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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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"No, Sara. Definitely not this," Quinn stood at the side of the bed in Sara's, and Gabe's room. "I'll be your plaything, I'll be you fucking senior thesis in behavioral psychology, if you want me to be, but not in his bed."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sara smoothed Quinn's hair. "It's just a bed."

"No," Quinn knelt with her knees on the floor. She kissed Sara's knee. "It's your bed, you can do whatever you want in it. It's his bed, so he can to. But its your beds together, not yours, and my bed. Choose anywhere, my bed, the window sill, the stairs, the kitchen table, the couch, but not the bed that sleeps the two of you."

Sara's hand slipped down Quinn's shirt. "So I can do whatever I want . . ." Quinn nodded. Sara continued, "And you'll just stay on the floor?" She leaned over, and kissed Quinn. "You know, it's cheating no matter where, or how we do it. Once he knows, the trust is gone, regardless."

"Certain lines still shouldn't be crossed," Quinn said, and Sara ran her fingers through Quinn's hair again.

"That's just what good people say to tell themselves they aren't bad. You're doing a bad thing, but you aren't bad, Quinn," Sara told her. "You shouldn't be so worried. If you were a guy, we'd both be in trouble. We're both girls- it's any straight man's fantasy."

"Please, Sara," Quinn whispered, "It's so hard to say no to you."

Sighing, she decided, "And if I said we should go outside?" A pet, a plaything doesn't deserve a bed much better than dirt, Quinn thought silently. She held out her hand for Sara to take.

As soon as they were over the threshold of her bedroom, and into the hallway, Sara shoved Quinn against the wall, roughly grabbed her hair, and kissed her. Quinn kissed Sara back passionately enough, that Sara had to take a step back to regain composure. Quinn took the moment to bolt for the stairs.

"Ah, I'm so going to get you, you tease," Sara ran after her. When Sara got to the stairs, she saw Quinn, paralyzed, facing Daniel, and Smith. "What are you guys doing home?" Sara demanded.

Daniel eyed them suspiciously. "Practice is canceled. Gabe's out renting a movie. You girl's gonna join us?"

"I'll make chicken nuggets," Quinn offered.

"Sweet," Smith cheered. "What were you guys doing anyway?"

"Making out, and having half naked pillow fights." Quinn told him.

"I knew it!" Smith shouted, "I knew that's what they did."

"Dude, she's being sarcastic," Daniel replied, though he did not look entirely sure.

The girls exchanged looks, and continued down the stairs, passing the boys, and laughing, "Nice call," Sara tugged a piece of Quinn's hair at the bottom of the stairs.

"Thank you, Ms. Rowan."

"What if one day, you had to call me Ms. Lawson. OMG, you'd die," Sara asserted. Quinn shot Sara a dirty look, prompting Sara to whisper against Quinn's ear, "Try and give me that look again, and see who's handcuffed to the bed all weekend."

Quietly, Quinn began to sing, "She's my best friend's girlfriend. She's my-."

"Sh," Sara covered Quinn's mouth. "Get that song out of your head, do you want them to hear you?"

"I can't," Quinn whined.

Sara grabbed the spatula that Quinn pulled out so that she could flip the chicken nuggets halfway through the time they needed to spend in the oven. "You can, or this will make you."

Quinn swallowed "Yes, Ms. Lawson. Ms. Rowan. Sara, I mean." She watched as Sara put the spatula on the counter, without inflicting any pain.

Later, Sara sat on Gabe's lap, her body curled against his chest. Smith was on the other side of the couch, Daniel in the chair beside the couch, and Quinn was on the floor, her textbook in her hand. Sara's finger's dragged through Quinn's hair, in a soothing way. Like a pet, Quinn wanted to push against the hand that rubbed her, because it felt good. Instead, she diverted her attention between the textbook, and the movie.

"There's room on the couch," Smith offered. Quinn didn't want to sit next to someone who thought girls had half naked pillow fights. No, what she did with Sara was much worse.

