body's quiet rage. She had a hand on either side of Quinn's shoulder's, and she peered down at Quinn with the interest of a bird, or a god.

"No, don't give it to me, if it pleases you," Quinn said, though the denial would probably send her over the edge. "I just want you."

"No, no," Sara admitted, "You earned it. Spread your legs." Sara grinned up at Quinn, as she began to move southwards.

The door swung open, and Gabe stood in the doorway. He was frozen for a moment, like Sara, and Quinn. "What is going on?" he asked.

And worse, this time, Quinn didn't wake up.


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