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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I sigh softly with a small smile, I wake up with Yori gone...again. He's gone again because he goes on patrols. I sigh rolling over seeing another note from Yori telling me that he'd be back for lunch and that he made me breakfast and it's in the microwave. He's been going uber crazy with protection lately. Since Jake I mean Jacob was spotted. He watched me perform... it's bad but when I found out he was there the only thing I could think of was, 'Did he like the show?' 'Did it make him happy?' . I shake my head.

You're not that girl anymore. You're name is Rachel Long. You don't have to let anyone but Yori touch you.

I blink hard rubbing my face in my pillow. All those years of letting me touch me, letting them have their way with me. Taking away my children. I start to shake, now that Athena and Aphrodite have taught me to be a respectable woman I've realized how much Jacob had hurt me over the years. Letting me be raped night after night. But...I still remember how he was when we were growing up.

"Jakie! Jakie! It hurt! It hurt!" I remember screaming it hurts so much. I was 14 and having my first child. Jake was 16 holding my hand, running his hand through my hair.

"There there Sweetness it's gonna be okay. The doctor is gonna make sure you you're okay." He kisses my head holding my hand. I squeeze it hard trying not to push. But it hurts so much make it stop make it stop.

"Sweetenss you're ready to push." The doctor says softly. Jake holds my hand with a small smile.

"You can do it buddy just push and the pain will go away." I nod fast and push It hurts worst! I shake my.

"It hurts! I don't wanna do it anymore!" He kisses my head.

"You can do it I know you can." I cry hard shaking my head but I have to push. I push more and scream holding on to his hand.


"I can't....please don't take him away...please?" I beg Jake flinches and looks around. I hold my new baby son in my arms. He was so tiny..."I think I'm gonna name him Jacob after you!" I giggle holding him close he's sleeping. Jake flinches again.

"Sweetness..you know that's not how it works..."

"Why not I made him I keep him." I giggle rocking him. My mini Jakie! I giggle rocking him he whines a little. Uhoh. He's hungry! I smile and grab a blanket and cover myself so then that way jake jr can eat without people watching him. I move JJ around so that he can drink some milk. "Jakie he hungry how can someone else feed him I make the milk anyway." I giggle rocking in the rocking chair as JJ eats.

That's when a man comes in and walks over to me. "Hand the child over." I look up to him and shake my head.

"No he mine." I giggle holding JJ.

"Father....can't she keep this one? It's her first one and...she's never had anyone to keep her company besides me." Jake says walking to stand next to me. Suddenly jake is on the other side of the room on the floor, groaning, and the man has JJ. I scream reaching for him. When I try to standing I just fall because I'm still sore.

"Give him back! Give him back!" JJ starts screaming from being woken up. The man slaps me and grabs my face.

"You are a Repogirl, not a Mother. Accept it." He pushes me back and I slam my head on the desk. I sob and reach for JJ even though theres red stuff on my head. The man slams the door taking JJ with him.

I shake my head wiping away the tears. Number one will not come back he was too old now and he was happy. He doesn't even know who I am so it doesn't even matter. I'm not his mother Rosa and Robert are his parents. I put my head in my hands and can't stop the tears. I hear the door open and close. I hear the fall of Yori's shoes, and he places a few bag on the floor.

"Rachel I'm back…. You okay?" he asks.

I quickly wipe my face so he doesn't see that I was crying. "Yeah I just woke up."I say smiling at him. "How was patrol?" He didn't need to know how much I was hurting. He smiles and comes over. He kisses me lightly on the lips.

"I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I have a surprise for you," he says with a grin.

"That's good....and really?" I say taking a drink of the water next to me. It helps calm me down. I'm gonna talk to Pree today about maybe secretly talking to a therapist. Athena said it would help. His grin widen and he nods.

"Close your eyes," he orders eagerly. He grabs my hand and runs his thumb across my knuckles. I sigh he was always doing this...surprising me with things. It was sweet...but I didn't know how to react to it. I close my eyes holding his hand. I hear the rustle of bags as he dumps items on the bed. He spreads them out and then kisses my nose.

"Open them," I can hear the smile in his voice.

I open my eyes and look at the bed, "Wow......bright." There are all these tubes of paints and even some nail polish. There is this really pretty dress with colored stars on it and neon green leggings. I'm not sure what the paint is for, but it says glow in the dark on the tubes.

