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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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Quinn jumped to her feet. Dumbfounded, Sara gaped at her. Grabbing the hamper, Quinn's face flushed, and she stammered, "I-I re-really got to go, get this down to the la-laundry rum. Room. Laundry room."

"Put that down." Sara's hiss stopped Quinn in her tracks, but she didn't drop the hamper. How could she, when every muscle was paralyzed in fear? Getting off the bed, Sara walked towards Quinn, stopping just behind her. Sara's breath was hot on Quinn's shoulder. "I said for you to put it down."

Her fingers straightened, and the hamper fell to the ground. "I can explain."

"Go shut the door," Sara breathed on Quinn's neck. "Don't make me ask twice."

Meekly, Quinn walked towards the door. A weak hand reached for the door, and the thought came that she could walk outside of the room, before shutting the door, but that's probably not what Sara had in mind. Fuck Sara, runaway. She shut the door instead, cutting off her escape. Again, she tried to explain, "Okay, maybe I can't explain what happened-."

"Lock it," Sara ordered.

Without thinking, Quinn twisted the knob of the handle, so that it locked. Quinn continued, "But I am very confident that I am straight, and that I do not like you in that way," Quinn said. Softly, she added, "I think I don't like you. You do have nice lips, you can't blame me for that."

"Get over here," Sara said. "Show me your hands."

Did Sara not notice what happened? Was she so shocked, the kiss was erased from her mind? Quinn could only wish. Taken aback by the command, Quinn raised her hands, and Sara grasped them to examine them closer. Letting go of Quinn's left hand, she slapped the back of Quinn's right hand. "I told you not to touch anything while your nails were wet." Quinn flinched while Sara treated Quinn's left hand to the same discipline.

"Oh no, I must have gotten it on the hamper," Quinn realized.

"You can clean it later. Get me the blue polish," Sara demanded.

Quinn jumped at the opportunity to forget the kiss. She grabbed the blue polish, which Sara grabbed from her, before pushing Quinn on the bed. Sitting next to Quinn, Sara set the task of fixing Quinn's nails. "I swear, Quinn Alexis Medeiros, if you fuck up these nails again," Sara warned. "I'm going to be pissed at you, understand me?"

"Mhm," Quinn said, because her voice wasn't working.

"Mhm?" Sara echoed, "Excuse me? Was that an answer?"

"Yeah," Quinn whined.

Sara wasn't accepting that either. "Yeah? Are you twenty, or thirteen?"

"Yes, ma'am, Ms. Sara Marie Rowan," Quinn cried out. "You're always pissed at me anyway."

Slipping a finger Quinn's chin, Sara made Quinn stare upwards into stern hazel eyes. "No, I'm not. You deserve it any, always being taken advantage of," Sara told her. Sliding her hand across Quinn's jaw, Sara then dragged her fingernails through Quinn's hair, until her hand rested on the back of Quinn's head. Her fingers entangled in Quinn's hair, and then unsympathetically pulled down, so that Quinn's chin was thrust towards Sara's mouth. "And kitten, this is a kiss."

Sara lips pressed firmly against Quinn's. Where Quinn's kiss had been quick and innocent, before peeling away, Sara requested entrance to Quinn's mouth, knowing Quinn did not have the personality to deny her. The intensity built, and Quinn felt herself melting back into Sara's hand, but kept her steady. Sara only deepened the kiss, until she suddenly pulled away, leaving Quinn's lips slightly red. Satisfactorily, Sara stared down at Quinn's shocked, and misted eyes. Shit. I'm not jealous because of you, I'm jealous for you, Sara realized, followed by the thought, You greedy hoe. What do you need a boyfriend, and a girlfriend for?

Still comprehending what just happened, Quinn first looked like she was going to reach for more, and Sara would have been happy to oblige, but Quinn froze, and withdrew, silently chastising herself for gluttony.

Thoughtfully, Sara murmured, "Fuck it, you're mine now."

"What?" Quinn's panicked gaze snapped onto Sara's calm one.

Their heads turned towards the door, as someone began to give it a pounding. "Sara, open up."

"You must stop responding like that," Sara ignored the door, and admonished Quinn. "I much preferred it when you were formal, and called me ma'am, or miss."

That was a joke, Quinn thought.

"Sara," Gabe whined.

"Do not tell him, or anyone else, what happened," Sara shot Quinn her best or else face. She moved to unlock the door, and opened it for Gabe.

"Seriously, babe, what-," Gabe stopped when he saw Quinn sitting on his bed, and changed the direction of his interrogation, "Are you guys doing?"

"Lecturing," Sara put one hand on her hip, and started to admonish Gabe, "I told her she shouldn't clean up after you, since she's not your slave."

"She's paid to clean up," Gabe replied.

Sara responded, "How is that going to advance her academic goals? She should be Dr. Richard's research assistant; she should have academic internships, not be folding your laundry. What did I say would happen if you touched that hamper before your nails are dry?"

Quinn's eyes doubled in size, and she straightened up. How did Sara see that without turning around? "They're just nails," Quinn muttered, flustered. She tried to leave the room, but Gabe wouldn't let her past.

A hand on her chest, he pushed her back into the room. "Sara's right about one thing. We need to talk about Todd."

Sara poked Gabe's chest. "Yeah, we do. They're not even dating, you just assumed because you're too overprotective of her. She's not your shadow. You need to give her some space, and stay out of her business, buddy. Right, Quinn?"

"Can I leave yet?" Quinn replied.

"No," Gabe and Sara chorused.

"Hey, I know a ton of secrets about you, Mr. Gabriel Lawson. I know that sometimes, you still sleep with your action figure shaped 'pillows' of Thor, and Spiderman. There are a lot more like that, do you want me to stay to reveal more?"

He blinked. He could not believe those words tumbled out of her mouth. Turning to Sara, Quinn said, "And you just intimidate me, so I'm taking this, because it's my job to, and I'm leaving." She picked up the hamper, and stormed out.

"Excuse me, Mr. Stiles," she said to Daniel, since he was standing in the doorway as she squeezed the hamper through.

"Nice to see you, Quinn," Daniel murmured a grin on his face.

"Ten minutes with me, and puppy's learned to bark better than she has in twenty years with you," Sara said proudly. She chuckled, "I know that face. That's where you know it's going to lead to a horrible fight, but you really just want to say 'fuck you.' Well, to that, I say, yes, please." She tilted her chin upwards, and used her hands to gently guide his head towards her. His arms enveloped her as he took over, wrapping an arm around her back, and another in her hair. It was good that he was supporting her so that she could melt into him. Eyes closed, he took control of her mouth, sweeping his tongue inside. The way he deepened the kiss made it feel like he was reaching inside her for some deeper life force.

Afraid that they had forgotten him, and really were going to fuck, Daniel rolled his eyes and declared his intentions to bother Quinn for a few minutes.

Stuffing clothes in the dryer, Quinn could not help, but think about Sara, those three words looping in Quinn's head, over and over. You're mine now.


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