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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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The pain is intense. I lay into the bright sparkling snow, untouched by anyone else. I'm alone. I scream in pain, holding myself between the legs. It hurts so much, and this can't be happening. Not again! I yell and scream trying to get someone's attention. Blood starts soaking the ground and staining the snow. The red covering the snow looks startling. I scream again, tears pouring my face. I try to stand, but my legs are too weak. Finally I hear him calling my name.

"Piper!" Piper!" Luke comes running up, he drops to his knees in front of me and looks at me. He frowns. "Again Piper? What the hell is wrong with you?" He looks pissed. He stands up, glaring down at me.

"Luke…" I plead. He shakes his head and kicks snow at me.

"You can't even carry my child. You really are worthless," he sneers. Suddenly, the girl Jamie is there. She hugs Luke, and Luke wraps an arm around her waist. Jamie grins at me, and kisses Luke's neck. He moans and and turns his head to kiss her. I choke out a sob and reach for him. They both laugh at me. Pryena and Jerolin appear; they are holding Korren and laughing at me too. Ashley and Samuel show up next. Ashley is hugely pregnant, and Samuel rubs her stomach. They start to laugh at me too. I scream covering my ears. Nana, Randy, Candice and even my old boss appear laughing too. I'm bleeding out and screaming for them to stop. But they don't listen to me. I look for Luke again to beg him not to do this to me, but I can't really see him through my tears.

Then everything freezes as if someone presses pause. I look around, at everyone's frozen, laughing faces. The pain is gone, but it looks like I'm still bleeding. I see her walking up and I gasp. She kneels next to me and gently wipes my tears.

"Mommy?" I hiccup. She smiles sadly at me. She's wearing a long white robe and her wings are spread out behind her. I never realized how much I look like her, or how pretty she was.

"Oh my poor baby," she says. "I am so sorry you had to find out like this. I meant to tell you when you got older, before I fell." I grab her hand, desperately wanting her to comfort me, still wishing it were Luke instead though. I look around at the familiar faces and flinch.

"Tell me what?" I squeak. She plays with a lock of my hair. Something that feels so familiar to me. Like she had done it many times before.

"You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened. Angel woman…. Is very hard for us to carry a baby full term. You… You were a miracle. I didn't think I'd ever get to hold you in my arms. But I did. I'm sorry I never told you about me or you. Maybe this wouldn't have happened. But it did and I am so very sorry Piper." She explains. Fresh tears spill down my cheeks and I lean into her touch.

"Why… why did it have to happen?" I whimper. She casts me another small sad smile and kisses my head.

"I don't know sweetheart. I'm truly sorry." She stands up. "I must go now." She waves her hand and all the laughing faces disappear, and Luke is kneeling next to me, holding my hand. He looks concerned. I watch my mother walk away, and at the end a little girl with blonde hair and eyes like mine grabs my mother's hand and turns to wave at us.

"Wait! No!" I cry out, wanting to hold her. The little girl blows us a kiss and they both vanish.

"Piper...Piper wake up." Luke says kissing my forehead. "Piper love wake up. You're okay my love...wake up." I gasp, and jolt awake, the tears burn the back on my eyes and I feel like I've already crying. My body aches from the abuse it took. I curl my hands around my stomach and roll over to bury my face into Luke's chest. I start trembling and crying softly. I hadn't let myself cry much the day before. He rubs my back with one hand running his other hand though my hair.

"Shh shh I've got you now love I've got you. We're not at the bar anymore, but we're safe...."I hear the uncertainty in his voice about the last part. I pull away from him quiclkly wiping my tears away. I can't allow myself the satisfaction of crying about this. I deserve to hold it in and feel the pain it causes. I look around and then look at Luke.

The room is pitch black with only a candle lite chandelier. The walls looked like they were carved out of stone.By the way it shined it was obsidian. The bed was soft like it was made of a cloud,with the comforter a blood red with velvet floral patterns. Bouquets of black and red roses are everywhere, with lavender scented candles burning. The carpet was a blood red fluffy material.

"Wh...Where are we?" I ask softly. I pluck my fingers at the blankets, quickly looking away from Luke.

He swallows hard sitting up,"I think we're in Hades" I blink, looking around again. I frown.

"Hades as in Hell? And the man that's the reason you were cursed?" I ask. God, my voice sounds numb. I sit up finally. He nods standing up looking around. he opens up the closet too look in it and makes a face taking out a note. He pulls out a suit and a dress. I look at the suit and dress and groan. I pull the covers over my head and squeeze my eyes shut.

"Yeah...and we have a dinner to go to apparently....he..he want's to meet you."