"Do you like this dress and leggings? That's what they're called right? Or are they tights?" he rambles happily.

I giggle and kiss his cheek,"The dress is beautiful and the leggings are awesome....but why the glow in the dark stuff?" I ask confused. He tweaks my nose and laughs sitting on the bed.

"We are going on a date. I'm taking you cosmic bowling," he says. "It's definitely better than what Sam as planned for Ash."

"Bowling, what's that?" He chuckles

"Don't worry, I swear you'll have fun. And its a glow in the dark place, so I thought it would be cool if we painted each other's face and arms. Oh and I will paint your nails to if you want." He lays on the bed, looking up at me.

I smile looking at my nails, Jake never let me paint them before and I didn't know how to. I bit my lip guilty that Jake came back into my mind but I keep my smile on. "Okay, that sounds like fun." I lean over and kiss him softly before picking up the dress and leggings. "I'll be right back then." I smile softly and skip to the bathroom leaving it open just a little. Yori though he was so clever the last time. I knew he was there watching me shower the day I left. But...for the first time...I actually wanted him to. And not just because of the chip but because I really wanted him to see me. I undress and put my clothes in the hamper and turn the water on letting my hair down. I had trimmed it so that it wasn't past my butt anymore.but it was still super long. I only kept it that way because Yori liked it long. I can already feel his eyes on me as I hop into the shower. I purposely face his direction as I wash myself quickly so that it tortured him to see what he wouldn't touch. I wash my hair and rinse off. I dry off slowly bending over for him to let him see me to pick up the dress. and pull it on. I hear a soft growl from him. I slide on my underwear and fix my hair again before putting the leggings on. I walk over to the door giving him a chance to rush out of the way to act innocent. I walk out and there he is laying on the bed with his legs crossed I smile softly.

"Well...what do you think?" I ask doing a little twirl. He rolls off the bed and grabs me, pulling me closer to him.

"I think you did that on purpose," he accuses, staring down into my eyes. He licks his lips. His voice is husky and he wraps his arms around my waist to pull me closer.

"Do what on purpose Yori? I didn't do anything on purpose." I say smiling softly looking up at him with my hands on his chest. He snorts and kisses me hard but lovingly before pulling away.

"Let's paint each other and get ready to go before I decide to change plans," he says.

"Kinky Yori!" Kane yells through the closed door. I blush and nod. Yori stiffens and grabs a tube of yellow paint and smears it on a sponge, he tiptoes to the door, throws into open and smears it on Kane face, laughing.

"Hey!! Ugh and it's yellow too!" Kane laughs, kane was always light hearted about everything. He even helped me when I was still Sweetness. "Ass wipe I'll get you for this." Kane laughs playfully shoving Yori into the room. "Now go do your creepy foreplay already."

"Don't be jealous Kane," he chuckles and closes the door on him. He turns to me and walks over, swiping some leftover paint that on his finger, on my cheek bone.

"Jealous?! Your joking! I got my 100% Grade a american hunky beef in my bed!" Kane yells I hear him laughing as he walks up the stairs. He chuckles again but doesn't stop staring at me.

"Nails or face and arms first?" he asks.

"You already started my face so you might as well do that one." I say smiling. I grab the pink tube and giggle putting a little bit on my finger making a heart on his face. He smiles wide and grabs a blue and draws a star on my other cheek. He grabs a red and puts a little on the tip of my nose.

I giggle,"Rudolf the reindeer?" I giggle writing Rach's guy on his forehead but I make it feel like I'm drawing a picture. I keep doddling on his face before going to his neck smearing pink paint over my hands and putting handprints on his shoulders. I smile taking a little bit of the red paint and put it on my lips and kiss his neck leaving a lip mark on his neck. I wipe it off with the tissues next to the bed. He's got a huge smile on his face the whole time. He draws squiggles and swirls on over my face and neck in different colors. He even rubs his nose against my nose to get some of the red on his nose.

"This is fun," he says. "Arms next?" I nod fast giggling writing 'I'm taken" on one arm and 'P.O.R' on his other arm. He smiles and also write "Taken" on my arm. He also writes something in the Japanese letters I sometimes see him write with. 愛しています. He adds dots and more spirals.

"What does that say?" I ask looking at the arm with the Japanese on it. He smile softly and trace the already drying paint.

"It says, "I Love You," he says smiling wider. He grabs the nail polish and shakes it up.

