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It started with a kiss

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

Gabe is used to ordering around Quinn, who's parents work for Gabe's family. This makes his girlfriend, Sara, insanely jealous, until one day, she makes Quinn her plaything. What happens when Sara develops deep feelings for her new toy, and what happens when Gabe finds out? View table of contents...


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"What the hell?"

"You're a dick, you know that," Daniel told him. "You beat up any one else who messes with Quinn, it's time someone did the same to you. If I were as passive as Quinn, I'd say you need a very good talking, at the very least."

Gabe babied his nose, and exclaimed, "Where is this coming from?"

"You've no right to be treating Quinn like that," Daniel said, "After all the shit you've made her do."

"What do you even know about it?"

"No one could live in this house, and not know about it, except for Smith, but he hasn't gotten much of anything since that tackle he took in high school. Leaving here has been like hearing, or even seeing, if you're damn lucky enough, a free porno without having to even search it online. You should be happy your girlfriend is willing to experiment with girls, and from what I've seen Quinn do with her mouth, you are a lucky man. It looks like she's honored just to be allowed to touch your skin, and each kiss looks like she's asking for permission, it's beautiful."

"Just fuck her already, other people in this house apparently have. You've been in love with her since the summer trip to Europe, before our senior year."

" It's because of that trip that you're an ass."

"What did I do?"

"And you're an ass for not even knowing that, but she's so gentle, and caring, she didn't even want you to know."

"Know what?"

"You forced her to go. She told you she wanted to stay home that summer, and who could blame her for wanting to get space from you. But you threw a tantrum, because you couldn't have your favorite doll to fuck with, so she came. And she danced with the guy you told her to dance with."

"Yeah, I'm such an ass. My parents paid for her to come over seas, and I helped her experience the culture, and have memories she'll never forget."

"Yeah, it's pretty hard to forget getting raped by a guy your supposed best friend made you dance with."


"That guy, you made her dance with? I saw them leaving. She said she told him she just wanted to take a break, get some air, and he said he knew some place more private. She didn't want to seem rude, so she let him take her to a private room, and by the time I caught up, he was on top of her. Were you taking care of her then?"

That divide has been there a lot longer than you think, she had told him, or at least, she had said something to that effect. Three and a half years is a long time for him to be oblivious to the divide. "How am I supposed to know, if no one fucking tells me? I would have sunk his ass in the North Sea."

"I'm sure that would have erased the memory, and undone the damage," Daniel rolled his eyes. Patting Gabe's shoulder as he walked past, Daniel added, "Just imagine all the times you fucked up, and still don't know about."

Gabe remembered that trip to Europe, not because it stood apart from the other trips, but because before going, he and Quinn had that hundredth and one conversation.

"You have to go." They were in her house. They weren't usually in her house, but this time they were. She was on her bed, her back against the wall, a book in her lap. Who did their summer reading project before the last two weeks of summer. "No. I don't. It's not a law."

"You've gone on all the other vacations," he sat at her desk, and fiddled with things on it. She was already prepared for her senior year. She had binders made, and books piled up, so that she would know the material, while everyone else was learning it. He opened one up to see if she'd read any of them yet. He opened on a random page, and found a post it with notes on it. What a Freak. It was an unhealthy obsession, and it was going to end if he had anything to do with it.

That stung. "I'm not a piece of luggage you get to take with you."

"Who else is going to try to steal the Mona Lisa with me?"

"Leave art theft to someone who actually appreciates art."

"You appreciate art. You are almost seventeen years old, for fucks sake, and all you do is study, and work. Why is making you have fun, like giving a cat a bath? It's difficult on all parties involved. You're going, and you don't have a choice."

Casually, Quinn flipped to the next page in her book, unaware of the gathering storm. "No."


"You can't make me." Was she laughing?

He stood from her chair, and was by her bed in one step. He leaned over her, putting one hand on the side of the bed, one hand on her pillow, and leaned close to her face. "I'd be glad to, princess, but I don't think you'd like the actions I'd take."

Without blinking, she held is stare, unsure if he was kidding, or not. He continued, "Would you like to withdraw your rebellious negativity, before I am forced to take harsher actions?"

"Whatever." She was laughing at him.

"I'm serious," he took her book, and tossed it on the floor, at the opposite end of the bed.

She gasped, "I can't believe you did that to a book."