"Why does he want to meet me? How did we get here? And I can't go," I say softly. I rub my stomach and flinch.

I feel Luke come over and kisses my head playing with my hair. "My love....please.....I know you're hurting....please.....don't close me out too..."His lips brush against my head. "Please...I'll fix everything....I can fix it....just please.....stop....stop blaming yourself."

"I had a dream about my mom…." I say softly. It's getting harder to hold back tears. "At first I….it… was...again…. Everyone was laughing. You were too, you were pissed and kissing that girl… and….and Mom came. She told me…..she told me that I was a miracle. She said female angels… can't….can't always… cant…" I can't even finish it because I'm too close to tears, but I won't cry about it.

He hugs me to his chest tightly wrapping his leg around me so that I couldn't pull away,"Honey don't worry please? You need to let Diane go....it wasn't your fault. Sam says you need to cry....love you need to let it go.....please...." I lay my head on his chest, squeezing my eyes shut. I can still picture her walking away with Mom.

"I saw her," I whisper, but voice cracks, and I clear my throat. I clench my fists around the blankets.


"Diane…." I tell him. "She had your hair…….my eyes." I feel the tears coming, so I bite down on my fist to distract myself.

He grabs my fists,"Stop it....stop it's hurting me to watch you do this to yourself...Piper....Piper my love....my everything...please...." He kisses my cheek and my fists squeezing me to his chest. I flinch, I don't like hurting him, I just… I don't know how to deal with this. It hurts too much. I'd never given a lot of thought about kids. I mean Luke and I weren't even married, and I'm still trying to figure things out about myself. But yesterday, losing the baby hit me harder than I realized. I look up at him.

"Will….Will you kiss me, like you did on our first date," I ask softly. He cups my face searching it for some sign of stress or something. He traces my lips with his thumb. He tilts my head up and kisses me. He kisses me gently like he's afraid he's going to break me. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck. I press my lips firmly into his and kiss him back. I sit up a little straighter to deepen the kiss. He leans back laying on the bed pulling me on top of his chest. He puts his hands on my waist but doesn't make another move. he kisses me sweetly and passionately. That's all I want from him; is for him to kiss me. I kiss him lovingly, and the kiss shatters whatever control I had. Tears starts falling rapidly down my face. I gasp out a soft sob against his lips, but I don't pull away from the kiss. He pulls me down onto his neck and sits up holding me like a baby and rocks me as I cry. He buries his head in my shoulder.

"Shh shh let it out sweetie let it out. It's gonna be okay. I promise it's gonna be okay." I cry into his neck. I cry harder than I've ever cried before, I think. He coos running a hand gently thgouh my hair rocking me back and forth.

I don't know how long I cried for, it could have been days for all I cared. My body protested loudly. It was aching more than it was before I started crying. I am trembling badly. I know my face probably looks like a blowfish, and I'm pretty sure I smeared snot all over Luke's neck. My head is throbbing and I feel weak. I'm still laying in his arms, still hiding my face in his neck. I have the bad case of hiccups too. I'm not sure what else to say to him.

"I love you," I croak. I don't even know if he can hear me, but I don't care. he at one point in time scooted back to lean against the headboard. He takes a deep breath letting me go he blinks har looking at me, his eyes were red from crying he wipes his face on the shoulder I wasn't laying on.

"I love you too Piper. I love you so much." I hug him as tight as I can., and hiccup in his ear. Theres a knock on the door and a man comes in. The man is at least nine feet tall with blood red eyes and fangs. His jet black hair pulled back into a braid that hung on his shoulder that was almost as longs as Rachel's. Luke hisses hugging me closer. I yelp and cling to Luke.

"M'lord M'lady dinner is about to be served." The monstrous man says.

"Who are you?" Luke demands I can feel him tensing up to bolt at the first chance he gets.

"My name is Baal-Rog, I am your escort. Please get ready for dinner." He bows and quickly leaves the room closing the doors. I look at Luke, my stomach knots up.

"I still can't go to dinner," I tell him. "I don't have any make up. I problably smell, and I don't know where that dress has been." I'm making up excuses, I know. But I'm scared and I'm not sure I can put on an act of being peachy keen.

"Love you don't need make up. And it still has the price tag.....i think he wants to meet you cause...cause he wants to do like that stupid 'I was never around' make up father thing." I frown.

"Well maybe I'll meet him in twenty-three years," I huff stubbornly. I cross my arms over my chest, and wince a little. I sigh and put my face in a pillow. I groan loudly in complaint.

"Please don't make me go alone, I've never met the man before and I can already tell this is gonna be an akward event." He lays on top of me. Like a second blanket. I sigh and nod.