"No, thanks."

Daniel sighed, leaned forward, and grabbed her book. "Hey," Quinn jumped to get it from him, but he was taller, and held it above his head. He put an arm around Quinn, and fell backwards onto the chair. Quinn was helpless, but to fall onto of him. He held the book at arms length. "You get this back, when you finish watching the movie, understand?"

Quinn nodded, and he dropped the book by the chair. She made a move towards it, but he held her in place.

"Keep it up," he murmured in her ear, "And I'll tell him."

"Tell who what?" Quinn asked, though it could have lead to a dangerous mistake.

"That jerk professor that research assistant, doesn't mean only researcher in the world. What else would I have to say?" Daniel replied. For some reason, Quinn didn't think that was the truth.

"Oh, nothing," Quinn squirmed, then realized that would be a bad idea, so she rested her head on Daniel's chest. When the movie was done, she went to sleep, alone in her bed. As soon as she closed her eyes, she opened them, sensing someone in her room. "Gabe?" she asked.

"Yep?" he cheerfully returned, wrapping a belt around his wrist. He unraveled it, and held it, doubled over.

Bright eyes looked up at Gabe, "What's that for? What are you doing with it?"

"Aw," he smoothed back her hair, "You know. You deserve it for what you've been doing to my girlfriend."

"I assure you, she's very much in control," Quinn eyed the belt. Her heart raced. What would she do? Scream for help? Would she go to the police? She couldn't go back to her parent's house.

"Mm," Gabe disagreed. "But you kissed first."

You kissed first. She did. It all started with that one kiss, and right away, control was yanked from her. "I did. I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did, but I let everything else happen since it. I knew it was wrong, and I didn't stop."

"Sh," he put a finger to her lips. "Retribution is coming."

"Hold on a minute, baby," Sara came and sat by her side. "Don't blame her like that. She's just the maid's kid, after all. Plus, you should just try being in bed with her, it's great. The things you can make her body feel . . . I've never been capable of them."

"I'll deal with you later," Gabe said.

"Babe, think about it," Sara was still on Quinn's bed, but she moved onto her knees. "She could be our live in slave. We could share her. I mean, our sex life has been great, all because I'm working out the kinks on her. Think about it, babe. Our own slave, you could play any fantasy you ever wanted, it's not like she's going to protest. She never does. She genuinely wants us to be happy."

"That's her most punishable sin," Gabe proclaimed, and Sara's eyes melted, she fell back onto her heels. "I think so too. God, I just want to rake her back, and whip her blind for it."

"Really? You're right, there's no way this can go wrong. She still has to be punished though, and so do you," Gabe said. Gravely, Sara nodded. Gabe looked down at Quinn, "Hold your hands up, girl. Let's get those wrists tied together, and chained to the bedpost, right quick, so we can get this started."

Quinn woke up, grabbing the sheets the hot, sweaty sheets, closer to her. At least Gabe hadn't thrown her out the window, like the last dream. She grabbed a sports bra, and changed into running clothes. She was about to run out the door, when someone called to her, "Wait, are you going running?" Gabe came up from the basement, he was jumping, and punching the air in sets of two. Next to Smith's room, the boys had set up an exercise area. That's where Gabe must have been. "I'll go with you. We haven't run together in a while."

"No, I was just getting back," Quinn lied.

"You were running out the door, what I do to deserve that kind of brush off?" Gabe wanted to know.

"Nothing, I just, wanted to exercise by myself," Quinn said, "Are you going to keep bouncing like that until you go running?"

"Yeah," Gabe said, "So let's go. I've barely seen you. You just hang out with my girlfriend, and I didn't know you guys even liked each other that much."

"You know me, I'll hang out with anyone who remembers I'm," she started.

"Puerto Rican? Yeah, I know," Gabe grinned, knowing it was going to get a rise out of her.

