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Fool's Arousal

Novel By: VelvetAssassin

[Completed] I wanted him - no, I ached for him. Did I care he was just 16? No. I couldn't help how I felt, how he made me feel, my story of how I risked everything to have my student. View table of contents...


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My heart thumped, a deep turning in my stomach tugged at me, as the sweat dripped from my head. I walked towards Apartment 23, Was I sure about this?
Come on, Loren, you've made it this far.
I curled my hands into my sleeves as I knocked on the door, the sound echoing through the corridor.
"Coming!" the familiar voice shouted at me.
As the door opened, there she stood, her hair hung perfectly down her face, black just as I remembered, and her smile grew wide when she looked at me, I caught a glimpse of her nipple as her skin tight top clung to her every curve. She looked great, better than I had remembered. She seemed genuinely happy to see me, like she'd expected me to be the way I was.
Compared to her, I now felt unattractive, like being with Theo had made me less sexy somehow.
"Are you just going to stand there? Or would you like to come in?"
I forced a smile, "Of course."
I waded in, looking around her apartment, it was practically immaculate, not what I expected at all.
"So you lived here long?"
"Since we left you."
I looked down at the floor, I recalled the pain, the anger and hurt I'd felt.
"Look, I've made a mistake, I better go."
"Loren, please, Jack and I feel awful about what happened, and if you must know we're not together anymore, in fact, he left me this morning to go see Theo."
"He did?" I was shocked.
"Yeah, he just wasn't interested in my 'bullshit' anymore."
"Oh, well sorry to hear that."
She laughed, "No, you're not, you can say it all you want but your eyes lit up."
I was taken aback.
"No, Kaitlyn, not at all, I would never wish that pain on anyone!"
"Pain? We've not had sex with each other since he left you!"
"It's been nearly six months Loren and all we did was sleep with other people, he even hired a prostitute and asked if he could call her Loren!"
I was mortified, I'd came here to see Kaitlyn, not Jack.
I had contemplated why I'd shouted out her name, so I needed to see if she still turned me on.
"Look, Kaitlyn, maybe you should come back with me?"
"No, I've got a good life here, Loren. I work at a bar, they think I'm older, I've made friends, I'm training to be a tattooist!"
"Wow, well I am very happy for you, Kaitlyn."
"Of course you are. How's your life? I bet it's fucking peachy."
"It's good, Theo's great. I'm still teaching, sort of."
"Sort of?"
"Yes, part time like a supply teacher."
"oh, that must give you some time with Theo, how perfect for you."
"Sometimes Kaitlyn, time isn't what's needed."
"I know that."
"Anyway, I thought Jack had gone into the military?"
"Yes, I specifically remember being told that."
"Well, that's a lie he told his dad."
"His dad, Theo?"
Something clicked, I didn't know what it was but I felt sick.
"I've gotta go, Kaitlyn, thank you for seeing me."
I ran out of her apartment and headed back to Moorhead, ready to sort out my relationship with Theo.
Something didn't seem right. I had to see him.

* * * * * * *


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