"Okay, I won't let you go alone. Let me get up," I tell him. I spank his butt, to get him to move. I'm good with awkward things. He chuckles softly its a slightly sad chuckle but it's still a chuckle. He kisses my neck softly getting off me. I sit up and pull the shirt over my head. Someone must have dressed me. I blush as the thought but look down. I touch my bruised stomach and frown. I sigh and stand up, turning away from Luke so he can't see.

"Is there any under clothes for me…" I ask.

"umm lemme look around...wanna go shower while I look?" I nod and take off for the bathroom quickly. I turn on the water and shut the door. I don't lock it, even though I'm afraid the Rog guy will come in. I step into the shower and let the water hit me for a few mintues before I start washing myself. I wash my stomach carefully, hissing a little when I feel that it's still tender. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I hate this. So much. There's the reminder of what happened. I scrub my hair and rinse. I hear the door open and and close, Luke must have brought in the clothes. I flinch a little, and shut off the water. I dry off and comb my hair. I get dressed quickly and walk out. The dress is long and makes noise everytime I move. Its a black victorian styled dress with a red corset top. Luke is grumbling about his tie how he can't tie it. My dress is a little uncomfortable, but it's nice. I kinda like it. I go to Luke and take the tie from him. I put the tie around my neck; it's the only way I know how to tie it. I smile weakly at him and tie it. I put it around his neck and tighten it to the right spot.

"There, better?" I ask, smoothing his tie. He grabs my hand and looks at me he looks like he's aged five years in the past twenty four hours. He puts my hand on his face. I stroke his cheek. I take a shaky breath and kiss him softly.

"I love you Piper Spears." I lean my forward on his chest. He Kisses the top of my head.

"I love you too Luke Riviera."

He sighs and gestures to the dresser,"There's a lot of girl stuff on the dresser." I frown, fighting tears again and look at the dresser. The dress is pretty heavy. I move over to the dresser, tripping a little, but thankfully stay on my feet. I hear Luke let out a soft chuckle watching me as he messes with his hair. I look down, seeing my makeup, and sigh. I complained about the makeup before, but I really don't want to dress up. The dress is nice, but it's too much. I'd rather be in pajamas. I put on a little mascara and brush out my hair. I set my brush down, a little too roughly and sigh. I rub my head.

"I'm ready," I say. Luke nods grabbing my hand. Rog comes in after knocking and gestures us to follow him. Luke tightens his grip on my hands and leads us out. Luke was wearing an all black suit minus the red tie with his hair still looking like he'd just rolled out of bed...but it looked good on him. I kiss his cheek, and look at my feet to back sure I didn't fell. I squeeze his hands.

"The Lord brought food from the surface world so you would be able to eat tonight." I close my eyes.

"Awesome," I say. Luke is tense and his hands were sweating and he was flushed. Like he was scared or something. I stop walking and pull him to a stop. I wrap my arms around him and hug him. He needs me right now. I have to try to be okay for him. I hug him hard.

"It's gonna be okay, Luke. I will be right here with you. Maybe it won't be so bad. I will be there for you. We'll do this together," I tell him. I kiss him softly.

"That's not why I'm worried I'm worried that he'll do something to you. He's the devil in a way what if he touches you and you turn into like an angel stone or something?" I swallow hard. I hadn't thought of that. I blink hard and hug him again.

"We...We won't let that happen. I will try to keep my wings and not glow. And… I won't let him touch me. We'll just eat dinner and make an excuse to leave if we have to," I say. I don't want to admit that I'm scared now and nervous. I tug on my hair and take a deep breath. I wonder briefly if it's too late for us to decline dinner. Rog takes us to this huge dining room with a dark wooden table that looks like it grew out from the floor. A new man smiles at us coming over wearing a white suit with a red tie. I squeak, hugging his arm.

"My my have you grown young Luke." he says looking at look with a smile on his face. "And what a lovely woman you have acquired." He says cupping my cheek turning my head gently. "She's very lovely indeed. She reminds me of your mother when she was that age." Luke flinches clinging to me. I flinch too, and turn my face away from him. I look up at Luke and squeeze his arm, trying to comfort him.

"Th….th..thank… you," I squeak, trying to be polite, but wanting to bolt so bad.

"My name is Hades."He says offering his hand to me,"I helped your mother out back in the day. I think she was carrying you at the time." I look at him, blinking.

"You knew my mom?" I ask. I look at Luke and then at Hades again. I swallow hard. I look at them and realize how much they look a like. Same jaw line the shape of the eyes. The way Hades smiles reminds me of Lukes cocky grin. I miss that grin.