She bit her lip in frustration. "I'm fucking Portuguese, you know what, we're racing to, and around the lake. The first person who runs down the pier, and jumps in the lake wins," Quinn said. "The person who loses has to do the other person's laundry."

"There's no swimming in the-," Gabe started.

"Afraid of having to wash my bras? Still don't know which one is detergent, and which one is bleach?" Quinn taunted.

"Oh, you are going down," Gabe started running towards the door. Quinn bolted out the door first. He caught up easily, and they were neck and neck most of the way to the lake. There was several miles around the lake that Gabe was slightly ahead of her. Gabe might have been a better sprinter, but Quinn was better at pacing herself for long distance runs. She managed to slid past him, at the beginning of the race. He shoved her in the water first, ran to the edge of the pier, and jumped in. "You pushed me in first, I won," Quinn shouted at him.

"No, you said to the edge of the pier. You fell off half way."

"That's a technicality."

"It's fact."

"Then you cheated," she accused. So did you. The thought was so strong, she retracted her statement, "Nevermind. Enjoy your laundry. It's never going to be this clean again."

"Are you kids crazy, get out of that lake." Gabe and Quinn exchanged looks before swimming towards the pier, Gabe handing out sweet excuses as they dripped on the pier. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, while they walked back. "Seriously though, why have we grown apart?"

Quinn shrugged, "It happens."

"Not with us," Gabe asserted.

"You can't say that, and expect it to be true," Quinn said.

"Just don't lie to me," Gabe said softly, "I want a real answer."

A real answer, Quinn thought, I can do. Trust me, Gabe, you don't want an honest one. "I have to work a lot more. I was living on your property for free, now I have to pay rent, and tuition. And I think your friends think about my boobs."

"Yeah, they do," Gabe said. "They can't think about Sara's, because I'd punch them in the face."

"Thanks," Quinn said, dryly.

"If they acted on their fantasies with you, I'd punch them, but I can't beat them up for thinking about it," Gabe said. "and your toucinho do céu."

"That makes no sense, toucinho de ceu means bacon of heaven, and it refers to a fatty almond pastry," Quinn said. "That doesn't even have bacon in it.

"What can I say? I desire bacon, and I desire your mom's Portuguese pastries," Gabe said.

"Why do you guys look like you went for a swim?" Sara asked, making a pot of coffee. She looked at them evenly, but inwardly, her jealousy flared. What was worse that she didn't know who was more jealous of, Quinn for being with her boyfriend, or Gabe for being with Quinn. She was coming to realize that had deep feelings for both. She genuinely loved Gabe, but she couldn't make his body do what she could make Quinn's do. Everything was more passionate with Quinn, and Sara was addicted as a bird is to nectar. She was in a bathrobe, and had her hair up in a towel. Undoing the towel around her hair, she used it to dry lake water from Quinn's hair. "Nuh-unh," she admonished Gabe, "Don't sit down at the table in wet clothes. Go change, or shower, or something."

"Just leave your laundry in the laundry room," Quinn called after him.

"Excuse me, why is Quinn doing your laundry?" Sara asked.

"She lost the race," Gabe beamed. "She has to do it for a week."

"On a technicality," Quinn reminded, "I just need to be less specific about the rules, next time."

"I see. You should have bet on breakfast in bed," Sara said.

"That is better. Quinn, can we do that instead?"

Quinn shrugged, "Fine, but no take backs after that."

"Yes," Gabe ran up the stairs.

"I'm just glad he's not doing my laundry, honestly," Quinn stated.

Sara gave her an evil look. "You have to serve us breakfast in bed. Our bed."

Quinn stared at her, "Well, yeah. I bring it up the stairs, and put in on your bed."

"We'll see," Sara said evilly.

"Sara," Quinn hopped after her, "What do you mean we'll see, Sara, don't say things like to me, and then walk away?" Quinn had the ominous feeling that her dreams with Gabe were about to come true.


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