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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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I apologize for the filler chapters. I reward you with sex. :)

Gabe wrapped a towel around himself, and walked back into his room, only to find a shirtless Quinn with one hand cuffed to the headboard, the other fastened with a belt. In the midst of her blitz attack, Sara hadn't been able to get both hands attached with the one handcuff. She was still straddling Quinn, writing on her stomach with chocolate syrup. Quinn imagined that it would have been difficult for anyone else to write so neatly, but Sara worked in the pastry section of a grocery store before, leaving her the skills to fix the most impressive looking desserts, but too much disgust at sugary foods to be able to do so regularly. Quinn looked to the door pleadingly, but Sara merely looked over her shoulders, and said, "Oh."

Oh. Yeah, Oh. I sleep here. You do not. Gabe thought, but what he said was, "What's going on?"

"Well," Sara capped the chocolate syrup. "What I wrote was tease me, but I would personally prefer to torture," Sara responded, grasping both of Quinn's breasts and squeezing them hard. Quinn squirmed, but there was no escape. Gabe noticed the tray of breakfast, all the dishes and cups plastic, in case he had another tantrum. Offering a moment's reprieve, Sara dipped a hand into the orange juice, and pulled out an ice cube. "One of these ice cubs contains the key to the cuffs. She's not going anyway until it melts, so if you want her out of here fast, you should hurry up."

He let out a short huff of frustration, and moved to the closet to at least get some shorts on.

"Just those boxers should be fine," Sara mused, "This is going to be very messy. Oh, your body's melting the chocolate even more." Sara leaned down to lick the chocolate before it ran off her body, onto the sheets.

"This was not what we planned," Quinn complained, her breath becoming rapid as Sara's tongue teased her, running along her abdomen, and licking up the chocolate.

"I couldn't help myself. Seeing you helpless," Sara sighed, and collapsed her forehead against Quinn's, "It's euphoric. I need more."

"Are you saying, you've been planning to handcuff me to my own bed, and tease me with my own breakfast," Gabe's voice was made of steel. He moved back to the bed, grabbed a handful of Quinn's hair, and accused, "I bet the two of you would have teased yourselves in front of me. Does the betrayal ever end with you?"

Quinn whimpered. "No. It wasn't my idea."

"But you went along with it."

"I did, Senhor, but I'm sorry."

"Then you won't mind the punishment," he grabbed an ice cube and ran it across her chest, "Sara, go put this in the wine cooler." Quinn's jaw dropped, her mouth forming a small, shocked o that almost broke Gabe's heart when he saw it matched by her longing gaze that watched the ice cube be handed to Sara. Quinn's eyes followed as the ice cube was transported to a small grey box that quietly hummed with electricity. So quietly, Gabe almost missed it, Quinn whimpered.

He pouted sympathetically, "Poor, Bonita." Rubbing his fingers along her jaw line. "So easily tricked, what am I going to do with you?" He slowly dragged a strawberry through the chocolate on her skin, before putting it in his mouth, and chewing carefully. "You do look good like this. Helpless." Sara put her hand on the doorknob, but Gabe commanded, "Stay. Sit in the chair by the desk. I'll get to you soon enough."

He picked up another strawberry. The last had run through the word me, but this one, he ran through the word tease, and then offered it to her. "Open up."

She bit down on the strawberry feeling a bust of juicy fruit that was bitter, and sweet. "You've lied to me for a very long time. When I consider you my own, I mean that I consider you someone I have to look after, and protect, and you've denied me that, lied about it, and fucked my girlfriend." He leaned forward, so that his mouth was by her eyes, and murmured, "I'm not so mad that you fucked her, but that you didn't ask permission first."

He stroked her hair, and then sat up, "So what did she do that you liked so much? Play with these?" He cupped her breasts, and massaged them gently. "But Sara doesn't like to play nice. It was probably more like this." He squeezed her breast harshly, causing Quinn to gasp. She closed her eyes as his grasp slipped to where he guessed her nipples were, and pinched harshly. He was dissatisfied with the effects. "Well, this is going to have to go," he plucked at the bra.

Quinn whimpered in protests, but he hushed her sternly. "If you didn't want it to come off, then you shouldn't have worn a strapless bra where handcuffs were concerned."

Handmaid to sex slave, excellent job, Quinn thought with dissatisfaction, as he slid his hand behind her back, and undid the clasp. The bra slid loose, and he pulled it away from her, held it in his hands, and commanded, "From now one, you'll need permission to wear this. Girls think they're sexy, but to guys, they just get in the way."

Quinn laughed.

"Was there a joke?" Quinn's smile faded as she looked up into deadly serious eyes. Her jaw dropped further than it ever had before.

"You're not serious."

"As serious as your mama's espanador. Do we have something like that?"

"A plastic one," she gulped.

"Hm," he wasn't satisfied by that, and explained, "The other one was just so effective in keeping you in line."

"I-I'll stay in line. I know exactly where the line is," she stammered. "You can't honestly expect me to not wear a bra in public, because you told me not to."

"Sure I do," he curled he curled her hair around his finger. "You're Sara's favorite plaything, and you're my favorite plaything. We could all dissipate and never talk to each other again, or agree that we both we really love to mess with you. I should thank her. The ways there are to mess with you have doubled."

Roughly, he grasped her breasts again, working them in a way that was painful, and felt good. He pinched each nipple, and twisted roughly. Quinn's back arched in response, her chest rising for more torture, though she had to bite her tongue to keep herself from whimpering.

"So it was like that, Bonita," he murmured, liking the way she writhed beneath him struggling to keep her silence. A soft cry escaped through closed lips, after her slapped each breast sternly. "You've certainly been bad. She probably used her nails too, she likes to do that."