"Winter? Yeah we go way back in the day. Well enough of the past let's eat you two must be starving." I wanted to ask him more about my mom. What she was like and how long they knew each other. I had so many questions, but I hold them back and nod. I grips Luke's arm nervously. I'm not sure if I'm shaking or he is. Luke leads us to some chairs and pulls one out for me to sit in. I sit down and smile up at him weakly.

"Thank you," I say to him. He nods and goes to the other side of the table sitting across from me. I freeze, unable to move. I'm still scared even if he did know my mom. I stare at Luke, willing him to come back to my side of the table and hold my hand.

Hades chuckles, "Your mother taught you your manners well Lucas." Luke takes a deep breath. I feel his foot touching mine. I relax a little, but I still feel like there is a rod up my spine.

"Mother always said that if a man didn't have manners he wasn't a man at all." Luke explains I've never heard anyone call him Lucas before. Does he hate that name, or just prefered Luke. I nod stiffly and play with my hair. I stare at the table. I clear my throat softly, trying to breath passed the lump in my throat and the tightness in my chest. I really wish Luke wasn't so far.

"That's good I'm glad she taught you that." Food appears on the plates in front of us it's my all tie favorite and also Luke has his favorite food as well. "Did you get an education?" Luke nods,

"I got a semester of collage but mother got sick and I had to drop out. I try to squeeze in an online class whenever I get the time." I swallow hard, a little creeped out that he knew my favorite food. I take a bite, but my stomach just knots up, and the food threatens to make another appearance. I listen to them talk, just pushing food around my plate.

"That's upsetting a man with your intellegence needs to get educated. How did you meet Winter's Daughter? It's Piper is it not?" He asks directed to me. I blush and nods slowly.

"P..Piper S..Spears," I stutter. I stare at the food in my plate and take a deep breath to try to calm myself.

"Spears that's a strong family name. That family did well in the Roman wars." He takes a bie of an apple. "What about you Ms.Piper what do you do?" I set my fork down, suddenly a little angry. I grit my teeth and glare at my plate.

"No offense, sir, but why do you care all of the sudden?" I ask, and before I can slap the filter over my mouth I add, "You haven't before. Luke's twenty-three years old and he's seeing you for the first time." My eyes widen and I glance at Luke. Luke runs a hand through his head a little.

Hades takes a sip of wine that appears randomly in his hand before answering. "Gods aren't allowd to see their children grow up. It upsets the balance of everything within them. Hence the reason why Jerolin has been acting strange. We're able to stay with our children for at most two years. Before the effects start taking in affect." I feel a little guilty for asking, and I really don't like that Jerolin might have to leave Korren. What about Korren and Pryena? Pryena will be so sad.

"He's fighting it, but he doesn't know how to explain it to Pryena" He says Luke takes a drink of wine. I go back to pushing my food around.

"What will happen the them?" I ask softly.

"Well Lin is already feeling the effects. Not able to sleep, feeling weak,glitchy powers. Soon his immorality will vanish." I flinch, dropping my fork and hug myself. It's hard to breath again. I'm fighting tears again, but I manage not to cry. That can't happen to them. They are too good. Korren needs his father. And of course the thought of Korren makes me think of what happened. I squeeze my stomach a little until feel the pain from the brusie.

"Designer," I spit out, trying to change the subject quickly. "I was a designer." The room is spinning a little, and my head is throbbing.

"What kind? Fashions, graphic, building?" He asks, a glass of water appears before me. I reach for it, taking a small sip.

"Graphic and page designer," I squeak. "I.. I was fired… sorts, I think. I still do a little website designing."

"More like I beat the shit out of her boss." Luke hisses. Hades pats him on the shoulder.

"Nice! I'm glad you defended your woman. You're a good man about it." I look at Luke, really needing something to distract me. The topic was helping a little, but it's still hard to breath.

"Why didn't you help my mother when she got sick?" Luke hisses pushing Hades hand off of his shoulder. Hades looks at him confused. "Did you even care about her or did you just fuck her and leave?" Luke demands. his fists are clenched on the tabletop as he glares down at the food he hasn't even touched.

"Luke....its not that si-"

"Why the fuck not!? How hard is it to say hey I'm sorry I got you pregnant I'll pay child support! Or hey I'll make sure you don't marry a man that beats the shit out of you! Or here's one I like beat the shit out of the kids!?" Luke stands up. 'I don't know why the fuck you brought us down here Hades but your a little late to be doin shit with me." He walks over to my side of the table grabbing my hand. "Lets go back to our room I'm not hungry."

"Luke son give me-"

"Dont you dare call me son. The only man who has any right to that title is Jerolin cause at least he fucking cares." Luke pulls me up and starts leading me back to our room. He's shaking hard. I stumble after him trying to keep up, but I keep tripping over my feet. I gasp and my ears start ringing.

