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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I brush my teeth...yet again.God morning sickness sucks. I'm only a little over a month a long but the stress of being a mother is already getting to me. I've practically cut out all sweets except one sundae with Sam that I only ate half of cause of a stupid bug. I glance in the mirror to find Sam hovering over me. He hasn't let me do anything alone ...I mean anything. That's including going to the bathroom. He stays outside the door but still there is nothing I'm not allowed to do by myself. I think after what happened with Piper, he's still scared.

"Enjoying the view?" He hugs me gently and kisses my head.

"Just making sure you're alright, sweetie," he says.

"I can brush my teeth. I can also tie my own shoes cause i'm a big girl now." I know he's just trying to be protective and sweet. Especially after Piper. But come on! I hate that stupid be. and every now and then I find myself finding ways to kill him. Especially when he likes to run the same test over...and over and over and over again!

"I know," he sighs. "I know. How about you take a shower and I will be in the room.

I glare at him in the mirror,"Where'd you hid the camera and baby monitor?" I know him. He wouldn't have offered that if he didn't already have something rigged up. He shakes his head and strokes my cheek with his thumb, worriedly.

"No camera or baby monitor, sweetie, but leave the door unlocked just in case," he says.

"Promise?" I ask still skeptical.

"I promise Ashley," he says. He pecks me on the lips and kisses his hand, putting it to my stomach. He always does this. "Just keep the door unlocked okay?"

I smile softly,"Alright the door will stay unlocked." He smiles widely and kisses me again, he leaves and closes the door behind him softly. I squeal a little I get to be alone for ten minutes! I smile putting on music wiggling out of my clothes. I turn the shower on and it instantly starts to steam up the room. I take a deep breath and step in. God it was so amazing to shower by myself! Without Samuel asking me if I need any help every five seconds. I let the water pound on my tender back. The mattress we had sucked. I won't tell Sam that because he loves the stupid thing. I don't want to have to make him more uncomfortable than he already is. I hear the bathroom door open but it quickly closes, he was probably just grabbing his shaver or something. I scrub my head with shampoo smiling softly not wanting to get out but the water is starting to get a little cold. I sigh but smile rinsing off the soap and shampoo. I turn of the water and carefully get out of the shower seeing a cute baby doll style orange dress hanging on the door.

I guess I'm supposed to put that on. I chuckle drying off my hair and body before sliding into the dress. I giggle softly brushing out my hair before going back out,"Thank you Sam its cute." He smiles at me. He's wearing black slacks, a white long sleeved, button down shirt with an orange tie. I cover my mouth in shock. He looked so good when he dressed up.

"I'm glad you like it. We are going out," he says.

I grin, "Really?" Out? Like I have to actually put shoes on out?! I bite my lip excited. He smiles and nods.

"You deserve a night out. Plus we deserve a date," he says. He takes my hand and kisses it. "Do you need a little more time to get ready?" I shake my head smiling.

"No I'm ready to go."I bite my lip smiling. I grin sending a silent 'Fuck you' To the bed. Heehee no bedrest for this girl tonight. I hug Sam tightly. He chuckles and hugs me back. He leads me out of the room. He grabs some keys and it isn't long before we are in one of Lin's fancy cars with a note saying 'Don't scratch it' Before we take off Sam turns to me and holds out a blindfold.

"I want to surprise you," he says. "So I'm gonna blindfold you, okay?" I bite my lip a little nervous but nod closing my eyes. He wraps the blindfold around me and then starts driving. He turns on soft music, either to keep me from asking questions, or to set the mood. We drive for a while before he parks and gets out. He opens my door and helps me out of the car. He holds me close as he leads me I stumble a little into the building.

"Can I look now?" I ask the curiosity was driving me insane. He chuckles and takes of my blindfold. We are in one of those fancy five star restaurants, complete with huge crystal chandelier and snooty butlers and expensive food. He's leading me to a table with a white tablecloth, a vase of roses and candles.

I gasp covering my mouth holding Sam's hand tight,"Sam.....this...you did this?" He smiles pulling out the chair for me.

"Yes I did, do you like it?" he asks. I nod fast wiping my face smiling softly.

"How did you do this Sam it's beautiful." He kisses me softly before sitting down across from me.

