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The Alpha's Mate. His Submissive.

Novel By: WereWolfErotica

welcome to the lost moon pack club. a club that allows male wolves to show their most dominate, and possessive side. this is simply put as a BDSM club, but with werewolves in the mix, things heat up, and fast.

talon, the alpha of the lost moon pack, also the owner of the club, is surprised when peyton shows up on the door steps of lost moon.

peyton is forced to seek help after her car broke down in the middle of nowhere, just as it happens to be, a massive house is out where she is stranded. little does she know what she is getting herself into. a sex club, she never knew they existed, she never thought anyone would be into that style of life, she never thought werewolves were real...

talon and peyton are thrown into a dom/sub relationship, but when talon comes looking for more, will she be able to give it to him. View table of contents...


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Chapter thirteen.

Talon moved closer to his mate, shock still pulsing through his body. He did not understand what she had meant. He looked at Evie, and she quickly moved off to the side, and rushed away. He growled and tilted his head at her. She scrambled to her feet and gasped when her womb tightened. Talon rushed to her and caught her in his arms before she dropped to the ground. Mating heat had started. She cried out in shock when she felt heat rush through her body, an almost painful experience. Talon swung her up, and walked away from curious eyes. He didn't need the club to see this yet. She looked up at him, tears of fear welling up in her eyes.

"shh, kitten. I promise, It wont hurt for much longer." he promised her. She wouldn't be herself. Right now she was trying to crawl up his body. She was a true woman in heat now. Talon tried holding her still, but she was rubbing her body against him like a crazy woman. Talon knew she would be confused, and scared, but the arousal was to high for her to think straight.

"Talon, please. Please." she begged. Talon hissed in a breath when she licked the side of his neck. With a growl, he flung her over his shoulder and used his werewolf speed up the stairs to his own personal room. He placed her on the soft floor, and turned and locked the door. He then turned to her, and looked down on her. Her face was flushed and her hands went to grab him again. Talon caught them and tugged her along. They both wouldn't last long. She fought against him and managed to push him till he fall on the bed. Shocked at her sudden spout of strength, he lay still as she crawled up his body. The blanket dropped from her body, and she didn't seem to care. The day before she would of been screaming at him for having her body on show, now she just wanted him. Talon let her do what her body was demanding from her.

"god, what did you do to me?" she cried, licking up his chest. A growl tumbled from his throat and he gripped her hair. He couldn't answer, her tongue flicked over his nipple and his grip tightened. She tugged her head and he loosened his hold. She slipped down and licked the seam of his jeans. His hips came off the bed and his hand tightened. He tugged and she lifted her head and gave him a very human snarl.

"let me do this! This is the last time, let me touch you." she cried to him. Talon snarled at her, not liking the 'this is the last time' part. Her hands began working at the button and zip. His manhood was pulsing, throbbing and he ached. He wanted her to taken him in her mouth. When she released him, her tiny hand gripped his pulsing rod. Talon thrust his hips, pumping his rod through her hand.

"god, your so big." she purred to him, her tongue licking over the head. Talon gripped her hair and looked down as she opened her mouth and took his rod into her mouth. Talon thrust his hips, keeping each thrust the same pace. That seemed to piss her off, though. He teeth bit down the next thrust he made. He froze, knowing this could go smoothly or horrible. She lifted her warm hazel eyes, her warning clear in them. Talon bared his fangs at her and her eyes widened in shock before her teeth tightened.

"fuck, baby! I hope you know what your doing." he snarled to her. Instead of answering, she dragged her teeth up along his manhood. Talon's head dropped back down onto the bed and swore. She knew what she was doing, she knew how to torture him. Her tongue licked down to his balls and sucked one into her mouth.

"shit!" he snarled. Letting go of his balls, she licked back up to the head of his rod. Her tongue settled over his barb and without warming, he came. She caught all his come in her mouth, her tongue still licking the barb. He didn't soften, if anything, he hardened. Sitting up, he pulled her naked body up to his. His mouth found hers and he kissed her. She kissed him back, her hands wrapping his hair together to bring him closer to her. He flipped them over, her legs wrapping around his lips. His rod rubbed against her core, her wetness clinging to him. Braking the kiss, he followed kisses down her throat, to her shoulder, to her breast's. He covered one nipple with his mouth, using his teeth to hold her still when she bucked against him. She pushed her nipple harder into his mouth and he swirled his tongue over it.

"please, Talon! I hurt." she sobbed a soft breath. The heat boiling up inside her had boiled over. She would be in some type of pain, mainly sexual pain. His hand slipped between their bodies and he thrust two fingers into her tight coven. Her cry filled his ears and he smiled around her nipple. Her wetness pooled around his fingers, and soaked into his hand. Her scent was stronger, now mixed with his. Her hips pushed up to met his fingers and her little whimpers filled his head.

