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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Gods damn it! Where the fuck did she go! I clutch Piper to my side, "Pree I swear I saw them! They were right there!" I'm pancing i know but damn it! That bitch attacked me and brainwashed me! I was not going to let that bitch get a hold of Piper! "Can we go. Like now? Please Pree I'm begging you here." Piper clings to my arm nervously. I don't freak out this often and she knows it

"Luke?" she squeaks. Pree nods and whispers in Jerolin's ear. She walks to the stage to get Yori and Rachel. Lin picks up Korren and grabs Ashley pulling them to the corner vanishing in the shadows. Probably teleporting home so that there's no danger to them. I swallow hard looking around. I will kill that bitch. Rachel runs off the stage hiding behind Yori scared out of her mind trying not to cry by the looks of it.

"I don't wanna go back. Please don't let him take me back please." She begs Pree and Yori. Yori holds her close.

"I won't let him take you baby," Yori says. Pree nods, taking a hold of them.

"We'll be back for you Luke. Two seconds," she says. She vanishes with Rachel and Yori.

I nod pulling Piper into the shadows with my back to the wall so no one can sneak up on me I pat my pocket and pull out the dagger that I have in there pulling it out of the sheath. My heart is racing in my chest as my eyes dart around looking for Jamie.

"I will not let her near you Piper I promise." I guard her with my arm looking around. I don't see her. Does she have a harry potter cloak or something from that stupid star trek show Lin watches?! How can two people just vanish!? Piper clings to my arm.

"I don't understand what's going on?" Piper squeaks.

"When Pree first came they used me to try and kill her by putting chips in my head. I saw the bitch that tricked me into getting them and the guy who raped Rachel." I explain glaring around for them. Piper touches the back on my neck, where the scar is, tracing it.

"You saw her here? Where is she?" she asks. I flinch softly as she touches the scare not from pain just by the memory.

"They were in the back row. I think they were planning on taking Rachel or something." I growl speaking of Rachel where the fuck was Pree!? I growl pulling her outside wrapping my jacket around her. "Just stay close okay? I won't let them touch you." I hiss the bar was only about a mile from here, but in a foot of snow it was a long walk. I look around sliding my dagger up my sleeve. I pull her to a car that was next to us I kneel down like I dropped my keys. But I break into the car picking the lock opening it. I Unlock the other side and lead Piper to the door putting her in the car buckling her up before going to my side getting in.Piper stares at me with wide eyes, but doesn't say anything. I reach under the steering wheel ripping the panel out touching the red and blue wire together starting the car up. I miss the days where you could just stab the car lock and start the car.I start driving carefully home keeping my eyes out for Hunters.

"Oh Luke, did you forget how easy it was to follow you," I hear her voice, but I don't see her.

in the rear view mirror stomping on the breaks to get my dagger out but I'm too slow something pins me to my chair with something to my throat. Most likely a knife or something.

"You son of a bitch. Touch her I'll kill you." I hiss. Piper gasps. She stiffens too, and swallows hard. Like she's afraid to move.

"Luke…" she whispers hoarsely.

"It's okay Piper. She's just a worthless shit head Hunter who can't have a brain of her own so she has to shared it with that dick of a fuck up leader of hers." I snap. The knife tightens on my throat.

"I like your new slut," Jamie sneers. "She's ugly though, and so not in your league. I'd be doing you a favor by killing her." Piper whimpers. A bead of blood runs down her throat. Just a small one. There must be two people in the car.

"Prettier than your fat ass. And if you touch her I'll rip your guts out and keep you alive to watch the vultures eat you. What do you want Jamie so I can tell you to piss off already." I hiss if I could get to my phone without them seeing I could dial Pree's number. I try moving my hand to push my phone out of my pocket but something pins my wrist on my thigh.

"Please…. don't hurt him," Piper hiccups. Jamie laughs at her.

"How precious! She's trying to protect you," Jamie giggles. "But it's not going to work." Piper squeezes her eyes shut, her bottom lip trembles.

"What the fuck do you want?!" I demand. I remember that I had slid my dagger up my sleeve. I can try and cut who was ever holding Piper and push her out of the car before stomping on the gas. I'd probably die but if they were away from Piper I wouldn't care. Piper is shaking badly. She starts glowing little. The glowing messes up their powers your something, because I can see Jamie flickering a little. She's behind Piper. i go to lash my dagger at her but who's ever behind me grabs my other wirst and slams it into my thigh.

