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If Only Once More

Novel By: We love us

R because it will have sexual content. Just a warning, this is girl x girl. Don't like it; don't read. Simply.
And futa, enjoy. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 28, 2013    Reads: 367    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

We were used to fooling around in a dark, enclosed space where there was little distance between our bodies. And I didn't mind most of the outrageous places we had fucked, we were always cautious about who would hear us. She muffled my groans and moans with her mouth, sticking her tongue in my mouth and swiping it along my own. My knees buckled but her arm around my waist held me strongly against her as she panted harshly after pulling away.

"God, you're turning into a little sex fiend." She rasped against the shell of my ear, nibbling and sucking on it softly. With just enough pressure to make my eyes flutter shut as all I could pay attention to was how great her body felt against mine and how husky her voice was rumbling into my ear.

Her hand trailed from my side to under my thigh, gripping it and lifting it to place against her hip before her hand ran under my skirt and along the damp lace of my ruined panties. Her fingers rubbed along the length of my sex until her knuckle bumped against my clit, making it pulse and ache for her touch. I was already wet for her, what more did she want? A sob came out of my mouth, I tried humping her hand for pressure to finally release but she tilted my chin up with her free hand and gave a teasing grin.

"Not yet, Shay," she murmured, dropping a kiss on my racing pulse.

My hands gripped her shoulders, nails digging in hard to give her a warning. "Why not?" I asked, my voice hoarse. My heart pounded painfully between my legs and if she didn't calm it down, I swear to God I am going to...

Her finger on my lips brought my back to the current situation and her hand beneath my skirt stroked me gently for a few moments. "Leave everything to me, I'll bring you to the edge until you're screaming my name." Her darkened eyes seared me and I gasped when her hand slipped past my panties and into me. I slumped against her in relief and overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure that washed over me in waves.

"Oh Jay, please! Fuuccck." My hand gripped her wrist desperately and she curled her fingers in just...the...right...way. I flung my head back, hitting it against the hard wall and saw stars behind my eyelids as I found blissful oblivion in her arms. Her fingers pulled out of me and I whimpered, wanting them to stay there but that wouldn't be ideal hygiene.

And I could only watch in bittersweetness as she left me in the dark closet. Cold and alone, again.


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