"Luke…" I say.

He pulls us into our room and kicks the door shut hugging me close. "I got you love...I'm sorry I blew up like that in front of you." I bury my face in his chest, gasping for breath. I can breath easier with him holding me. I cling to him.

"It's okay," I say. My voice is muffled in his chest. "I understand. I would have too. I'm sorry Luke…. I'm really sorry." I hug him tightly. I'm afraid that if I let go, I'll fall.

He takes a deep breath breathing in my scent. he pulls away and throws off the tie then comes back to me. "Lets get that dress off you and into PJ's okay?" I nod, numbly, but still just stand there. I can't seem to move, and I'm just staring at his discarded tie. I don't want to be here anymore. I just want to curl up and write. I gasp thinking about yesterday. It was Christmas. Luke didn't even get to open his gifts from me.

Luke must have turned me around cause my dress hits the floor, Luke scoops me up and carries me to bed he takes off his suit he's actually wearing boxers,yes that is a kind of a big deal. He crawls into bed pulling me close.

"Boxers?" I question softly, playing with the hem of his boxers absent mindedly. I blink realizing that I'm staring at the wall. I look up at him

He shrugs,"Have to tame the beast for a while love."He kisses my shoulder. He was wearing them so then he wouldn't get turned on? The thought makes my lip tremble and brings tears to my eyes. I roll over, a little hurt and pull the cover over my head. He doesn't want to touch me again cause of what happened? Is he ashamed or upset or maybe he's mad at me like in my dream.….. I let a few tears escape. I mean he did pull away from the kiss, I know I was crying, but kissing made me feel better.

"Love? Love what's wrong? Did I make you upset?"He asks putting a hand on my back. "Do I need to put more clothes on? Is this too much? Am I making you feel pressured?" I gasp, and grit my teeth. No more trying. I feel him move out of bed for a few minutes then come back. He's wearing a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. "Is this better sweetie? We don't have to do anything I swear...please stop crying." It only hurts more. I almost want to crawl in his lap and do what I can to make him want me again. It's just another reminder of what happened.

"Y..You…. You… dont… want… to… because… of…. of…." I bite my cheek hard until I taste blood to keep from crying

"Oh no no no no love that's not it at all. I just didn't want to make you feel like you had to.I wanted to give you time to recover. My body loves yours so much it does what it wants without me telling it to......"He blushes brightly. "I didn't wanna rush you..." I clear my throat, and roll over to look at him. I blink at him. I get brave and rub his thigh a little.

"What are you feeling now?" I ask sofly.

He's breathing catches in his throat a little,"W-what do you mean?" I swallow hard, and sit up.

"You…. still….find me attractive? I mean… yesterday didn't… make… you…..There was all that blood….. and," I sigh. "Nevermind. I'm sorry." I lay down again and close my eyes. He looks down at me and growls softly pinning my arms above my head kissing me hard and passionately. He lays on top of me putting some of his weight on me keeping my arms above my head. I groan in pleasure and kiss him back harder.

He pulls away just a little,"Don't ever think that I don't want you. You know that I love you." I wiggles my wrists a little. I bite my lip.

"I'm sorry," I say. "It's just… Yesterday has me all messed up. I just so self conscious I guess…. I love you too."

He lets go of my wrists and cups my face, "Babe....I wore boxers so that I wouldn't make you think you had to...after yesterday....I just wanted to give you time." I blink hard, trying to get myself under control. I shake my head.

"I don't want you to wear them," I say. "I know you hate them." It's true I don't want him to wear boxers. He never has before and that he is now…. no I don't want this. I don't want him treating me any differently because of this. I don't want anyone to. I don't want them to see me as a time bomb about to explode at any second. I don't want them looking at me like I'm a lost puppy! I wipe a few tears away angrily.

In a desperate attempt to feeling something, anything else other than sadness and anger, I sit up. I gently tug Luke's sweatshirt off and nuzzle his neck. I kiss him below the ear and move in closer to him. He shudders softly when I kiss him as he wraps his arms around me pulling me closer.

"Piper.....are you sure?" He asks softly brushing his lips against my ear. I can feel him slightly tugging on his sweats. To answer him and push him down gently, and crawl on top of him. I kiss him hard, and thrust my tongue into his mouth. I beg him silently not to push me away. He groans under my kiss cupping my neck taking everything I give him without question. His free hand goes on the small curve of my back. Pressing me more into him. I moan softly. I've never felt this desperate for something before. I should feel ashamed, but I don't. Not as much as I should. I roll my tongue roughly with his, it's probably a sucky kiss, but I'm not even sure I care. I need this, and I pray that Luke needs this as much as I do. I grind into him hard and move to kiss his neck. He lifts his head shuddering in pleasure, I can feel his pulse racing when I kiss his neck.