"I'm about to do that to you, in a minute," Gabe warned. "I'm not going to let you live out your youth, in an attic bedroom, in a house so small it actually has an attic bedroom, doing nothing, but read books, and growing into an awkward person. Colleges take a very low percentage of boring people. You're smart, but are you genius enough to be one of those people?"

"It's just one vacation. You can live without me for a couple weeks."

"I don't think you can live with out me for a few weeks."

"I can, and will."

"Don't you get a pay check from my parents for every week we don't end up in jail."

"Honey, they're not that ambitious. I'm paid weekly, but it's a daily rate."

"Look, smart ass-."

"What car thief-."

"Hey, now. I think of myself as a Robin Hood."

"A rich man who steals from other rich men to give to the poor? Does that make me your charity case?"

"Socially, you are a charity case. Your ass is going to be on a plane in two weeks, whether you like it or not."

"What if I want to visit Helena?"

"Isn't your cousin in Brazil? Though I thought you guys where from Portugal?"

"Some of our family is from outside of Portugal, but she's visiting her fiancé's family." Helena was a year and a half older. Soon as she had graduated high school, her boyfriend proposed. There was a stack of wedding magazines on Quinn's desk where she and Helena had circled wedding dresses for the bride and bridesmaid. Some pictures the bouquet was circled, or a particular cake. He found it quite amusing.

"And you're just going to drop by?"

"I've other cousins I'm close to."

"We can visit them in Europe. Lisbon's a nice place."

"It's Lisboa, and my family is much further south."


"Why are you so persistent about it?"

"I want you to come."

"You can't always get what you want."

"Neither can you so you're going. I'm not going to be patient about it any more. You're ticket has been bought."

"Meu Deus," she muttured.

"Don't bring him into this."

"Cristo ajuda-me."

"Don't bother Jesus either."

"You're so stubborn, he'd give up anyway."

"Then say you'll go."

"If it makes you leave."

He straddled her, cupping her face in his hands, "I'm going to have to punish you, if you don't say yes."

"Or you could not be a controlling jerk," she replied. "Why do you always boss me around? You don't boss Daniel, and you don't bitch-slap Smith's girlfriends, the way you knock out all my boyfriends."

"Okay, one was a drug dealer, the other was abusive, and the third was a college student. You have terrible taste. I forbid you to date anyone without prior approval of a panel that includes myself, Daniel, and whoever is my current girlfriend. It'll probably be Sara by the time we go to Europe."

"Sara? Really? I don't see that lasting through the year. She's so," she shrugged, all her Portuguese words running into one long, incomprehensible mess.

Gabe shrugged too. "So? She'll be my last high school fling. It'll be beautiful. Plus, I think her clothes will fit you. You can't wear your usual Friday night get up overseas."

"I'm not fucking going over seas."

"Shame on you. What would your avo think of such language?"

"My grandmother doesn't speak English," Quinn told him.

"Then I'll have to learn you for her," he mockingly raised the back of his hand.

"Seriously, fuck off," she told him. She didn't even have to say it Portuguese, she must have truly meant it.

"No," he grasped either side of her bed's low headboard, and said, "You'll do what I've told you to do, and no more back talking."

"You don't own me."

Kitten actually looks angry. He loved him an angry Portuguese mama. "And yet, you are mine. I can't believe we're having this conversation, again."

"My apologies, Senhor. I express my regret that we must visit this dull, and insane conversation, but see, the man who claims to be Mestre of my body and soul is a huge dick."

His hand whipped down so fast, she thought he was going to hit her, but he grasped her chin instead. "Apologize sincerely."

"Or you'll punish me? How exactly?"

"Don't be dumb. The same way all servants are."

"Get off my lap," she said, trying to wiggle him off, first by pushing him, then by writhing her body. She gave a quiet, frustrated scream.

He pinned her hands to the wall, and chastised, "Stop that. You keep requiring these shows of dominance, and you always lose, because you don't have the will to win. You should just give in to me."

"Because I'm yours?"

"Good girl," one hand smoothed her hair. She grabbed his wrist, but he twisted his hand, so that he was grabbing her wrist instead.

"But you don't act this way towards Daniel, Smith, even future Miss Senior Fling Rowan."

His hand tapped her jaw, not even loud enough make a sound, or budge her head. It was just a playful warning. "Do not talk about her like that."

"Sorry," she lowered her eyes.

