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Escaping interupted

Novel By: whysomuchweirdness

It's one thing to be saved, but how do you escape your savior? View table of contents...


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She entered through a door that put her in the middle of the metro car. Barely turning her head left or right, she scanned the whole car to find that there was only one man sitting on the far left, with his head on his hands, so she moved as far right as possible. On some subconscious level, she realized that she was shivering fearfully and the small survivor part of her that was trapped deep inside of her managed to take enough control to calm her down. Lucas looked up when the girl had gotten on the metro, and though he only saw a glimpse of her face before she moved away from him, he said too soft to be heard over the thumping of her heart, "Selene?" A man slid into the car just before the doors closed, and he moved to where Selene was sitting. Just his mere shadow, his presence looming over her sent that dreadful, fearful, anticipating shiver through her abdomen. She could have cried right then. Instead, she slid of the seat, onto her knees in the aisle, her eyes glazing over with tears that she did not let fall. "This has been a fun game, pet," he said in a way that emphasized that neither of them had found this evening very entertaining. "But it's time to go home now." Lucas could not hear what the man had said, but he frowned and watched as she saw the girl on her knees in front of the man. In this town, at least this part of town, it wasn't an unusual site. Most places, a lifestyle like that was lived in doors, but this was a community for people who wanted that lifestyle 24/7. A few more metro stops, and that kind of thing would have been resolved with police, but here it was called play. Except that Lucas could not get out of his head that it was Selene, and Selene was disgusted by this sort of play. He hadn't seen her in five or more years, and even then, he probably hadn't known her that well since their age difference was not much shorter than that. However, he still knew that while she had been raised in this community because of her parents, this was not a life she would have chosen for herself. She looked down as she could no longer hold the tears back. The survivor part of her made her strong enough to endure, strong enough to try to run away, but it did not make her strong enough to be able to succeed in fighting her way to freedom, and it was worn down so much that she could not think she would endure much longer before she lost herself completely and turned into something to abhor, something so submissively subhuman. Something like her parents. "Kenny- sir," she bit her tongue as she caught herself, "Please. Please let me go. I don't want this, I don't want this, please. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry." She went on chanting the words I'm sorry and please over and over again, too quiet for anyone but Kenny to hear. He crouched next to her, his tall and athletic frame still looming over her even in that positiion. "Be a good girl,and come home now, and maybe I'll forgive you. It's hard to be mad at you forever," he said. "I've already had to chase you, don't make me have to drag you." He used one hand to comfortingly rub away some silent tears. "Come on now."

"No," she sobbed, "Please, let me go, Kenny. Let me go. Why can't you let me go?" Lucas stood when he heard the resounding slap. "It's sir, or master," Kenny rebuked at the same time Lucas said, "Hey!" In the time it took Lucas to come to their side of the cart, was the time it took for Kenny to stand and face him. "She doesn't want this anymore. It's not consenual, anymore," Lucas said, "Leave her alone."

"You don't even know her, or the lifesyle we choose to have, so just go back over there and mind your business," Kenny answered him.

"Do you, Selene?" Lucas looked down at her, "Is this what you want? Because it looks to me like you're trying to runaway again." Upon hearing her name, she looked up in surprise and blinked up through hot, blurry tears. Though he was an obscure mess of vivid colors, she felt his image tug at her memory. She wanted to place him, she did know who he was sometime before she became . . .this . . . but she could not remember. Mostly, she felt horrified that he had mentioned her name, knowing that whatever Kenny was going to throw at her would be even worse, it felt that her sentence of life in prisonment without parole had been upped to capital punishment. She wiped the tear streaks from her cheeks and swallowed down her sobs so that she could speak evenly, jumping to her feet. "No, it's just a game we're playing." Lucas scoffed, "Yeah, because this game is so common, even on this side of town. I can tell you're terrified."

"You know this guy?" Kenny said. "You were here to meet him, weren't you, you dirty, cheating-."

"No, baby," Selene interjected, grabbing his fists in her hands, "I promise, I don't. he looks familiar, but I don't remember where I saw him. Please, sir. Believe me. Please believe me. You know I've only been with you, I was scared. It got really intense, too fast for me, and I'm sorry, but I was just scared. You can understand that, right?"She had stepped closer to him, and was using his still clenched fists to rub to her face on his knuckles. His fingers unfurled and gently smoothed against her skin. "I understand, I do. Come back with me, and we'll talk about it." Her stomach clenched even more, knowing what that conversation would be like. Lucas interjected again, "No. You don't have to go back. Selene, let me help you." Kenny's voice rose as he turned to face Lucas. "I told you to stay out of this." He clenched his fist."