"Do you want me to stop?" I breath, I hold my breath. I don't want to stop. I don't want the sadness to return just yet. I want him to want this as much as I do. He shakes his head tilting my head to kiss him again he sucks on my bottom lip as he nibbles on it gently. I moan softly and kiss him harder. I run my hands down his chest and squeeze his sides a little. I rake my nails gently back up his chest and into his hair.

I freeze, my thoughts getting in the way. What if I get pregnant again. Mom said if was hard for girl angels to carry children. I start to tremble a little, out of fear, but I still don't want to stop. I know what will happen if I do. After sobbing like that, it's harder to fight back the tears. I start kissing him again, before pulling away a little. I'm not sure my body is ready for sex yet, but this so better than feeling the pain.

"Can I try something?" I ask softly against his lips.

He nips at my lips, "As long as you want you, you can do anything." He breaths, desire and passion seeping through his voice. I nod and kiss him roughly again. I bite on his lips gently and then move to kiss his neck again. I tilt his head to the side to give me more access and kiss the tender part of his neck. He lets out a soft groan his hands going to my waist tracing my bones gently.

I bite his neck gently and kiss my way to his throat and down to his chest, my lips never leaving the warmth of his skin. I nibble on his chest and flick my tongue lightly against his skin. His hands trace up my spine and down my sides. I kiss down to his stomach, and take a deep breath. I grip his sweats, making sure I also have a hold of his boxer and yank them down. I kiss his stomach and glance up at him to see his reaction. His head is leaning back and his eyes are shut tight. he's biting his lip as if he's trying not to be loud or he's anticipating my next movement. I want him to be loud. I want him to let go. and I want to hear my name cross his lips. He looks down at me his breathing quickens watching me look up at him. I meet his eyes, before grabbing his manhood and lower my head. I press my lips at the tip and then take him into my mouth.

He lets out a groan, his head falling to the side,"Oh my gods...." his hands gently tangle in my hair. I've never done this before, but I've heard Pryena talk about it. I suck lightly and twirl my tongue around him. I lick all the way to the top and take him in my mouth again, as far as I can go without choking. He groans again arching his back a little, his grip in my hair tightening a little. "Pipes.......gods...." he breaths. I want him louder, I want to drive him crazy. I take him further to the back of my throat and then back up. I grip his thighs tightly with my hands and twirl my tongue again. I hope I'm doing this right. I glance up at him, and I lick his tip. His mouth is open softly panting out moans of pleasure. he swallows hard taking a glance at me. His eyes at half mast, he licks his lips before fully closing his eyes leaning his head back again.

"Piper...." He groans a little louder than before. I take him again, fully and deeper and and really start to move, trying my best to pleasure him more. He starts to buck his hips a little arching his back,"Oh my gods...Piper...oh fuck."He groans loudly. He starts pulling on my hair like reins. I moan a little and slow down a little to drive his desire higher. Not ready to stop. Not ready for the pain to return. He lets out a whimper of a groan when I slow down. I lick him slowly from bottom to top flicking my tongue at the top.

"T...twist around..."He breaths looking at me. He tries to grab my calf but he doesn't want to move his manhood away from my grasp. I pull away and look at him, a little confuse, putting my hands on him though.

"What?" I ask. "Like turn around?" He nods fast still trying to grab my leg. "But I'm not done yet….I still want to taste you." I lower my head and lick him. "You like it right?"

He groans loud, nodding he sits up and grabs my leg twisting me around to where my butt was in his face, "I wanna taste you too."" He breathes softly against my thigh. Oh. I blush brightly, and a little embarrassed I didn't know what he was talking about. I swallow hard and glance back at him.

"O..Okay," I whisper. My voice is harsh with desire too. I lick him again and stroke his manhood with my hand. I put him in my mouth again, slowly. He groans into my thigh nibbling my upper thigh massaging my butt cheeks moving my underwear out of the way. He flicks his tongue against inner thigh.

"I...is that okay?" He breaths. I moan a little and nod. My legs spread a little as if they have a mind of their own.

"Yes…" I say, licking his length again. I kiss him and take him to the back of my throat again. He grabs my hips and bury's his face in between my legs flicking his tongue slowly through my center. I moan, and can't help my rock my hips. I take him further, gagging a little but I keep going up and down. Oh God…. it's so good. He doesn't stop me from moving my hips rather he helps me move them more. He starts groaning as he starts sucking on my center not even taking a break to breath. I moan loudly, and roll my hips more. He groans as he starts bucking his hips as well. I swirl my tongue around him again and start sucking a little. I pull away a little.