"god, Talon. Please. It hurts." she whimpered. Talon let go of her nipple and leant back so he could what his finger sink into her heat. She truly was a beauty.

"you promised. You promised it wouldn't hurt for much longer!" she cried. Talon pulled his fingers out of her and placed them in his mouth. Her taste washed over his senses and he swore it was the best thing he had ever tasted. She looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes. Talon almost growled back at himself, disgusted at how long he had forced her to hold off. He would take this slow. He wouldn't fuck her, he would make love to her.

Peyton couldn't stop the way her eyes teared up, she ached. Talon leant down and settled his body onto hers. Peyton stared up at him, watching the way his face twisted when his rod rubbed against her core. Peyton gasped and rolled her head back against the bed. Talons lips went to her neck while she felt one of his hands reach down and place himself at her entrance. She gave a slow sob when he began to push forward. He was going to slow, pushing into her to slow. Her legs gripped his hips, and she tried to pull him closer. He snarled at her neck and scraped his teeth down to her shoulder.

"you mine, kitten. And I'm going to love you like all males should." he purred against her shoulder. He gripped her hips and slowly pulled his rod from her body. This was torture. He pushed back in, possibly going slower then before.

"Talon!" she screamed at him. Talon snarled at her and pulled back out, ignoring her all together. She was going to do this to her, seriously go slow. She thrashed against the bed and him, hoping he would get the message. He obviously did not because he kept pace, allowing her to feel every inch of him.

"Talon, please. I'll do anything. Just fuck me." she cried. She almost screamed when Talon's thrust back into her was fast and hard. She had obviously pushed to hard, because he was savage now. He thrust into her over and over again, settling his teeth over the mark he had left. A cry left her lips when his teeth pierced her skin. His tongue lapped at the blood that oozed from the wound, all the while his hips moving against hers. Talon seemed to swell inside her, his thrust becoming short and and hard. Peyton felt her own orgasm build and then suddenly spill over. She screamed when the barb shot out and locked inside her. His seed shot inside her, and Peyton could actually feel the warmness of it. She rolled her head and let out a sob. She wasn't aching any more, there was just a hum of pleasure resting in her body. Talon let go of her neck and rolled over. He stayed in her, still locked inside her. She cuddled into him, a soft sigh leaving her mouth. She would take this moment, then leave.

Talon purred, not being able to stop it from coming from his mouth. His barb finally sunk back into his rod, and he pulled out of his mates body. He felt her body settle, the heat leaving her body. It would come back, but for now, she was herself.

"thank you." she whispered against his chest. Talon frowned when he felt wetness leak onto his chest. He pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were filled with tears, that were now over flowing.

"whats wrong, kitten?" he demanded. He hoped he didn't hurt her.

"i-i have to go." she whispered, untangling herself from him and quickly getting out of bed. Talon stood, a growl slipping past his lips.

"what?" he snarled. He watched as she picked up one of his shirts and pulled it on, covering what was rightfully his.

"I have to go. I'm sorry Talon but I cant do this. I'm not your mate, this is all a mistake. i-i I'm going, and you will not follow me." she said, braking on a sob. Talon zoned in on her, but she stepped away from him and for the first time, he saw fear in her eyes. As a Dom, he knew he had to back off, but as a mate, it throw him off balance. She was scared of him, actually scared of him.

"thank you, Talon. i-i wish you Luck. Tell Enzo and Evie it was nice to meet them." with that, she ran from the room. Talon didn't go after her, still shocked that she was scared of him. His wolf snarled at him, telling him to go after her. Talon knew one thing for sure. She was his mate, and he would get her back.

Two days later...

"Evie, you sure this is her house? It looks abandoned." Enzo said, frowning at the house. Talon moved forward, growling when he saw a human male come out of her house.

"Talon! No!" he heard Evie scream but it was to late, Talon had the human by the neck.

"where is Peyton!?" he snarled. The human scratched at Talons arms, struggling big time. Evie's warm touch made him realise how bad he was becoming. He let the human go, and watched as he staggered and caught his breath.

"where is Peyton?" he snarled again. The human looked up at him and paled.

"shes gone." he wheezed. Talon went for him again, but Evie moved in the way.

"where did she go, Sir?" she asked. The human looked at her in wonder then answered.

"she left this morning. Moved back to her mums. In her state, she couldn't maintain this house. Poor women." the man sighed. Enzo looked at Talon and frowned.

"what do you mean 'her state'?" Evie asked. The man looked at all of them before answering.

"she has softidifia." the man murmured. Talon frowned, he hadn't heard of it.

"what is it?" Enzo asked.

"its a disease. Kills you slowly. She was diagnosed with it at the start of the year. They told her she had a few more months of normal life, but then she was to be in hospital around this time. She's lasted longer then anyone expected." the human said. Talon snarled, and for once in his life, he was terrified.


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