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The Darkness (Erotica): Prolouge

Novel By: Virgil Knighting

A Erotic Fantasy Novel. (Work-In-Progress) View table of contents...



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Élaira was lying on her back, naked, pristine, and seductively smiling in Williams's direction. There was something different about this man. Something that brought forth the latent desires buried deep within her, desires unfamiliar to her, naughty depraved, certainly unbefitting for a Lady from the house of Ashral. Who was this naked man that stood before her, this William; the man she had just met and seduced but mere minutes ago?

Licentious or not Lady Élaira knew what she wanted, and she was going to get it. She slowly propelled her tongue in a simple licking gesture, alerting William of her burning desire, a desire to have him inside her warm, wanton, mouth.

Benevolently, William obliged. As he straddled her chest Élaira signaled her ulterior intentions by pressing her magnificent large breasts together, and then subtle eye glances between his manhood and her voluptuous breasts. She yearned for him to rub his manhood through her breasts, enthralling him to release all over her body.

William, taking note of the hint, continued to approach her mouth. As the tip of his manhood neared her succulent lips Élaira intuitively pushed out her tongue, and kept her mouth wide open. Powerless and unable to resist her, William thrust deep into her moist mouth, causing her to gag.

Surprisingly enthralled by the action, Élaira had difficulty reconciling her feelings. She knew she was in control, that William was her willing slave, yet she ached to have him repeatedly invade her mouth. She ached for him to forcibly take her mouth with the same ferocity and intensity that was normally reserved for her lower elegance.

Her excitement now grew inexorably with the mere notion of having him invade her mouth. She eagerly placed her hands upon his hips, and in earnest, began to help him violate her warm, moist, mouth.

Almost as soon as it started she felt William vacate her mouth, taking position between her breasts. Élaira knew this was what she wanted when she began, but now part of her felt unsatisfied, displeased to no longer have him thrusting vigorously into her willing mouth.

She smiled at William, tacitly thanking him for invading her mouth so forcibly. A smile she hoped would encourage him to resume his previous campaign. However, he simply smiled back, the length of his manhood beginning to oscillating between her breasts. Soon the reemerging notion of having his seed spread across her breasts began to placate her oral desires, and excite her more tactile ones.

Élaira, excited and satisfied, held her breasts together as William continued to undulate between them, licking and lightly sucking upon the tip as it bobbed in and out of her cleavage. Occasionally she would reward William by enveloping him, allowing him to slide deep into her mouth before returning to her beautiful breasts. It was heaven on earth for her.

The longer William brushed between her breasts, the grander her excitement became, until finally reaching its climax, his seed ejaculating upon her chest. Compelled by the need to savor everything, Élaira began to sensually massage every last drop of her sticky surprise into her breasts. Pleasurable moans dutifully expressing her exhilaration.

Finished with her massage Élaira looked deep into Williams's eyes. She smiled. "Thank you." she cooed. Then she motioned with her mouth and tongue, implicitly demanding him to place his manhood in her still warm and wanton mouth. William obediently approached her lips, allowing her to imbibe him, to suckle every last delicious drop.

With his manhood embraced in her mouth, Élaira's own loins began to burn with desire. She began to rub her clitoris, mirroring the action by massaging Williams's still enveloped manhood with her tongue. Her plan, bring William to his full virility once again.

With Williams's newly hardened member hovering deep in her mouth, and her hand vigorously rubbing upon her clitoris, Élaira let out a muffled moan of lustful desire. Knowing of her need, William plunges deep into her mouth a final time. Then in preparation to relocate to a more suitable position, William withdraws from between her lips.

Once he is no longer straddling her chest, Élaira seizes her opportunity. She spreads her legs wide while bringing her knees up to the sides of her abdomen. Enamored with the view, and needing no explanation, William assumes position over her, his delicious muscle pointed directly toward her womanhood.

A moan escapes from between Élaira's lips. William had just buried himself deep inside her, his manhood utterly filling her, making them one. Lust had ahold of her now, passion and pleasure seizing her every thought. William, in a rhythmic pattern, begins withdrawing and plunging deep down inside her. In, out, in out. She can barely control herself. Her moans grow louder and shorter. "Faster" She commands. "Harder" she commands, William obeying. The sensations throughout her body becoming even more overwhelming, yet lust demanding she continues.

Another cry of pleasure escapes her mouth. "Yes, fuck me William! Fuck me." she screams. Exhilarated by her screams of passion William again obliges. Soon a familiar feeling begins stirring within her loins. It won't be much longer now. In, out, in, out, William zealously plunging deep, deep inside her. Then, as if the gates of haven opened, she releases into a maelstrom of pure, unadulterated, pleasure. She grabs William and pulls him tightly to her body, holding him close. The effects of her climax continuing to dominate her body. It was pure, unimaginable, bliss.

Once Élaira's able, she thanks William by only managing to whisper an exuberant "incredible" into his ear. Feeling him begin to withdraw, she decides to reward him for his valiant services, and without the use of her hands, she engulfs Williams's member, sucking him clean. Then with a self-satisfied smile she would give William a light kiss and scuttle off, jubilant and well satisfied.

At least that's how William remembered it, the way he remembered first meeting Élaira; meeting his beloved.

"William, we have to leave… Now!" a resounding voice billowed out from the darkness.

William, cursing the voice, "And go where Constance? Open your eyes, they've won! Élaira's dead. She's gone!" his emotions casting ever further into the depths of despair and forlorn. His beloved, his Élaira, was ripped from the world, from him.

Constance, combating her own emotions, could only imagine how he felt. She had sworn to protect them both, to give her own life if need be, yet she had failed. She had allowed Élaira to go into that place, to die, to die alone. Stop it Constance, she reprimanded herself, the accursed sounds of the shadowy beasts' nearing forever closer to their location. The time for self-pity can wait. She knew they had little time.

Constance spoke with every ounce of solace she could muster: "Yes, Élaira's dead, something I will never forgive myself for, but I promised her I would keep you alive. Please William; I beg of you, we must retreat." She hoped her pleas would be enough to get him on his horse, to leave this place, to reach safety.

Dejectedly, William began towards the horse, his lugubrious pace unaffected by the ever intensifying howls. With each somber step he took, the beasts loomed closer, the hollowed echoes of their hooves becoming louder and louder.

William, reaching the flank of the well-trained steed, mounted him. The howls were almost deafening now. Then, at the twitch of Williams's foot, the horse sprang into a ferocious gallop, retreating from the darkness. Constance rode not far behind.

This was the reality William now lived in, a reality without Élaira. The darkness creeping across the landscape, it's menagerie of silhouettes ravaging all in their path. A once verdant homeland now masked in despair. Trees, once mighty pillars, shattered across ground; rivers, once glistening and pristine, now murk. Whatever majesty the land once held was now only a memory, a memory of a time before the darkness, before the shroud, and before those who commanded it.

A reality put into motion moments after Élaira and William had first met…


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