He let his nails drag along each side of her body, following the curves of her body to the waistband of her sweats, which clung low on her hips. It wasn't as painful as when Sara did it, but it still made Quinn shudder. "Mine aren't as long, but they're apparently effective."

He grabbed an ice cube, and tortured her body with it. He circled it around her nipples, until they were painfully erect, and then he flicked, and pinched them cruelly. She gasped at the torture. He let it slide down her sternum, gasping as it slid over her heart, and moved it around her stomach, until it disappeared. Her toes clenched, and unclenched to keep herself from writhing, and she bit her lower lip to keep silent. "Poor, Quinn, it's not fair is it? Sara should share in this. Should I keep you helplessly pinned here, or should I have her retrieve the ice cube?"

Quinn nodded vigorously.

"Keep you here? Okay," he bent down to kiss her passionately on the mouth. She whimpered into his mouth at first, but then let him part her lips, and take control. It was the first time their lips had ever touched. She'd kissed his hands before, when she was making fun of their social positions, or on the cheek as a friend. He'd kissed her forehead affectionately, but never kissed her like a woman should be kissed. From the chair, Sara was horny, and jealous. She hardened her eyes so that they wouldn't narrow. It wasn't exactly fair for her to feel envy.

Quinn was breathing heavily when Gabe pulled away, eyes misted. Sara never looked that way when he kissed her. None of his girlfriends had ever had that surprised look, as if the foundations of their very core had been shaken, and now he truly understood what Sara was addicted to. It was impossible not to explode with euphoria, just knowing it was possible to make another person feel that way. He kissed her again, deeply, and demanding. He pulled away, feeling his dick harden like never before. Still, he could tease Quinn, but he couldn't fuck her, not yet.

"Get the ice cub," he told Sara. While Sara did as she was ordered, Gabe worked at the belt that fastened Quinn's wrists. Her mouth opened like he was about to say something, but he cracked the belt against her thigh. "I will give you one lash for each sound you make," he threatened. Quinn closed her mouth and swallowed her plea. Sara joined them on the bed, handing Gabe the ice cube. He tapped it against Sara's nose, then let twisted it down her neck, drawing zigzagged lines. He lifted Sara's shirt over her head, and made patterns over her body. It was hard to hold onto the ice cube, so he put it where it would melt the fastest, inside Quinn's mouth. After thirty seconds, it was too cold, and made her teeth ache. She tried to eject it, but Gabe put his fingers over her mouth.

"Unh unh. That doesn't come out, until it's melted," he told her. He slipped the belt around Sara's neck, and used to it to bring her lips to his. While they kissed, he pulled the belt back into his hands, and discarded it. He teased every part of her body, until she writhing, her hands grasping at his shoulders, and to cup his jaw, as if she was begging for something, but he wasn't going to give it to her yet. Sara's whole body was sore with yearning, and she wondered if this is how Quinn ever felt.

Meanwhile, the ice had melted, and Quinn's free hand pulled the key out of her mouth, before she could choke on it. She undid the cuff, slipped off the bed, and reached for her clothes. Gabe shoved himself off of Sara, and grabbed Quinn. He tossed her clothes away, and threw her on the bed. Her most natural reaction was to move as far back as she could, and try to hide behind Sara.

"Tease her," Gabe commanded Sara, and she moved her attentions toward Quinn. She cupped the girl's chin, giving her a gentle kiss. Gabe snapped the belt, so that it lashed Sara's belt, "Torture her."

Sara twisted Quinn's breast so that she was gasping in pain, raked her nails over Quinn's body, and nibbled Quinn's ear. The belt lashed again, Gabe commanding, "Harder."

The nails left scratches this time. Quinn gasped, and Sara used the opportunity to kiss her mouth, biting the girl's lower lip so that there was a drop of blood. Quinn whimpered. Sara loved it when Quinn whimpered helplessly into her mouth like that. Her hands moved roughly all over Quinn's body, squeezing the girl's ass like Sara would squeeze Quinn's breast, one hand giving a pinch, the other a slap.

"Oh God," Quinn moaned, "Meu Deus."

The belt struck one of her feet, and then punished the other. Each one jumped from the pain, toes curling and uncurling in response. "I told you, no sounds."

Sara's hand tried to slip beneath Quinn's sweatpants, but Gabe grasped Sara's hips, and flipped the woman onto her back. "Not for her today," he commanded. Reaching under Sara's skirt, he peeled off her panties, but left the skirt on. Using the belt, he captured Sara's hands, and fastened them to the headboard.

"You're turn," he told Quinn. She didn't know what to do, so she gave Sara a comforting kiss, and began running her hands over Sara's upper body in an erotic message. Gabe couldn't watch this any more. He peeled off his underpants, spread Sara's legs, and penetrated her. Quinn started to pull away, but Sara's mouth begged her say. Gabe moved back, and forth, gathering a rhythm, his hands moving down her thighs, and around the firm globes of her ass, so that he could help Sara keep their temp.

Sara moaned into Quinn's mouth. With Gabe on one end, fucking her brains out and moving his hands roughly over her, Quinn on the other end, her hands touching her gently, her mouth offering a soft refuge, Sara reached state of ecstasy, her body shook, and clenched around Gabe. He pounded her a couple more times, slowing his movements, then collapsed on top of her. Quinn pulled away, and Gabe kissed Sara's mouth, his hand slapping her ass before he moved off of her. Quinn grabbed her shirt, but looked at her chocolate syrup stained skin. She was going to need a shower.


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