"Luke…" I moan, "Yes….So good." I go down on him again, sucking and licking. He pulls away and groans loudly.

"Fuck....Piper.....that feels...amazing...."He groans nibbling my thighs before focusing all his attention on pleasuring me. I let out a tiny scream and keep going. He stats grunting every time he thrusts into my mouth digging his nails lightly in my thighs as he goes faster. He groans pulling away a little, "Piper.....oh gods...Piper.." I fell him lashing his tongue on my center sliding a finger or two into me.

"Yes!" I scream softly. "Oh Luke…. Yes." I bite down on his thigh taking the pleasure for a second. I grind into him a little. He pumps his fingers into me flicking his tongue at the same time.I gasp noticing that I'm still tender down there, and it hurts. I dig my nails into his thighs. The physical pain feels good too. Better than the emotional pain, so I don't tell him to stop. I moan louder, but it's not fake. I go back down on him, moving faster. He groans pumping harder suckng on me, I feel him start tensing up as he starts to buck his hips faster.

I scream from pleasure and a little from the pain, and rock my hips more. I suck on him, finishing him, and can feel myself tense up too. He lets out the loudest groan yet, grabbing me so that I don't move as he suck up everything I give him. He falls back on to the bed breathing hardgoing completely dead. I'm moving up and down as he breaths heavily, and take everything he gives as well. I lay my head on his thigh, panting. I feel his hand tap my butt gently as he pushes me off his chest and pulls my arms up to twist me back around to have my head on his chest. That's when I start trembling again. I hug him as tightly, trying to decide if I should tell it that it hurt a little. I know he would feel bad, but I've always been so honest with him. I look up to study his face.

"Piper.....that was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced." He says rubbing his face in my hair. "Did I do okay? I...I wanted to show you how you were making me feel..."I can tell by his voice that his face is bright red. I take a deep breath, debating the whole truth again.

"I..I...It was amazing Luke. Not better than sex, but it's pretty damn close. You did incredible," I tell him. I nuzzle his chest. But it hurt when you added the fingers. I add silently

"I didn't hurt you or anything? I know that was a stupid move considering everything but....I couldn't help it." He says now I can see that the blush is reaching down his neck and chest. I tighten my grip on him and press my face into his chest. I can't do it… I can't lie. He's going to be pissed.

"I...I...It...hurt….a lot," I whisper so softly, almost hoping he doesn't hear, but at least I told him. I don't want him to be mad at me for this. Oh God, what if he never touches me again?

"I'm sorry love."He kisses my head,"I won't do it again until you tell me too okay? I didn't....I'm sorry." He wraps his arms around me tighter. Thank God he's not mad. I kiss his chest, and sigh. So many emotions a rolling around inside me. I almost wish he would have gotten mad so that I could yell and scream too. So that I could find another release. What is wrong with me? I hug him.

"Don't be sorry. I still really enjoyed myself," I tell him truthfully. "Really, really enjoyed myself."

He chuckles I hear him licking his lips a little,"That I know first hand." He says softly. I blush and frown. He's laughing. How can he laugh when I can't? It's a miracle I can smile.I guess it's different for him. He didn't feel what I feel. I trace stars on his chest and sigh.

"One time I went on a date with this guy," I start. I don't even know why I'm telling him this, but now I can't stop. "He drove me to his house, which was like five miles out in the country. I remember him trying to make a move and then getting pissed when I kept saying no. He actually pulled down his jeans and told me to suck it or walk home…… I punched him where it hurt and walked home in the rain." I'm so stupid, I shouldn't tell him about my past relationships. I think I'm just talking so I don't have to sleep. Luke rolls onto his side and covers himself like he was having phantom pain just from the idea of getting nailed in the crotch.

"What a dick-no pun intended- but what a dick." I play with the covers. staring up at the ceiling.

"I wanna go home," I whisper.

"Me too. I miss our bed. I miss having to hear Ash and Sam next door, hearing Korren in the middle of the night....speaking of....how do you think we should tell Pree?" I flinch harshly and turn on my side.

"I think that Jerolin should tell her. You know Pryena, she'll freak out and probably lock her and K..K.Korren in their room or something if we explain it wrong. I don't want them to fight because of us."

He sighs but nod, "You're right...as usual you're right." he kisses my head holding me close. I pat the bed out of habit to call Pez and then sit up quickly.