"Baby, wait, please, sir," she said, continuing on in an almost whisper, "Master, let's go. Leave him, let's just go." Kenny shoved her away, and she hit her head on one of those pole that people hold onto while waiting for the metro to stop, and the doors to open. Just then, the metro did slow down for it's third stop, and she hit her head again as she holding onto the pole with one hand, moving to kneel down again, her other hand plastered to her head. She fell to her knees, trying to straighten out her vision. Lucas threw a well placed punch to Kenny's head that made the taller man step back. Lucas moved to Selene as the doors opened and pulled her off the metro. Kenny slammed his fist onto the window as the doors closed just before him. Selene blinked in disbelief as the metro pulled away, leaving Kenny behind. "You okay?" Lucas asked. In response, she only nodded her head. He tried again. "Do you remember me?" She nodded, but lifted to her hand to gesture that she only remembered him a little bit. "Do you remember my name?

"John . . .Lucas. John Lucas, you grew up a few houses down from me," she said. " It would be ridiculous not to remember you. You were always looking after me, and i was always being a smartass. We used to talk about how we were going to leave and never go back home." Looking at him as if his answer was going to be her last bit of hope, she asked, "Did you?"

"I left, but I still go home some times to see my parents," Lucas said. "Like today. We were celebrating that I just got a job as a medieval literature professor." He offered the information in hopes to distract her, in hopes that he would become less frightening to her. She nodded her head. "Don't you need a PhD for that? You're so young. You always were really smart and hard working."

"We should be talking about you now, not me." He lifted her head so that he could look at her eyes again. "You hit your head very hard, and lucky for you, I was a paramedic when I thought I was going to go to medical school."

"I'm fine," she said, turning her head from his grasp. "Really, thank you."

"Do you have any place to go?" Lucas asked, and she looked at him again. Carefully, she explained, "It's really nice of you, and I know what you are going to offer, but that's always how it starts. I'm desperate, and I need someone strong to depend on, some place safe to go and this strong man or woman who makes me feel safe comes along . . ."

"Woman?" Lucas cut in, raising his brows suggestively. She smiled slightly, besides herself, "I said when I'm desperate. Anyway, that's how it starts. I depend too much on them. I'll stay for just one night, then just a couple of days, just until I'm on my feet, with a job and I'll get my own apartment and I'll move out- but it never ends that way. It's a cycle and I have to break it." he looked at her, knowing what she said made sense. He also remember the way her hair used to smell, that summer he came back from school and she was seventeen and all he could think of was how those thin lips would taste. He caught himself staring at them now. "I wasn't always like this," she cut into his thoughts.

"I know," he said. She used to have this strength that impressed him. "I was going to get out of that life. It wasn't going to be me, I wasn't going to be like my parents. I was doing so well too."

"I know. Last I saw you, you're parents dom had made you take the GED so he didn't have to send you to school any more, and you took that opportunity to go to community college instead. It was hillarious how much it ticked him off, but Mr. Ely was helping you out, so he couldn't say anything."

"Because Mr. Ely was his boss, yeah. I should have listened to you, you said it was bad business getting involved with Mr. Ely, but he put education and the road to freedom in front of me, and I couldn't resist. So I was a smartass again, and told you I had it under control, but then Ely took the rope to freedom he had given me and snared me with it. I should have listened to you, but I was already pissed off because you told me for the hundredth time that my bf was a slut who was going to be stuck in the life forever."

"And isn't Margeret still . . ."

"Yes. Yes, sir," she said, Lucas knowing she added the sir because he voice had sounded annoyed and she didn't want him to get mad at her. "Her first job was for Mr. Ely, and it wasn't the administrative tasks I was doing. I get it. You're smarter than everyone, Mr. Professor. I wish you could tell me how to get out of the life too." He took her hand in his, and smiled. As much as she was afraid of him, since experience had taught her to trust no one, that attitude towards him had been a habit since she was twelve, and it was a hard one to break. he didn't mind either, it meant that she trusted him on some level, even if she didn't want to admit it. "Let me. Let me help you, Selene. Please. We had that pack, didn't we?"

"I was fourteen, and you were trying to stop me from running away since that wasn't the way to go about it," she rolled her eyes. "I was successful for a little bit. A year of community college, and I was eighteen. I could move away to a real college, and I did."

