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Collide & Pursue

Novel By: Vivianne Cruise

After she unwittingly befriends identical-twin brothers with a different sort of work out in mind, a brisk jog through the trails of McKinney State Park becomes a wet and wild game of cat and mouse. But when the jealous rage of one brother turns deadly, Alexa and her sexy captor must flee for their lives. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 3, 2012    Reads: 3,068    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   


Two small beads of sweat glide gracefully down the narrow bridge of her up-turned nose. Her nostrils flare rapid, but rhythmically, and as the glistening beads near the tip, they collide together soulfully, like two dancers intertwined, before leaping hand in hand into ecstasy below. Ever so slight to the human eye, a cannonball explosion rocks the ground below, a splash so small and yet so large, tiny feet flee in fear. On a grander scale, Alexa's long, slender legs match tempo with those below; intense, deliberate, panicked. Her bare toes dig into the moist earth as her arms vigorously thrust her past the clawing tree branches. Another liquid explosion crashes into the ground below. But unlike the first, wet iron red as wine soon singes her trampled path.


Up-beat music blared from a radio as Alexa finished up her morning shower. She never was much of a singer, but her voice resonated beautifully within the steamy enclosure. And besides, only Sam was around to listen, and she was sure he didn't mind too much. Hot water rushed from the faucet head over her petite body. Starting on her face, it flowed past her cheekbones, down the nape of her neck, over her collarbones and to the tips of her breasts. It pooled favorably on the rims her hard nipples before trickling down towards the drain. What water was fortunate enough to venture the rest of her frame usually followed the ever so slight protrusion of her abdomen. It mingled around her inward naval before racing down to wet her pussy, which was bare of all hair - a recent shave, no doubt.

Her worn, but graceful, fingers stretched out to switch off the cascade of purvish fluid. A quick wipe of her eyes and Alexa opened the door. A blast of cold air whipped past her body, hardening her nipples even more. Water continued to stream down her naked torso. It trailed her long, dark hair down the bow of her back, and conquered the smooth slope of her plump backside. Finally, it slipped down the crevice, deep in between her delectable thighs, before cooly dropping off her calves.She stammered to reach for her towel, quickly throwing it around her.

In two nimble strides, she made her way to the mirror. Dropping her towel to her knees, she examined her exposed body. "Ugh!" She moaned, clearly unsatisfied with the image reflecting back at her. She wasn't tall; she stood about 5'4". Nor was she runway skinny; her hips were adorned with love handles. Yet, despite her sad level of self-esteem, she really was quite lovely. Her luscious curves were tantalizing, and her long, athletic legs more than made up for any restrictions of height. But more beautiful than her naturally tan skin or her entirely perky boobs, was her face. She had perfectly placed cheekbones that leveled just below her eyes. And her eyes, wow, her eyes! They were big, beautiful forest green eyes lined with long, draping lashes. And when the light shined on her irises, it danced wildly in the blue glass shards, playfully frolicking around her pupils. She was naturally auburn, with a head full of waves halfway down her spine. Yes, she was gorgeous, all right, but it was never enough.


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