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The Alpha's Mate. His Submissive.

Novel By: WereWolfErotica

welcome to the lost moon pack club. a club that allows male wolves to show their most dominate, and possessive side. this is simply put as a BDSM club, but with werewolves in the mix, things heat up, and fast.

talon, the alpha of the lost moon pack, also the owner of the club, is surprised when peyton shows up on the door steps of lost moon.

peyton is forced to seek help after her car broke down in the middle of nowhere, just as it happens to be, a massive house is out where she is stranded. little does she know what she is getting herself into. a sex club, she never knew they existed, she never thought anyone would be into that style of life, she never thought werewolves were real...

talon and peyton are thrown into a dom/sub relationship, but when talon comes looking for more, will she be able to give it to him. View table of contents...


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Two months and a half later...

Peyton rolled her head on her pillow and watched as her mother walked into her hospital room. For the past few months, her mother had all of a sudden changed her ways of parenthood. She had been to see her every day, had brought her food so she didn't have to eat hospital food, she had brought her clothes and books, and was even looking after her dog.

"hi honey!" her mother sang, her loose bangs bouncing with her step.

"hi mum." she whispered. She wondered why her mother had all of a sudden taken such a liking in her was still a mystery to her.

"the doctor said you can come home this weekend." her mother said, clapping her hands and taking a seat next to her bed.

"thats good. I miss cuddle." she said. Peyton was weak, and she hurt. Using every bit of strength she could, she pushed herself up and looked at her mum.

"the doctor said he was also coming in soon to check on you, then we can get out of here." her mum said. Peyton nodded and looked down at her hands. The doctor the other day had said the other day that she was getting worse, she would only have a few more weeks. It hurt, not knowing what the next few weeks would be like for her. Her mind always seemed to wonder back to Talon. She wondered if he had moved on, if he was good and happy. Her heart broke even more knowing that he could have a new Sub, a new mate. She let him go so he wouldn't have to go through the pain of losing her the harder way. She had cried for a week, shutting off from everything. Evie had been right when she said she would be in pain with out Talon, but the doctors had given her so much morphine, her body was just in a hum of nothing.

"honey, you look like you have lost the love of your life. Are you okay?" her mum asked, gripping on of her hands. Peyton looked up at ehr mum and shook her head.

"no, mum. I'm not okay. I moved away from here to get away from her hate, got my own place and new friends. Then I find out I'm slowly dying, and I have to move back here. Do you know what its like to be around someone that treated you so awfully while growing up? Do you know what its like to fall in love with someone, and then have to leave them so they don't have to go through the pain of watching you die? No, I don't think you do." she snapped, snatching her hand back from her mothers grip. She then covered her face and let out a sob. She hadn't meant to let that all out, she had only meant to say she wasn't feeling good. The doctor chose the right minute to walk in.

"oh, I'm sorry. Do you want me to leave?" he asked. Peyton looked up and whipped her tears and shook her head.

"no, please. Come in." she said. The doctor gave her a sad look and moved into the room. He pulled her chart out and looked it over.

"everything seems to be going steady. We have some news." with that, Peyton's attention was straight away on the doctor.

"what is it?" she asked. The doctor looked at her mother then back at her.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, Peyton. But your pregnant." with that, Peyton fainted.

Talon sat in his office, snarling at the desk. The slightest things now pissed him off. He wanted Peyton. As soon as he found out he was to late to stop her leaving and that she was dying, his whole emotional side of him had been released. He had scream, snarled, cried, hissed, and made a lot of his pack members terrified to be around him. He had lost the woman he loved, and what made him hate himself even more was that he never told her. She might have stayed with him if he had.

"Talon, theres a woman on the phone for you." Evie murmured, carefully walking towards Talon. Talon looked up at the Evie and growled. She smelt to much like a woman.

"what!" he snarled. She flinched back from him, and sighed. She pushed the phone to him and left the room. Talon watched her leave, hating that he scared her. He looked down at the phone and picked it up.

"yes?." he sighed into the phone.

"hello, is this Talon Cross?" the woman asked.


"oh thank goodness! This is amanda soar, Peyton's mother." the woman said. Talon stood up so fast, the chair knocked to the ground.

"where is she?" he snarled into the phone.