"Gah!" My dagger goes into my thigh. Fucking son of a mother fucking bitch! Piper shrieks.

"Luke!" she cries out. Jamie snickers, and I see her grab a fist full of Piper's hair pulling her head back. Tears roll down her cheeks

"You bitch! Let her go! You can take me but just leave her alone!" I yell breathing hard from the ain I'm refusing to show while in front of Piper.

"You kissed me, you know?" Jamie says. I can't see her anymore.

"I don't remember half the shit that happened the few days I was a Hunter!" I yell desperately trying to find a way out of this. Damn it Pree! Where were you when I needed you!? "Look you can take me back you can re chip me and I'll do whatever you want! Just please!....Don't hurt her." I glance to where I last seen Jamie. "Please..."

"No!" Piper gasps. "Luke you can't leave me."

"Piper please be quiet." I tell her not looking at her. "Jamie....please....." Piper glances at me, more tears rolling down her cheeks. She pleads with her eyes.

"You know, I might have taken you up on that offer, if I hadn't of gotten punished for failing to use you to get Pryena," she hisses.

"You didn't I failed! I got a baseball bat to the head and Pree used her mind voodoo on me. Jamie please! I'll take the same punishment you did times ten just please!" I beg looking at the seat jamie was sitting in, "Please Jamie....just take me and leave Piper alone....please...."

"Okay then," Jamie says after a moment of silence. Piper gasps and looks at me.

"No…. No! Jamie don't hurt him please," Piper squeaks. "Luke you can't do this. You can't!" It happens quickly. My door opens, and someone pushes me out. Piper screams my name and I go rolling in the snow. I watch as the car takes off slamming straight into a pole.

"No!" I scream "Piper!" I grunt using newspaper stand to help me stand as I hobble my way over to the car tears rolling down my face. I grab my phone calling Sam as I rip open the passenger door cupping Pipers face. "Piper? Piper please be okay please please please please be okay." She looks at me, pushing the airbag out of her face. She's got a few scraps, and instant bruises. She looks at me, and groans.

"I'm okay," she says. softly. "Are you?"

I throw my phone into the snow and pull her out of the car pulling her into my lap rocking her. "Thank you thank you thank you." I chant sending a thousand thank you to all the Gods that pop into my head.

"Luke where the hell are you Pree is looking for you?" Sam hisses on the speaker.

I shake picking up my phone taking off the speaker phone. "Sam Sam we need your help Jamie and some other hunter trapped us in a car and they crashed it into a pole. Piper was in the car still they shoved me out." my voice is shaking. I bury my face in Pipers chest holding back the sob of relief that her heart was still beating. Piper gasps in pain. and double over.

"Okay, we are on our way," Sam says. "Pree!" The phone cuts off. Piper grabs a fistful of my shirt.

"Luke!" She groans in pain. "Gah… it… It hurts." She holds her stomach.

"What hurts baby? I ask looking over her chest and back I look down and gasp her jeans and the snow around her was red from blood. I look at her, "I swear Piper if you started your period right now I'm gonna kill you." I hiss laying her down doing what Sam taught me. When someone is bleeding you have to find the source. I lift up her shirt her stomach had a huge bruise on it, Gods she must be bleeding internally. Fuck! I can't do anything! I pick Piper up and put her in my lap rocking her. "Sam's coming love Sam's coming I swear please please just stay awake okay?" She nods, gritting her teeth. She lets out a cry in pain. She squeezes my arm tightly, and her other hand grabs a fistful of snow. More blood stains her jeans.

"Luke….God….it hurts. It hurts!" She shrieks loudly. She's panting and she squeezes her eyes shut. "It Hurts!!" I rock her holding her to my chest, I feel so useless! I can't do anything! I can only watch her scream in agony. Gods please please please save her please! I kiss her head.

"Sam's coming please please just hold on please." I beg. Pree appears out of nowhere, with Sam. Sam is already digging through his bag, he freezes, seeing the blood.

I look up at pre tears rolling down my face,"I tried...I tried but I..too slow too slow Pree..." I look over at Sam,"What are you doing! Snap out of it! Save her! Please Sam please!" Pree kneels next to me, and runs a hand through my hair.

"You did what you could. It's not your fault Luke. Don't you dare blame yourself. I won't listen to you blame yourself. This is nothing compared to what I've gotten myself into," Pree says. Piper screams. Sam starts to attach a device I've never seen before.

"Shit...shit….." he hisses.

