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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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Sara slid into Quinn's new room.

"Hello, Dr. Richard's TA," Sara said seductively, closing the door behind her. "I see you're mostly done your unpacking." She shut the door, and locked it.

Quinn's eyes bulged, and she whispered, "Sara, no. He's just down the hall."

"He won't notice. He's busy, and I can't listen to another eighties song. I'd rather entertain myself other ways," Sara closed the difference between them.

Begging, Quinn murmured, "They'll hear us."

"Don't make a sound, and they'll be clueless," Sara replied. "Or I'll call you Mexican really loud, and they'll think we're fighting."

"I'm Portuguese, it's not hard to remember," Quinn responded.

"Sh," Sara decided she liked the first way better, "Every sound you make, I'll punish you."

"You threaten me all the time, but exactly how are you going to punish me?" Quinn asked.

Sara pretended to think about it, "Do you prefer bondage, whips, or gags?"

Quinn's eyes bulged again, and Sara could not help, but laugh. "Starting now, if you utter one sound that's not a whimper of desire, or sigh of satisfaction, you'll find out," Sara shoved Quinn's chest, and the girl fell onto the bed. "But-."

"Ah, just for that, you don't get to participate," Sara told her, whispering, "All that mouth gets to do is sigh."

Quinn whimpered in frustration at Sara's breath on her skin, and Sara smirked, "That's it." She straddled Quinn, letting her hips rests just above Quinn, while she trailed kisses down Quinn's neck. That shirt had to go, Sara began to slid it off, and Quinn helped to facilitate that. They moved so they were more easily supported by the bed. Sara straddled Quinn again, and resumed her trail of kisses.

That bra had to go. There was no way Sara could torture her breasts with that terrible, teasing device in the way. She began to slid the straps off Quinn's shoulders, but Quinn began to protest, in case someone knocked on the door. "Do you want to know what other punishments there are?" Sara inquired, and Quinn relented, aiding in the discarding of her bra. Sara threw it across the room, watching Quinn's breast fall free. What could be more beautiful? She took one in her mouth, suckling. Quinn's hands moved to trace Sara's back, but Sara denied her again. "Nuh-unh. You don't get to participate, remember? You don't get to react."

Quinn let out another frustrated sigh. "That's it. No louder than that," Sara replied, molesting Quinn's breasts in her hands, while she grinded against her hips. The only thing that kept their sexes apart were Quinn's jeans, and Sara's shorts. One day soon, those would have to go. Quinn bucked against the euphoria, and the pain, her lower back rising upwards in a movement that arched her back, all the way up to her shoulders, thrusting her breasts further into Sara's torture. She twisted Quinn's nipples in punishment, and began grinding their hips together, faster, pinching her nipples harder. "Bad girl," she murmured in response to Quinn's bucking. "You know the rule."

A relieving breath of air escaped Quinn's parted lips, but it wasn't enough. She needed to touch Sara, she needed Sara to touch her more.

Quinn tried to follow Sara's hips movement, and grind back, but Sara sharply slapped the side of her upper thigh, that was as close to Quinn's rump as Sara could get. "Enough of that," a quiet command barked. Quinn's shoulders struggled to remain still, the writhed while her chest still tried to buck, but it wouldn't get far, as Quinn concentrated all her power against making sure her lower back did not separate from the mattress.

"Good girl," Sara murmured against Quinn's skin, noticing how hard the sweet girl was trying. It was her nature to try that hard. Sara stopped grinding against Quinn, and bent down to kiss the girl's lips. Though Quinn did not react, there was painful longing in her eyes. A feeling of satisfaction rose in Sara that she could draw Quinn to that point, but she wanted to taste what that longing, and that desire felt like. "Kiss me," Sara hissed so quietly, Quinn thought she might have misheard it, "You've paid penance, now touch me."

Questioning if Sara was being honest, Quinn brought her hands against Sara's stomach traced a line all the way up to Sara's breasts. Even through the shirt, they were supple, and firm. Quinn rubbed them so gently, and when she was not rebuked, she brought her mouth up to kiss Sara, softly at first, but then requesting entrance into her mouth. Sara permitted Quinn to explore all she wanted, and was surprised to find that Quinn's kisses were patient, but deep, as if she was trying to suckle every bit of Sara that she could, in order that Quinn could savor it forever.

Someone tried the doorknob, but the locked door denied access. Sara jumped off Quinn, who gave a last irritated sigh at being left half-fulfilled, of being teased, but not given any release. Sara tossed Quinn her shirt, but didn't wait for her to get it fully on. By the time Sara swung the door open, just enough to reveal herself, Quinn had managed to get the shirt on, and she hoped whoever was on the other side, did not notice her freely hanging breasts.

"What?" Sara asked.

"Why is the door locked?" Daniel wanted to know.

Easily, Sara lied, "Because we're two girls in need of girl time, in a house full of guys who are only beginning to learn what the word boundaries mean. Plus, we didn't want you guys walking in why we were fixing her bra strap. It wouldn't lay straight, and that's just not comfortable, you know?"

"No," Daniel replied, "I don't, because I'm a man. I just wanted to know what you guys wanted on the pizza."

"Pineapple," Quinn forgot about her bra, and bounded up and down behind Sara, who opened the door, and made room for Daniel to see Quinn. The move was mostly made so that Sara could frown at the girl, and disapprovingly say, "Pineapple? I did not know this about you, Quinn."

"There's something different about you," Daniel noted, narrowing his eyes on Quinn. She tilted her head as he held his hands out, as if he was squeezing imaginary breasts. He looked like was thinking, and then resized again.

"Are you, are you doing that because you think about my breasts?" Quinn asked, "You fantasize about my breasts, and think about squeezing them." She cupped her breasts, as if to hide them. "I'm flattered, and creped out."

He laughed at her innocence. "I think about more than that. Most guys can't help doing it with all the girls they meet. Except Gabe," he covered like a good friend. "He's a freak like that." Snapping his fingers at Quinn, Daniel said, "You keep doing whatever it is you did. I'm going to go order a half pineapple pizza."


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