Best Friends Turned Lovers

By: VorakittyMist1865

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        The next morning I woke up before Emily did, so I made breakfast. A little over half an hour later she was walking into the kitchen, following the smell of pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, & coffee. All if which was made from scratch. As a young girl, I would spend my sunday afternoons making brunch with my mom. She was an amazing cook and she taught me all her secrets.
        "Mmm! I could smell the bacon a mile away!"
        "Coffee?", I asked as I held out her purple cup, already filled with hot, fresh coffee. 
        "Ugh! Yes!", She groans as she grabs the cup and goes to sit at the table. "Thanks," she says.
        No problem. You know I love cooking," I say as I start to fix her plate. 
        "Do you work today?", she asked. 
        "So, I am off today. Why?"
        "No reason, I was thinking if you were off, we could do something."
        "What did you have in  mind?", I asked.
        "I don't know, maybe a movie?"
        "How about we go see the new Wolverine movie? I am just dying to see Hugh Jackman as his best character!"
        Ooo! I have been wanting to see it too! It's supposed to be be really good!"
        "I know! Lets leave after breakfast!", I say excitedly. 
        We finish our breakfast and she puts away the leftovers and puts the dishes in the dishwasher and while I am doing my make up, she gets dressed. I grab my keys, wallet and phone and then we are headed to my car to go to the movies. We have the radi0 blasting Sleeping With Sirens the whole way and when we get to the cinema, I park the car as close to the front as possible. We get out of my car and head up to the ticket line. There were only a couple of people in front of us, so it wasn't that long a wait. There was a short and wide woman at the ticket window. She was wearing a white button up shirt with khaki pants and had her straight brown hair up in a ponytail. 
        "Two for Wolverine please."
        I pay for the tickets and we stop by the food counter for a large popcorn combo and some candy, and then head for theatre number 13 for the movie.
        "Oh mu God! That movie was fucking kick ass!", i said when we got out of the theatre. 
        "I know right? Thats got to be one of the best movies I have seen yet!"
        "I hope they make another one."
        "Yea," She said. "Hey, you want  to go to the mall?"
        "Sure! i need to pick up something at Spencer's and Earth Bound."
        We get back in the car and head to the mall and the whole way, I think of how much she is going to love what I am getting her.
        We parked just outside the JCPenny, and went through to Spencer's. I told her to go ahead to the piercing cases while I looked for something. Just as soon as she was out of sight, I went over to the t-shirts and grabbed the one that I knew she would go crazy for, and went to the check stand when she wasn't looking. after I payed for it, I stuffed it into the bag i had brought in from the car, and went over to the piercing cases with Emily.
        "Hey, I think I am going to get these. What do you think?", she asked me. 
        She was pointing at a pair  of 1 inch plugs that were blue with black skulls on them. I thought they looked kind of cool.
        "Definitely!", I say. 
        She goes to get someone to open the case and I start perusing the cases myself and find a pair of red and black size 2 spirals. Emily comes back with the short woman that works here and I ask her to get the spiral I was looking at out too. 
        "Nice!", Emily says. "I wish those were here when I was looking for 2's."
        We paid for our gages, and started toward Earth Bound.

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