"she's in Lorne, do you know where that is?" her mother said.


"she doesn't know that I'm contacting you, Talon. But she's dying, and she's carrying your child, she really needs you here." the woman said. Talon almost dropped the phone. Child. His child. A child. Talon knew he could save Peyton, he knew she wouldn't die now he had found her. His wolf was pushing at him, demanding him go find his mate. He was going to go get his mate and save her, then spank the hell out of her.

Peyton slowly walked into the kitchen to get some food. Her mother had left her for the night, giving her time to herself. One hand nursed her tummy. There was the slightest bump now. The doctors where terrified to see how fast it was growing. They fared it would be fully in shape by the time it was her time to go. She fared it more. She was carrying the child of the man she loved, and she was going to kill it.

"you know, your father would have a cow if he knew you were alive." she murmured to her tummy.

"I was close to it." came Talon's husky growl. Peyton screamed and turned around. Talon stood, leaning against the doorway of the kitchen. His gold eyes narrowed on her, his black hair looked like he had just ran his hand through it. His height still frightened her, he was to tall, to broad. Both hand now holding her tummy, she watched as his eyes slid down, following her movement.

"what are you doing here?" she gasped out, taking a step back. Talon frowned at her, and straightened up.

"your mother rang me. Why did you leave me?" he growled at her. Peyton flinched back and swallowed. Damn her mother!

"well, if your've spoken to my mother, I'm sure she has told you everything." she snapped. Talon nodded at her and closed in on her.

"your dying. Why didn't you tell me?" he asked.

"because it wasn't something you needed to worry about! I'm not yours!" she cried to him. Talon snarled at her and moved closer. Peyton moved back till she hit the bench. Talon's hands slapped down beside her body.

"you are mine, as is that child you are carrying inside that little body of yours!" he snarled. Her hands landed on his chest and she pushed him away.

"I'm dying! There will be no child that will belong to you! I wont be here! Nothing can save me or my baby, nothing!" she screamed at him. Talon roared back at her, his eyes flashing, and his teeth growing.

Talon stared at Peyton, snarling at her. He would save her. His wolf pushed at the surface but he held him back.

"I will save you" he growled. Peyton's scoff was almost his undoing.

"save me!? Not even the greatest doctor alive could save me! Stop playing with me, Talon. I don't fucking need it!" she yelled at him.

"no, but you do need a fucking spanking. All you had to do was come to me, kitten. I would of helped. Wolves mate for life, which means if a wolf was to mate with a human, the human would somehow began somewhat part of the wolf. They would stop aging, wouldn't get sick, heal. Baby, all you had to do was come to me." he purred, purposely dropping his voice. Her eyes widened and her hands dropped to her tummy. His child lay there. Already, she looked like she was five months pregnant, not almost three.

"i-i what?" she sobbed. Talon moved back in on her, and gripped her face.

"If you had told me, I could of healed you. You wouldn't be sick, baby. Why do you think you have lasted this long? Biting you, Coming inside you, locking inside you, not only made you my mate, it also made you part of me. It started healing you. But you left, so it stopped. Do you know what it was like to go to your home, and find out your gone and dying. You ripped my heart out. " he told her. She stared up at him, with almost unbelieving eyes. They began to tear up, and she let out a sob.

"I didn't want you to see me die. I thought I was helping by leaving." she cried. Talon lowered his head and pressed a kiss to her lips. She responded straight away, pressing her lips closer to his.

"I missed you." she cried against his lips. Talon's hand slid down to her hips and he fall to his knees.

"I missed you too, baby. And its lovely to meet you, baby." he cooed to her tummy. Peyton's hands fall to his head, and she smiled down at him. His hands rubbed her tummy, his face nuzzling into it.

"I'm going to be a father." he whispered. More to himself then her.

"but.." Peyton didn't finish. He looked up at her, and growled.

"your not going to die. You and this child will be mine. I wouldn't allow someone I love die." Peyton's face lit up in surprise and she gasped.

"yo-you love me?" she whispered.

"yes, I love you." he said, standing and moving back from her. She stepped back to him, and reached for him.

"i-i love you, too." she whispered. Talon gripped her hands and pulled her out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the bedroom she was staying in. It was time for him to take back what was his.


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