I blush softly smiling tracing the letters on my arm. I look over at him and kiss him softly.

"I've never had my nails done before...." He pushes me gently so I'm sitting down on the bed. He grabs my hand and starts to paint.

"You should go get an actual manicure one day, Pree always talks about how awesome they are. Not a lot of guys can do this, but I use to have to do it for my little sister," he says concentrating his hands are shaking a little nervously, and everytime he gets polish on my skin, he wipes it off quickly before it dries.

"Will you take me to get one then?" I ask him watching in fascination as he paints my nails. He smiles at me and nods. He switches to my other hand.

"How about tomorrow?" he asks, blowing on the hand he just painted as he paints the other hand.

I smile wide,"Really? Yori you don't have to do all of this for me...you're so sweet." He smiles and kisses me sweetly, lingering a little. He smiles at me and blows on my fingers to dry the paint.

"I want to do this stuff for you. I want you to experience everything you can," he says. "Now shake your hands some to dry the paint better." I blush brightly. He was always trying to get me out into the world experiencing everything that normal women do.

"Do I get to paint yours too?" I ask shaking my hands like he said. His eyes widen and he shakes his head.

"No way," he chuckles.

"Why not? Don't you want to glow too?" I hope I didn't offend him or anything. He smiles and kisses me again and cups my face gently. He smiles against my lips and then kisses my head.

"I think I will glow plenty. Are you ready to go?" he asks , lacing his fingers through mine.

I nod smiling kissing his fingers,"I'm ready when you are." He smiles and pulls me to my feet and leads me out. He swipes Pree's jeep keys and takes me outside. He opens the door for me. He helps me in and kisses my hand before going around and jumping in the car. He pulls from the curb . I smile putting my head on his shoulder. I want nothing more than to stay there forever.

"Thank you Yori." I whisper softly. He kisses my head and smiles.

"For what Rachel?" he asks.

"Just everything you've done for me.Yori.... you weren't mad that I used your last name for mine right?" He drums his fingers on the steering wheel, switches lanes and glances at me. He combs his fingers through his hair and smiles.

"Well it definitely took me by surprise. But I actually love the sound of Rachel Long. And I was thrilled that you picked my last name.," he says. He kisses my hand

"So its a good thing?" Maybe Jacob will leave me alone now that I'm happy with Yori.

"Well I think so," he says with another smile. I smile and don't say anything rubbing my head on his shoulder. I finally had someone to call mine. He smiles and kisses my hand again, he pulls into a parking lot and parks. He jumps out and comes to open the door for me.

"Why thank you."I tell him hopping out of the car. "I've never played bowling before." He puts an arm around my waist and leads me into the building. There's music and colored lights everywhere.

"It will be fun. I will show you how to do it. We have to get our shoes and get our lane," he says.

"Our shoes? I'm wearing my shoes." I say looking down at my shoes. They were cute too! Kane got them for me for christmas cute little black leather boots that went to my knees.

"Well we have to wear special shoes so we don't scratch up the floors. Sorry they are ugly shoes but we have to." he says. He leads me up to the counter and tells the guy our sizes.

I look around everyone was glowing, they all looked like aliens! I giggle looking at Yori's face how he glows in the dark. The Rach's Guy in bright pink on his forehead makes me smile wide.

"Wow...everyone is glowing Yori!" I squeal smiling. They guy looks at me funny but I'm used to that. I don't know about a lot of things so when I ask a question that probably sounds stupid they give me this look. I just shrug it off and wait for Pree or someone to answer my question. Yori leads me to a lane. People are rolling balls down a lane at white things. He starts to type on something. Putting Rachel's guy and Yori's girl on the screen.

I grab a big green one and yelp when I drop it cause it was super heavy! It almost lands on my foot but I jump back into Yori's arms."It tried to crush me!" He chuckles and kisses my temple.

"Be careful Rachel," he says. "How about you try a ball that's eight pounds?"

I look at him confused,"How can you tell the difference?" He smiles and grabs a lime green ball with an eight on it. He puts it on the rack along with a red ball for him. He looks at me.

"Okay, how about I show you how to do it first and then you try?" he says, smiling. I nod grabbing the ball hugging it to my chest so that it wouldn't fall on my foot. He grabs his ball. "Here you put your fingers in the hole like this, and you roll it down the lane to the pins. You want to try to keep it in the middle. The goal is to knock down as many pins as you can. You get two tries each round. If you knock them all down in one try, it's called a Strike and if you knock them all down in two try's it's called a Spare. The game ends after ten rounds. Do you got all that?" he explains.

