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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Ashley willingly went back to bed rest when we had fixed everyone and they all went to bed. She clutches her stomach trying not to cry. I sigh, putting my broken glasses on the table next to the bed. I climb into bed and pull Ashely into my chest. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her temple.

"Do you want to talk about it," I whisper.

"It's its so sad..." She sniffles into my chest. "She didn't even know......" I hold her closer, pressing my face into her neck. I swallow hard, this is a horrible Christmas, even though I'm thankful that Ashley is safe and that Yori is happy for once. If I had just gotten there a few minutes earlier.

"I was...so close to saving it… So close… I had already dealt with most of the bleeding. God….I've never seen anything like it Ashley….. damnit I was so close…" I gasp softly. I shake my head. Losing someone on an operating table is bad, but this… this was probably the worst I've felt other than when Verona brought Ashley in.

Ashley tightness her grip around me rubbing her face in my chest,"Sam I should have gone with you, I...I....god....Sam.....she was so small..." I feel tears soaking my shirt. I hug her tightly, trying to comfort her like she's trying to comfort me. I rub her stomach lightly. The first selfish thought runs through my mind. Thank God it wasn't Ashley.

"No, I'm glad you weren't there. I… I didn't want to see the worst of it. Piper….God…. I didn't know it could be so painful….. There has to be something we can do for them, to help make this easier for them," I whisper.

"Maybe get them a new kitten?" Ashley offers "Or a puppy? Puppys make everyone happy." I nod slowly.

"Maybe that will help….. Ash… I had to make her stop looking at the fetus after she begged me to let her see it…..and the only thing I could think the whole time, was that I was just glad it wasn't you…." my voice cracks a little. "I know I'm a horrible person for thinking that, but I just… I couldn't bare the thought of seeing you like that."

"I'm glad it wasn't just me then." She says hugging me tightly "We can be horrible together."

She coughs and slides her arms down to hold her stomach,"Now I gotta pee." She rolls over an shuffles to the bathroom. "We need to get you new glasses tomorrow, it's about time to. You've needed a check up for a while." I hear her blow her nose trying to stop the crying. I go to make sure she's okay. After today, I may just follow her around like a hawk.

"You're right about the glasses. It's probably a good thing Luke broke them," I say. I should be pissed at Luke for beating the shit out of me, but at the time it felt better than dealing with the emotional pain I was dealing with. I know it's nowhere near as painful as what Piper and Luke must be feeling but, it still hurt. Pree took it hard too. Seeing them like that, practically killed her. Last time I saw her, she was ordering a huge bouquet of flowers, and several other things for them. Even a huge cat scratching post for Piper's cat.

She nods,"Didn't like them anyway. They made you look like an old man."She teases a little washing her face. I go behind her and knead her shoulders lightly. Even pregnant, my Ashley is beautiful. I love her more than anything.

"Contacts or just other glasses then?" She didn't know that the only reason I didn't wear contacts is because Vollen hated that I wore glasses. It was sort of my own rebellious act.

"I like you in glasses, I wouldn't be able to watch you stick something in your eye every day."She shudders at the thought. She pales a little but shakes her head and goes back to bed, she does this when she's feeling a little dizzy or lightheaded. I follow her and climb into bed. She wiggles around so that the back of her body was pinned to my chest. I pull her close and kiss her temple. I love holding her like this. I put my hands on her stomach.

"I love you Ashley," I say softly. "I love you both."

"We love you too." She says softly back. She Grabs one of my hands. "Sam....what if...what if I lose the baby......?" I tense up. The thought already making me tear up. I shake my head.

"I will not let that happen," I tell her. "I will take care of you, and we have an advantage. We know you're pregnant. We can take all the precautions."

"But...what if we get attacked? What if Jacob comes? What if everything starts falling apart!" she starts to panic. I feel her shaking in fear, "What if I trip and fall down the stairs! What if I pull a Piper and trip over my own feet!" I roll her over and kiss her lovingly.

"Don't think like that. You will just stress yourself out. First you won't trip over your own feet. I have never seen someone with the balance you have. Second, we can live in fear about getting attacked or Jacob. Pree and Jerolin will not let them hurt us, plus Pree has been teaching me to fight a little. I will make sure you and the baby are safe. I swear it Ashley." I tell her. She takes in a shaky breath but nods rubbing her face in my chest.

"Promise? Chocolate sprinkles and everything?" I chuckle softly and kiss her again.

"I promise. Chocolate sprinkles and everything," I tell her. "You should rest sweetie. We have alot to do tomorrow."

She bites her lip,"Sam.......now I really want chocolate sprinkles." She looks up at me with that face that says,'Pleeeeeeeeeease' without actually saying it. "With ice cream and fudge." I laugh softly and sit up.

