Hunting her.

By: UndefendedImagination

Chapter 1, A moster hunting therapist, kidnaps a monster magnet. He uses her as bait, until he realizes he can use her for other things.

"Lay down." Marceline Laid down on a curvy red velvet coloured futon. I handsome man sat in a giant mobile chair, the same colour as the furniture, Marceline was laying on. "Okay, Miss Perez, I'm Doctor Brown." Marceline nodded, already annoyed. She blew hair out of her face, and starred daggers at him. "So your husband tells me, you're obsessed with the supernatural. Is this true." "No." Doctor Brown folded his legs, and pulled the clipboard to his knees. "Alright, then what is it? Why are you here?" He pushed the loose brown hair, out of his face, and looked down at Marceline. "They think I'm crazy." Marceline crossed her arms, and starred at the ceiling. "They think I've lost it.. I'm not ever sure anymore doctor.." Doctor Brown pulled at his tie. 'Why is it so hot, all of a sudden?' He saw Marceline's eyes glaze over, and then shift away from a scented candle across the office. The room's temperature changed as a bead of sweat fell from her forehead. Doctor Brown's eyes grew, and he slowly walked to his desk. Marceline watched as he fumbled about, and then smiled. 'Oh, I've freaked him out. What a shame,' She thought to herself. He put some things into his pocket, and he sat back down. "So, have you been having, any hallucinations? Maybe livid dreams?" "Well, Doctor Brown,-" "Call me Matthew." He interrupted. "..Matthew, I've been seeing people. People as their true forms.." Matthew leaned foreword, in his chair. "How so Marceline?" Marceline looked him up and down before answering. "When I look at a person, I can blink and see who they really are, but when I blink again, they're normal." Matthew licked his lips, and was breathing heavy. "Who are they really Marceline?" Marceline blinked her eyes forcefully, at Matthew. "Monsters." Matthew pulled out a small bottle, and began to write on it. As he wrote, Macreline continued,"I know I sound extremely insane, but I'm telling you the truth. You believe me, don't you?" When Matthew looked up, he saw she was standing above him. As he sat in the chair, he looked at her from atop his glasses. A lustful smell came from seemingly nowhere, and he shot out of his seat. Marceline smiled, and allowed him to wrap his arms around her. His eyelids dropped, and his voice was husky. "Your.. husband.." And with those words, his trace was lifted, and when he blinked he was again sitting, and Marceline was in the exact spot she was in before he was writing on the pill bottle. She looked somewhat tired, so Matthew decided to end the session. He wasn't sure if what he thought just happened, actually happened, but he knew Marceline was what he needed. He stood up, and walked towards the door. "G-good session, Marceline. We mayof just made a break through." As Matthew shook Marceline's hand as she left, he smelled it again. That lustful fragrance, filled his senses, and he slammed the door behind Marceline, before he tried to do anything to her. He sat down, on the futon, and thought to himself, 'Monsters, eh?'

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