"And then what happened?"

She shook her head. "Mr. Ely needed a favor, and I felt gratful to him. I was always very loyal. From there I met- he introduced me if you catch my drift- to the wrong guys, the wrong crowd. Everything was fine at first, and then it snow balled. I barely remember what it was like to be free. I'm 21 and I've already fucked up my life for good."

"No, you haven't. How much college do you have left? What kind of grades did you get?"

"A year. I was good at school too, I was in the top ten percent."

"And you gave that up?"

"You weren't there to be disapproving about it."

"You needed someone to tell you to not be a Margaret? Sorry," he saw how she flinched slightly when he his voice rose, and ducked her head at his impending lecture. "Look, let me help you. Please. Just stay one night, a few days with me. Let me help you, let me help you go back to school. Actually listen to me this time around. We'll consider it a free class in Field Methods of Escaping the Life 395. You take the 400 class when you can afford your own place. It won't be like the other times. Let me teach you."
He watched her face look like she was trying to make some kind of horrible internal peace, before she sighed and looked down submissively. "Okay."
_____________________________ A couple years or so later.

Grinning as Selene slid on to Lucan's lap, separating Lucas from his student's papers, he held on to her and swiveled his chair to the side she didn't have to be pressed against his desk. She spent a good two minutes kissing his mouth with deeper and deeper kisses, sliding her tongue in before crueling pulling away. Lucas clicked his tongue, "This isn't a distraction, you want something."

"I want you," she replied, messing with his hair, sliding her fingers through it in a way that felt good. "Stop working and pay attention to me." He laughed as she began to offer him kisses down his neck, her hands exploring the surface of his chest, sliding under his shirt, even unbuttoning the first three holes. "I have papers to do, and I don't think this is good girl behavior." Picking up one of his hands, she kissed each finger, she looked at him deviously. "Good girl isn't what you want right now, is it, Professor?"

"I have grading to do," he said a little more admonishingly this time.

"You have a class in Outdoor Sexual Expression that you are an hour late for, professor," he liked it when she tried to mockingly scold him. He began to return her kisses, as she threatened, "If you don't come, I'm just going to have to go by myself."

"Oh?" he persued, wondering what that was supposed to mean, especially since her voice had sharpened and became less seductive. "What do you mean?"

"I'll go outside by myself. I think I can manage to not get lost," she said, and he caught her hands. Though his grasp of them was loose, she knew better than to pull away. "Now that truly isn't good girl behavior. I told you, wait on the bed, and I'll be done soon." Sitting back on his knee, she exclaimed, "Stop being a professor for a second, and start being my boyfriend." He saw her gage his reaction, nervous that her voice had risen so much. Studying her, he asked, "Are you implying that I haven't been taking care of you?"

"I'm implying that I'm tired of sitting around waiting for you, day after day, you promised me a life, not a prison cell," she bit her lip as soon as the words came out, instantly regretting them and how cold they made his gaze upon her. She kissed his hands again in apology. "I'm sorry." It did nothing to assuage him. Lucas answered her, "Don't apologize to me like that, like you have to tiptoe around me." she put her head on his shoulder and said, "I am sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

"Yes, you did. You want to leave." Both of them knew he was right, but Selene grasped at something she could say to make him feel more complacent about the whole thing, "No, I don't. I want you to pay attention to me. I was feeling lonely over there. You know I'm childish."

He accused, "You just want to go outside."

"We moved into this beautiful house, with a beautiful back yard that is in the country so we don't have to see any of our neighbors without driving a mile or two in any direction, why do you make me stay inside all the time? I have a vitamin D deficiency."

"No, you don't. And if you waited one hour, you can wait another forty minutes, which is how much work I have left to do," he said, somehow managing to pick her up, and stand at the same time. He walked to the bed, and dropped her on the edge. Pouting slightly, she looked up at him with defeated eyes. She looked beautiful when she was trying to cling to one last straw of hope. "I've been good, John. I've been so good."

"You're the only student I'd give an A++ and not just because I like you," he said, lightly flicking her forehead, "So just wait a few more minutes," She opened her mouth to speak but he put a finger on her lips to silence her. She kissed his finger instead, and he pulled his hand away to smooth her hair. "I used to be more enticing to you then your work," she complained in a mutter. Looking at his disapproving gaze, she added softly, "I'll be good, professor."

"Good girl." He moved back to his chair, and she looked at the ground.

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