Hunting her.

By: UndefendedImagination

Chapter 3,

Matthew hurried into his office, as he ran late. He purposely lost track of time, to make sure his dream didn't come true. As he was about to call Marceline in, for their session, she marched in. Matthew took a deep breath, and was expecting the scent, but only smelt his after shave. "Doctor.." The familiar tone in Marceline's voice made him shiver. 'It's almost time..' He thought, to himself. Matthew pointed at the futon, pretending to be extremely busy. As Marceline walked towards it, she swung her hips, alittle more than necessary, and Matthew couldn't help but notice her tight mini skirt. She looked back at him, and he coughed. "I'm going to try something.. different." He told her. "How so, Doctor?" Matthew pulled out a stop watch, and gave it to her, "Hypnotism." Marceline's eyebrow's raised, and she giggled. "Okay Doctor, whatever cures me..." Matthew went, and dimmed the lights. "Close your eyes Marceline." She did as told. "Now, I am going to talk you into unconscious, and you will reval, the answers I ask, understand." Marceline nodded. Matthew walked slowly, and sat in his chair. "Good, now relax. Breath slowly until I count to zero." She nods, slowly and sleeply. "10... 9... 8... Deeper breaths Marceline." Her chest raises, and falls slowly, and her fingers tingle. "7... 6... 5... Sleepy, yet?" She didn't respond, this time. "4... 3... 2..." Matthew leaned forward. "1... 0." Marceline's limbs, went limp. Her head turned towards Matthew, and a slight snore was heard. "Marceline, I need you to answer my questions, okay?" She nodded softly. "Last night.. last night what did you do to me?" Marceline tossed a bit, and she answered,"I.. sent you a charm.." "What kind of charm Marceline?" "A.. a.. l-.." "What kind of charm, Marceline?!" "Lust..." She turned her head, and faced a window, on his left, her right. "But.. it went wrong.. I wasn't.. hurting.. I didn't mean to.. they.. they're.. interfering with my spells.." "So you are, you're a witch?" Marceline nodded. "Who is 'they'?" "The.. monsters.. " "What monsters, Marceline? Where are they?" "They.. hide in your nightmares.. and.. and those sounds that.. you're not sure of.. they control.. us.." "Us?" Matthew touched Marceline's cheek, and remembered the charm he experienced last night. "They need me.. to.. survive.." "Why?" "I'm.. the last.. fertile female..." Matthew's jaw dropped. Every monster hunter's dream was about to come true. If he got rid of Marceline, the monsters that ruined the world, would vanish. Eventually, anyway. That smell.. "Not again!" Matthew cursed under his breath, and allowed the smell to disturb his thoughts. 'Well, she is to pretty to kill.. I could take her away.' His thoughts were changed, by the lustful scent. His mouth watered, and he crawled on top of Marceline. "Baby doll.." Marceline woke up, and nearly jumped. She didn't expect Matthew's approach, this time, but welcomed it. She kissed him neck, and wrapped her arms around him. Matthew bit at the soft flesh on her shoulder, and got a small shiver out of Marceline. She kissed a trail, from his ear to his mouth, and teased his tongue with hers. Marceline's tongue explored deep into his mouth, and retreated, forcing him to push into her, trying to catch up her tongue. Matthew's breathing was raggid, and he started to pull off Marceline's silk top. But she stopped him. 'No, then the game is over. I can't tease him, and drive him as mad as me.' She thought, as she pushed him off. She called back the scent, but it was too late. He grabbed her arms, and pinned them above her. "Stop, Matthew!" He ignored her, and ripped off her shirt. One of his hands slid to her hip, and his finger slipped under the waistband. "I know you want it, witch." His torture of her, gave him an instant hard on. Being in control, of a half willing girl, set him off. "If you're good, baby doll, I'll stay between your legs for hours." Marceline gave up. She relaxed her arms, and desperately wanted him. Matthew pulled up her skirt, and pushed her panties to the side. His fingers explored her insides, and she clung to him. "Ahh.." All was silent in the room, except for small moans coming from Marceline. Matthew turned his hand, and used his thumb to rub her clit. Marceline's hip rose, and she clawed at his back. "DOCTOR!" She was dripping for him, but when she screamed to him, it snapped him back. He completely stopped, and stood up. "C'mon, we're leaving." "Um.. to where?" Matthew walked to his desk, and the grabbed Marceline. A knife was cutting into her slightly, and she looked in Matthew's eyes. "Where ever the fuck I say, witch!"

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