"Uhhhh....sure?" Nope. Lost me. He chuckles and tweeks my nose.

"Sorry, did I explain too fast Rachel?" he asks. I shake my head.

"No you go then I'll go I got it." I hate feeling slow. That was the whole reason why I left. Pree isn't slow, so why should I be? I sit and watch him smiling at the lipstick mark on his neck from me. He winks at me and takes his ball to the lane. He expertly rolls the down the lane and knock down most of the pins.

I squeal and clap smiling,"You won!" He laugh and comes over and kisses me.

"Not quite, the game isn't over. I have one more try and then it's your turn." he tell me. He waits until his ball comes back and rolls the ball down the lane again.This time it doesn't hit any.

I gasp and look inside where his ball came out of,"Where'd it come from! It was down there! Now it's up here!" He looks back at me and smiles. He walks over to me and grabs my hand; he looks into the hole where is ball is coming back up.

"You know, I'm not quite sure how that does that," he says. I smile wide, we didn't know something together! Yay! I giggle grabbing the lime green ball.

"My turn Yori?" He nods smiling. I stick my tongue out to the side and go over and throw the wall. It goes really really slow I pout sitting and watch it go and roll over to the side and doesn't hit any of the pins. "Aww I lose." He waits for my ball to come back and helps me to my feet.

"Want me to help you?" he asks.I nod smiling biting my lip. "Good." He grins and turns me around, pulling me close, and puts his arms around me. He adjusts mys hips slightly and puts his chin on my shoulder. "Ready?"

"Ready freddy." I say and kiss his cheek. He takes the ball and puts in my hands. He moves and carefully and helps me roll the ball. He doesn't let go of my as we watch the ball roll down the lane. I smile softly holding on to him watching the ball rolling. It hits half of them and I jump smiling. "I did it!" He smiles and kisses me softly.

"Yes you did," he says smiling. "Good job."

I giggle and kiss him softly. Nothing made me happier than seeing Yori smile, his beautiful eyes watching me, I love how he makes me feel wanted, and not just because of what I am-was. But for me. He loved me for being Rachel. Not for being a Repogirl. He loved me. And I loved him. Through the whole night he helped me roll the ball down the lane holding me close to him. Even though it was partly because it kept us close I didn't mind cause it was fun! I think he was letting me win though. When I called him out on it he said he wasn't but his eye did that twitchy thingy that it does when he's lying. I guess he just wanted to make me feel good, and it did. I won by two points! I giggle hugging Yori tightly.

"I won! I did it Yori!" I squeal. He smiles and spins me around.

"You did great! Beginners luck though. I'll win next time," he teases holding me close.

"That and I have a really sweet man who let me win."I say and nuzzle my face in his chest. "I'm hungry can we get some food?" I ask I totally forgot to eat breakfast that Yori left for me. Kane probably ate it by now. He smiles and nods.

"Sure of course. What kind of food would you like?" he asks.

"We've done everything that I want since I got here...why don't we do something you wanna do. You pick the food." I know what he wants to do. That's why I tease him so much, but I haven't decided if I'm ready to take that step again, and he never pushes me which was nice for a change. He kisses my head.

"Hmm… Well I know this great sushi place," he says. "Have you tried sushi?"

I shake my head,"Athena said nothing good can come out of eating raw fish." I giggle,"She always made a face when Aphrodite ate some." He kisses my head and grins down at me.

"Well obviously Athena doesn't know that sushi can be made out of cooked crab meat or spam," he says. "But it's still up to you if you want to go. There's other things other than sushi. Like Japanese curry or Teriyaki beef."

"Let's do get sushi then you show me everything you like to eat." I say knowing by the look on his face that's what he really wanted. He kisses me and grabs my hand. We drop off the ugly bowling shoes and he leads me to the jeep .I look around as we walk to the car and freeze looking at an ally I stare for a few moment but shake my head getting in. I'm being paranoid. I smile watching Yori but I can't help but glance back into the alley as Yori pulls away from the parking lot. There's nothing there from what I can see but I feel like there is someone there. I grab Yori's hand and I instantly feel better. Yori kisses my hand and keeps driving.


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