"Forgiven. And I don't treat anyone else like this, because they aren't reticent, withdrawn people who go along with things until there's time to slip away from the world unnoticed. I will not let you slip away, especially since I need you to drive. Smith can't do it, I need his martial art skills, and Daniel can't make those turns as smooth as you do, at the speeds you do. It's like you crawled out of fast and furious movie, and that's the kind of getaway driver I need."

"Que? Her eyes bulged.

"Nothing loose plan, not concrete."

She stared dubiously into his eyes. Finally, she grasped both his hands, and clasped them inside of hers, kissing them, and resting her chin on them. Peering up at him with large, gooey eyes, she pleaded, "Senhor Lawson. Don't make me go. Por favor. Tenha misericórdia." She kissed his hands again, "That means have mercy. Por favor?"

"No," he decided, and she shoved him hard, Portuguese and English curse words falling from her mouth. He rolled off her bed, and left her room. She watched him go, and then watched her empty doorframe for a moment. She heard him go down the stairs. Thinking nothing of it, she crawled her upper body forward, until she was stretched out, lying down on her bed. She reached her arm down, fishing for her book. She heard him fishing around down stairs, and assumed he was looking for snacks in the kitchen. If he insisted on carrying on with this, he'd need refreshments. She didn't look at him, when he came back in, but down at her book.

"Last chance. You coming to Europe?"

"No, Senhor," she replied, flipping a page.

There was the whipping sound, like a branch through the wind, and then a sharp pain on top of both her thighs, where they were extra tender, and connected to her butt. Worse, she was currently wearing a pair of black shorts that she'd borrowed from Helena. They were not just a tight beyond sinfully short, and onto just plain whorish, but they looked nice, and made her legs look longer. Normally, she'd never live to see tomorrow by wearing these, but her parents wouldn't be home until almost midnight. If her ass had been any bigger, it would have been hanging out of the shorts, instead of just barely being covered. Lucky for Gabe, that left the tender part of her thigh bare.

She tried to roll over, and reach back to rub, but Gave leaned the side of his body on her back to stop her, and then hit in the same tender spot on her thighs two more times. Her toes clenched, and unclenched.

"Ow, Jesus Cristo, Meu Deus, stop," she begged.

"That was for all the cursing, and other hurtful things you said. Now, are you going to come?" he asked.

"Gabriel," she whined. "This isn't fair."

He struck her a forth time, and she exclaimed, "Okay, okay, I give in, you win."

"Good. Now let's discuss this back talking," he said.

"No, we don't need to," she replied.

"I think we do."

He raised the duster, but she called out, "No, I swear. I get it, I am yours, and whatever. You're meu Lorde e meu Senhor. My lord and master. Mercy, Por favor."

He examined the duster, "Man this thing is effective. Let's make sure." He brought it down a fifth, harder than any of the last attempts had been. She gasped, and bemoaned a sound of pain, burying her head in her comforter. He rubbed her back. Putting down the duster, he slapped her ass twice with his palm, not severely, but sternly. She groaned a protest into her comforter. "So this way certainly produces results," he said. She lifted her head, wiping away tears from some of the wetness that had pooled to her eyes with each sting.

"Did it hurt that much?" he laughed.

"Do you wanna find out?" she reached a hand back to massage the sting away.

"Do you need more?" he returned, waving the duster.

Painfully, she sat back, with her rump on her heels, and her head on his shoulder. "No, Senhor." He rubbed away the remaining wetness from beneath her eyes.

"Where is, Quinn? I don't see her," Smith said dramatically, "She must not be here."

Gabe was pulled from his daydream. How long have I been studying at the table? He looked down at his textbook.

The whore and Daniel were sitting on the couch, studying statistics together. Daniel replied to Smith, "I don't know, buddy. She said she was going to study by the pier?"

"Why the pier?" Smith continued, overly dramatic, "She isn't going to drown herself like Ophelia? I really wanted her to make those delicious meatballs for me."

"Well, buddy, she's studying with Todd at the pier," Daniel said. "But since she's been spurned, we might never eat delicious again."

"Todd?" Gabe's exclamation filled the room, and echoed back at him.

"Yea, man. She's not allowed to bring him here, and she's no reason not to see him anymore," Daniel said. "And she said she needed his help on some homework."

Yeah, she needs help, but the university is going to know about some miraculous, soul saving blowjob that never happened. He swore, and grabbed his jacket, storming out.