"I made a few calls and Lin and Pree helped," he says, as the waiter hands us menus. He orders us both sparkling waters to start out with. I smile tracing the glass it was like nothing in it the water was so clear. I giggle softly taking a sip putting it down. I grab Sam's hand and kiss it softly.

"Thank you Sam....this is perfect." He smiles and kisses my hand. I look at the menu and I know my jaw is hanging open,"Holy cannoli....." Everything was like....way too expensive I bit my lip suddenly not very hungry. I don't wanna bankrupt him...this is already too much.

"Order whatever you want, sweetie, don't worry about the money," he says, looking over his menu. He smiles over his menu at me and then focuses on the food choices. I blush a little hiding behind my menu. I'll wait to see what he orders then I'll pick. Yup! That way I don't order more than he does. Good plan Ash.

"What are you getting love?" I ask sweetly. He smiles setting down his menu.

"I think I'll get the steak and calamari with a side of salad," he says. I smile wide biting my lip. That actually sounded pretty good. I smile at him.

"That actually sounds really good. I'll get that too." I say putting the menu down. He chuckles and nods. He places are orders with the waiter. He looks at me and smiles.

"You look very beautiful, Ashley," he says. He takes my hands again, stroking my knuckles with his thumbs.

"You look handsome....Sam,,,this is amazing I hope you know that." Amazing isn't even the right word. I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. He swallows hard and looks around. He returns his attention to me and smiles a little. "Are you okay Sam? You seem distracted." I kiss his hand softly then take a drink of water.

"I'm fine sweetie, just hungry," he says, taking a long drink of his water. I shrug softly and smile. He was up to something I know it. Samuel has never been one to be able to lie. Pree told me some of his tells and he was doing one now. I'll let him get away with this one though.

"How did you find this place Sam?"

"Pree told me about it," he says. The waiter brings us our food and Sam digs in. He smiles and whispers something to waiter and the waiter runs off. I smile eating the steak that was amazing. God Sam was amazing.

"What's going on Sam? Did you show him a scar and scared him?" I tease. He chuckles and kisses my hand.

"Something like that. The steaks good right? I really like it," he says. He's babbling. He nervous about something. It could be the restaurant

"Everything is perfect Samuel. Why are you being so.....nervous." He swallows hard and gets to feet and walks over to me.

"Because," he says as he gets down on his knee and takes my hands. "Ashley, I love you with my heart and soul. You are my everything and I have loved you for so long." He pulls out a simple but beautiful diamond heart ring with two smaller diamonds on the band. "Please do me the honor of marrying me." He looks up at me, meeting my eyes and smiles nervously. I blink covering my mouth tearing up.

Then everything goes dark.


"Is she alright?"I hear a waiter asks. Theres a cold breeze from somewhere...is that Sam fanning me. His arm is around me, supporting my head.

"I think she will be fine. Ashley, sweetie, please wake up," he breathes.

I groan,"I'm okay...."I pry open my eyes looking around. "What happened?" My head hurts I gasp grabbing my stomach but relax when I find the baby's heartbeat.

"You fainted my love. I had just asked you to marry me…." he says softly. "Are you okay?"I cough softly sitting up slowly. My ears were ringing a little but that was normal for me to have after i faint.

I nod at him,"Y..you ask...asked me what?" He kisses my forehead and meets my gaze. He smiles a little.

"I asked you to marry me please Ashley," he repeats. He rubs my hands in one of his hands and grabs the ring again. "Marry me Ashley." I squeal smiling and hug him.

"I knew what you said I just wanted to hear you say it again! Yes! I'll marry you! Yes!" He laughs loudly and picks me up and spins me gently. Then he crushes his lips on mine and kisses me passionately. He pulls away, smiling and laughing happily.

"Thank God," he breathes hugging me tightly. "I love you so much. I'm so happy."

"I love you too...but I don't think the baby is with you crushing her."I whisper giggling trying to wiggle out of his tight grip. He pales a little and pulls away, but he's still smiling. lI kiss him softly."Lets take everything home in a doggy bag". He studies my face and then smiles.

"What about dessert? I don't they can bag up the chocolate fondu my love," he says with a grin. I make a face he had me there and he knew it.

"Fondue? They can make chocolate like that?" Yeah I say it something about chocolate I didn't know it could do! He laughs and leads me back to the table where the dessert is already set out. A big pot of chocolate with all kinds of random fruit.

"Yes they can sweetie," he says. "Come on let's enjoy."


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