"Oh My God! Pez! Luke, Pez isn't here! He needs me," I squeal. "He's blind in one eye. And who's gonna feed him?" I haven't slept without him since I moved in with Randy. I hold back tears again, not even sure why I want to cry. I look down at Luke. "He needs me…"

"Oh sweetie it's okay shhh I'll-crap! I chucked my phone!" He says patting around. Cursing under his breath. "Oh now it's on." He grabs his sweats chucking the boxers across the room before sliding into the sweats. He starts looking around for a phone. He goes to the windows trying to open them but he can't get them open. "Fuck!" I cover my face, and let out a small sob.

"Pez… My poor Pez, Luke he's all alone. Who's gonna give him his eyedrops. Or feed him his pez candies? I want him," I whimper. I'm acting like a child, I know it. But I can't help it. I miss him so much already. He's my little guy. He makes me feel better, even though. "He's probably scared. Or what if he thinks we abandoned him!" I jump up, and throw on Luke's sweatshirt. I hit the window trying to break it, but it doesn't work. It's getting hard to breath again. I start pacing, hugging myself and fighting back tears. Another small sob escapes, so I bite down on my fist hard. My knees are shaking badly, I'm not sure how I'm still walking. I don't look at Luke, cause I'm ashamed, I'm acting like this, but I can't help it.

I trip over my feet and faceplant. The action makes my teeth sink into my fist and draw blood. I yelp and then sit back on my knees, tucking my legs underneath me. I have a carpet burn on my forearm and my knee now, but all I can do is stare at the blood running down my fingers. I start trembling so badly that my vision blurs. Blood. Like the life blood of my unborn daughter. I squeeze my hand, letting a little more blood flow out of the bite.

"Pez…" I blubber. "Luke, he's alone…. My poor Pez." I know I'm getting worked up over a cat, but I really just can't help it. It's just another thing to add to the list of things I feel shit about. He goes to the door trying to get the door open growling.

"Damn it! Let us out!! Let us out! Fuckers!!" He rushes over to me and helps me up,"I'll get us out of here I swear it. We'll go get Pez okay? I'm sorry I got you into this shit." He kisses my bleeding hand trying to take the sting away. I nod.

"Not your fault," I mumble. He puts me on the bed and start's beating the windows with the chair from the desk. I flinch each time he hits to window.

"Damn it! Hades! Let's us go!" He yells chucking the chair at the door. Rog opens the door ducking just in time not to get hit by the chair.

"Whoa whoa what's going on here?" I hear a little meowing coming from his arm. I jump up, the sheet catches my foot, and I fall again, but I stumble to my feet. I look at the guy's arm

Pez's head pops out,"Meow?" I gasp and grab him from Rog. I glare up at Rog, not sure why he had my cat.

"Pez," I say. I bury my face in his fur. "Why do you have him?" I demand. "Can we go home?"

"The Lord said you two would want to make sure that he's fine. I also brought you little things from your apartment room thing." Creepy little black things crawl in bringing suit cases from the house.

"We don't wanna stay here! We wanna go home!" Luke yells.

"Well how does it feel to want spoiled brat." Rog says closing the door behind him. Luke quickly tries to open the door but trying was pointless he couldn't get it open.

"Meow meow?" Pez paws my faces playing with my hair. Tears fill my eyes yet again. I don't wanna be here either.

"Fuck!" Pex jumps from Luke yelling. I yelp a little, and stumble to the bathroom with Pez and slam the door shut. I lean against the door and cuddle Pez into my chest. I sllde down the door and sit on the floor. I kiss Pez's head and then his paws and nose. Luke keeps kicking and beating at the door yelling in what sounded like latin.

"Luke!" I scream, wanting him near me, but at the same time wanting to be alone. I'm all sort of mixed up. I set Pez on the floor and then go to curl up in the bathtub. Luke slams his fist into the door one last time, their already bloody from beating on the door. He slides down the door onto the floor.

"Fuck....I'm sorry Piper....I can't break it down." He's panting. He walks over to the broom and rinses off the blood off his hands. I grab Pez and roll over in the tub, facing away from Luke.

"S'okay," I grumble. "You tried." He looks at me and sighs softly.

"Do you want to be left alone with Pez?" I ignore him, relaxing my body, and breathing deeply as I were asleep. He sighs and I hear the door close behind him. I wait for a while just huddled up in the tub. I just lay there staring at the wall. When I'm pretty sure Luke is asleep, or at least close to it, I leave the bathroom, taking Pez with me, and curl up into bed. I curl into a ball with my back to Luke, but as close to him as I can get. I hear Luke breathing slowing as he slips deeper and deeper into sleep. I grab his hand and kiss it, and put his hand on my stomach.

"I wish she was still in there," I whisper. Luke rolls over and kisses my head holding me to his chest. I pet Pez, afraid to sleep so just close my eyes and try to think about what happened between us earlier.


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