"You got it,' I tell her. "I'll go get you some. Just stay here," I tell her she giggles in happiness.. I stand up and pull on my house shoes.

"Okay I can stay here no problem." She says sitting in a fake statue pose. I chuckle and walk out. I walk to the kitchen to get the ice cream. Lin is making circles on a full cup of whiskey, since Korren was born both Pree and he'd stopped drinking.

"Hows Ash and they baby?"he asks almost forcefully. I grab the ice cream the the freezer and turn to him.

"She's a little shaken up, but she and the baby are okay. She wants ice cream," I tell him. He nods tracing the rim of his drink."Are you okay?"

He sighs and shakes his head,"Pree and Korren are sleeping....I couldn't sleep." he shoves the drink away. Putting his elbows on the counter then his head in his hands. I could already guess that Korren was sleeping with Pree, because Pree wanted him too. I take the cup and dump it down the drain for him."Thank you....been tryin to do that for an hour." I nod and start scooping ice cream.

"No problem….. Have you… heard from….. them?" I ask slowly. Tomorrow will be just as hard for them. I'll have to give Piper a check up, reminding her yet again, what happened. She might even need antidepressants.

"I checked up on then a while ago they were sleeping in the bathtub. I moved them to bed but that's it...." He rubs his face,"How horrible am I that when I saw piper I picture Pryena laying there instead?" I sigh. Thank God I'm not the only one.

"If you're horrible than I'm horrible," I say. I add the fudge to the ice cream and start looking for the sprinkles. Lin rubs his face and slams his head into the counter.

"Good not the only one. What the fuck was he thinking, running off like that. That's normally not Luke at all." I look at him, studying him. I guess Pree and Ash, and me aren't the only ones taking this hard.

"Maybe he was trying to protect Piper.You can't blame him for this Jerolin. Blaming people only makes it worse," I tell him. I finally find the sprinkles and add them to the ice cream.

He sighs rubbing his head,"Yeah...you're right. Hey...do me a favor?"He says standing up. "If I'm not back in the morning tell Pree I just went for a walk alright?" He goes grabbing his coat.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"A walk...to clear my head." He says already out the door closing it behind him. I sigh, I go back up stairs and to our room. I hand Ashley the ice cream and kiss her head.

"I'm gonna do a quick check in on Luke and Piper, okay love?" I say.She nods eating her ice cream with a smile. She giggles like a little kid. I smile and kiss her head. I walk next door and quietly open the door. I freeze, and my breath catches in my throat. The bed is empty. I go to Luke's bathroom, but that's empty too. Shit…. Shit. Shit…. I race back to our room and grab my phone. I dial Lin's number. I glance at Ashley, and wait for him to answer.

"What do you want Sam?" I can hear he's really agitated and somewhere loud.

"Their gone. Luke….. Piper… They are gone. I just checked on them. They aren't there." I hiss into the phone. I debate about waking Pree up, but wait for Lin to reply.

"I know, I just got a text. Don't worry about it. Leave me alone." He hangs up on me. He the king of proper phone etiquette hug up on me! I hope he's not getting into trouble. Pree will have his ass, and then mine for not keeping him here. I sigh in relief. At least they were okay. I hope. I didn't like that they weren't there, but I could deal.

"Sam! Sam! Sam! Sam!" Ashley screams. I jump and look at Ashley. She's kneeling on top of the dresser pointing at a little water bug on the bed."Get it get it get it!" Between her and Pree this was a nightmare. I didn't like her on top of the dresser. I grab a tissue and pick up the bug. I squish it and go throw it in the toilet. I come back in and help her off the dresser.

"There better?" I ask. She nods fast hugging me tightly.

"It was on my hand! It was trying to get to my ice cream!" I chuckle and lay he on the bed. I sit next to her.

"Bugs don't eat ice cream," I say.

"This one did! He was clearly making a charge to the ice cream." I laugh harder and kiss her.

"You are silly. Are you done with your ice cream?" I ask her. She always makes me feel better even when she doesn't mean to. I love her so much.

"Yes, it's all gone." I smile and then lay down next to her

"Then let's get some rest. It's late." I say, cuddling her to my chest.

She makes a face, "But....that's so boring!" she smiles making circles on my chest. "Well....you know what's not boring?" I smile down at her, already knowing where this is going.

"What's not boring?" I ask.

"Well....I'll be too big to have fun here soon...."She says unbuttoning my shirt, "And I'm gonna miss you during that time." I smile and cups her breasts under her shirt. I knead them gently. I kiss her neck softly. She moans softly tilting her head to the side smiling softly.

"I love you Samuel." She breaths.

"I love you too Ashley," I tell her and kiss her passionately.She tangles her fist in my hair smiling.


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