Hunting her.

By: UndefendedImagination

Chapter 2,

Matthew cleaned up his office, and turned off the lights. The scent still lingered, but it was barely effective. He knew what she was, or atleast hoped. There could be two possibilities, the first: A witch, and then second.. The second was something he didn't want to think about. Matthew walked out off his office building, and waved away the homeless beggar that lived in the alley by his office. He climbed into his car, and headed home. Matthew was fidgety, and tired. He nearly fell asleep at a stop light. He slowly made his way into his driveway, and relaxed. He opened his car door, and was thrown out of the car. He landed on his hands, and was terrified. He sworn he had heard someone yell out to him, but now it was silent. He locked the car, and headed to the front door of his house. He grabbed the knob, and turned it. As he walked in his froze. 'Unlocked?' He thought. He yawned, and kept walking. He threw off her shoes, and seemed to float upstairs. When he reached his bedroom, he smacked into the pillow, and slept. Deeply. His eyes shot open, and he could hear a girl humming. "Who's there?" Matthew walked towards the bathroom, and opened the door. He saw a beautifully curved woman standing, looking, at the mirror. She brushed her long brown hair, and Matthew watched the brush trail down her back. "Marceline?" Marceline turned around, and Matthew noticed her nudity. He stepped back, and turned his blushing face. Marceline smiled, and grabbed his hands. "You were wonderful, Matthew." Matthew's head twitch in surprise. "What do you mean?" Marceline laid Matthew's palm on her bare breast, and cupped it also with hers. "You did things to me, that I'll never forget." Matthew's blood was raging, and he rolled his palm on her breast, kneeding it. "Really? Are you serious? We slept together?!" Marceline nodded, and started to pull at Matthew's shirt. "Why did you get dressed? You won't be needing these, I'm not done with you." And then he was naked, and laying on his back, on the bed. Marceline climbed onto his lap, and held his hand. She leaned into him, and kissed him on the mouth, her tongue sucking on his. "I want you so bad." Matthew's hips involuntarily began to rise, and fall. "I want you too, baby doll." Marceline backed up, until Matthew's hard on was pressing against her bare ass. "No you don't.. " Marceline could feel his member twitch at her feel. "Y-yessss, I'll swear to any God you worship! I want to screw your brains out!" Matthew was panting, and pre-cum was leaking from his shaft. Marceline laughed, and kissed him again. She pulled at his hair, and leaned his head away. She kissed his neck, and nibbled. Then an evil cackle filled the air, and the lustful scent arisen. Marceline began to rip open his throat, and Matthew screamed. He awoke with a jolt. He was sweating, and opened his night stand, and grabbed his gear. It was an especially designed gun, that all the monster hunters used. It had neon green veins, that outstretched throught out the gun, and the tip was jaded, in case the hunter ran out of bullets. Matthew waved the gun around his bedroom, still breathing heavy. As he settled down, he had decided it was time. His next session with Marceline, was when he took action.

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