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Fool's Arousal

Novel By: VelvetAssassin

[Completed] I wanted him - no, I ached for him. Did I care he was just 16? No. I couldn't help how I felt, how he made me feel, my story of how I risked everything to have my student. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 19, 2012    Reads: 5,274    Comments: 4    Likes: 7   

I knew it was wrong, he was barely an adult, but there was something about him, the way he'd look at me across the room.
I knew he wanted me, we both wanted each other, but it was hard. I could get struck off, after all, I was his teacher in three subjects.
He looked at me, I smiled, licking my lips.
"Miss, I need to talk to you about my Drama coursework?"
"Well Jack, see me after school, I'll see if I can help?"
He nodded.
I peeked at him from my black rimmed glasses, he didn't take his eyes off me.
The bell rang out and I was glad.
"Right everyone clear up your books, we'll continue the works of Shakespeare tomorrow."
I heard the usual people moan, all they wanted to do was mess about, but not Jack.
He was the only one left, he pushed his brown bangs out of his face, smiling at me, I leaned forward onto my desk, pushing my breasts forward as they tried to free themselves from my tight white shirt, I saw him glance.
He leaned closer in to me, his mouth close to my ear, he whispered softly.
"Here's my work, Miss Kage."
He said, slipping paper into my hands.
"I think you'll agree, I might need to go harder."
He kissed my neck softly. I felt goosebumps all down my body.
He moved over to my lips, kissing me passionately, he thrust his tongue in, it felt wet, tasting like mint.
I could feel myself becoming aroused.
I pushed him back, "We can't." I said stopping him.
My classroom door was open and it wasn't right.
"Miss, you know you want it."
He was right, I did. I really did.
"Look, it's wrong, I can't do it here," I looked around my desk, finding a pen and paper.
I scribbled down my address, and told him to be at mine for four pm.
He grabbed my face, planting his supple lips onto mine before leaving my classroom.

* * * * *

I jumped into the shower, the hot water felt good on my body. I squeezed a dollop of shower gel into my hands, rubbing it into a foamy lather, before rubbing it into my body, I slowly washed my breasts, lifting each one and cleaning it.
I went to wash my neck, remembering how Jack had kissed it, teased it softly.
As the recent memories re-created the images in my head, my hands re-created the feeling, meeting with my soft, wet pussy lips.
I began inserting my fingers in slowly, thinking of him.
I kept going as the water drizzled down my body.
I felt my body get hotter as the tingles spread, as I reached my climax, my body jolted, writhing in pleasure. My sticky cum covered my two fingers, just as my doorbell rang.


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