"Good job, Smith," Daniel said. "Didn't over sell it one bit."

"So we're getting chicken wings now?" Smith was excited.

"Yeah. Sara tells us about one sexual encounter with Quinn, I'll buy," Daniel said.

Sara rolled her eyes, "Throw in a beer, and you've got a deal. Is that story even true?"

"No. I mean, she's at the pier. Todd will be there. She doesn't know Todd will be there," Daniel thought about Gabe storming out. "I kinda feel bad for her, actually, but I enjoy the thought of Todd getting his face smashed."

"Quinn," Todd called out to her. She locked back, and waved from the dock. He walked over to her, and sat down. "Daniel called me, said you were struggling with your work. I don't blame you. Most people have trouble with it. It's rare you're among the dumber of our major, but we all have our bad days."

"I'm not having trouble."

"It's okay to admit it. Sometimes I have bad hair days." Quinn smiled politely, but thought, You always have a bad hair day, I want to destroy your cowlick. "I don't. Have a problem. Not with school."

"He said- oh, I get it. You've got a frustration problem," he winked. "Take care of me, I'll take care of you."

"My problem is that I've been taken care of too much," she said.

"Slut," he gasped. "Just kidding. Good for you. Can't just do one tiny hand job. You're so good at it. I feel like angels are caressing my dick."

"Not today, sorry. I'm not in the mood, and no one wants a caressing from sad angels. They're like biblical angels, and biblical angels are vengeful," Quinn whispered dramatically.

"Slut. Putting out for all your friends, but me?" he said, "Kidding, I understand. I did come all the way out to help you, though."

"Look," she said, "I'm going to stretch out on this dock, put this textbook over my head, and pray to God that I can learn from osmosis, and ask Jesus to help me not cry. If you really feel like you have to touch my boobs before you go, or if you want to stay and study with me, I understand." She laid back, open the book to a random page, and laid it on her face.

Todd wiggled his fingers to prepare them for attack. He was about to grasp to glorious breasts, when a voice boomed. "Touch her, and it's the last thing you do." Grabbing the book, Quinn looked up to see Gabe striding towards them. She scrambled to her feet.

"Grab your bag," he ordered. She didn't question him, only acted, sliding her textbook into the bag, and zipping it while Gabe yelled at Todd. "I ever see you near her again, I break your face, understand? She doesn't need the intentions of someone who is only her study buddy because he thinks he can get sexual favors out of it, and she doesn't need someone who's going to exaggerate those sexual favors by blabbing it all over the university, and she doesn't need someone who's going to scream at her in the middle of campus about a group project, when the B- was from your shoddy work, you cocky ass. Let's go, Quinn. Actually, hold on." he pulled his arm back, and threw a punch in Todd's face, so that he tumbled backwards, into the lake.

Quinn's mouth popped open, and she moved to the side of the dock to help, but Gabe grabbed her shirt, "I said let's go." As they walked back to the car, his hand was on the small of her back, to keep her in line with him.

"Didn't I saw I'd be upset with you, if I ever saw the two of you together."

"You're already upset with me," she replied. He glared at her, and she cringed. She moved to the passenger side door, he went to the driver's side. "I didn't know he was going to be here."

"Daniel said you said you'd be studying here with him."

"I only said I'd be at the lake."

"Whatever," he said, "Why didn't you tell me you were raped."

"I didn't want you to feel bad. It was scary, I can't stand strangers since then, but it was less than five minutes before Daniel threw him off me, and he and Smith beat him up pretty bad. We had to skiddadle before the cops came."

"I'm really pissed you didn't tell me."

"Shouldn't I be pissed that you made me go- literally beat me into going- and dancing with a guy I didn't like, and who had evil intentions? I understand the idea of protecting what's yours, your family, your friends, and wanting what's best for them, but maybe you don't know what's best for me."

"This doesn't make us even."

"There is no way, in your fucking louco riquinho mind, that you think being cheated on could possibly compare to rape, you cabrao."

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

"One wrong verse a thousand?"

"Don't talk back to me. I know where your mother keeps the duster."

She clicked her tongue, "You're such a baby, Senhor."

"Yeah, well, you're cooking," he said, pulling into the driveway. "Smith wants meatballs." Rigidly, he turned the car off, and walked inside, Quinn watching passively. She reached for the parking break, and pulled it so that it was on, before she followed him inside.


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