"Shit? That's not something I wanna hear right now Sam!" I yell. Piper cups herself between her legs and shrieks, crying. Sam moves her hands, and looks at me.

"Don't get mad," he snaps. He yanks off her jeans, and I see where the blood is coming from. I cover my mouth. Piper grabs her thighs, digging her nails into her skin. She's breathing heavily, and sweating.

"No....no no no no Sam don't tell me what I think is happening ...don't you dare say it...please tell me its not...." I look at Pree then back to Sam. Sam grits his teeth and nods. Pree gasps, she grabs her phone and dials a number.

"Linny, bring a blanket now! Tell Ash to get a bath ready and Tell Kane to watch Korren. Keep Korren in his room." she hisses. she hangs up quickly. Sam attaches another device.

I kiss Piper gently,"Sams going to fix you Sam's gonna fix everything okay?" I don't even recognize my own voice. Piper nods, crying from the pain.

"Why….Why...d...does…..it...hurt?!" She cries. I look at Sam and shake my head grabbing fistfuls of my hair I can't even say it. I rock leaving Piper in the snow I shake my head. No no no no this can't be happening I must have fell asleep in the show. This isn't happening this isn't happening! She couldn't have been pregnant! We didn't use a condom one time! Lin appears with a blanket handing it to Pree looking down he sucks in a breath instantly know what happened. Piper lets out a weak scream. She relaxes a little, her fingernails still digging into her thighs. She's gasps for breath, and her eyes flutter shut.

"Don't let her sleep!" Sam hisses. I hear him but I don't...I can't react I hold my head rocking. Lin curses shaking Piper moving me out of the way.

"Piper piper you listen to my voice now if you go to sleep I'm gonna hang luke by his thumbs in the basement and beat the shit out of him. This won't happen if you stay away understand?" He orders. She opens her eyes and nods.

"Fuck!" Sam yells. "Damnit! I…. I'm too late…. Piper, Luke I'm so sorry! I couldn't save it." He slams a fist into the car.

"S...Sa...Save it?" Piper croaks. "Sa….save what?"

I didn't need to be cursed for what happened next. I grab Sam and throw him into the street I get on top of him and start beating the shit out of him. I don't even care that it wasn't his fault I had to do something! If I wasn't stupidly paranoid and waited this wouldn't have happened! I know tears are hitts Sam's face as I beat the shit out of him. I was too stupid to do anything to stop the bleeding...I should have known! I should have known!

"Luke! Stop now!" Pree yells, her voice is echoy, and she tackles me to the ground. Sam coughs and sputters. I let out a sob in the snow clinging to Pree like she was a life preserver> I was drowning in my own pain and hatred.

Lin leans down and whispers something in Pipers ear. Piper gasps.

"No!" She yelps weakly. "No… No…. No….. No….Luke….I...I'm so sorry….I'm so sorry…." She starts crying.

"We have to get her home." Lin says picking her up wrapping her up in the blanket him and Sam vanish with her. I sob in Pree's chest. She rocks me, running her hand through my hair.

"I killed it I killed it! I was so stupid! Gods Damn it! I fucked up and killed the baby! My baby!" Pree pushes me back and slaps me hard. I flinch looking at her tears rolling down my face.

"Stop it, Godsdamnit! You didn't kill the baby. Jamie did. Vollen did. Don't blame yourself Luke," Pree snaps.

"I should have waited! If I wasn't so fucking paranoid I wouldn't have left the fucking building and stolen the damn car! And Jamie and ..and...it's all my fault." I rock pulling on my hair. Pree slaps me again and then cups my face.

"Listen to me Luke. Jamie would have still cornered you no matter what. That's how Hunter's are. She wouldn't have rested. She might have even waited until you and Piper were asleep and killed her in her sleep. Stop fucking blaming yourself. I know you're hurting. I know it, but so is Piper, she needs you. You two need to mourn together," she hugs me. "Im so sorry Luke. I'm so sorry."

I cling to her digging my nails into her back I'm clutching to her so tight, I shake my head pushing myself away wiping my face take a deep breath and pull my dagger out of my thigh. My pant leg is soaked with blood I look around growling. I stand up and lip looking around.

"I WILL KILL YOU YOU SORRY SON OF A BITCH!! I WILL GUT YOU AND MAKE YOU WATCH! I WILL DRAG YOU TO HADES AND WATCH YOU BURN!" I fall back onto my knees too weak to stay standing. "I will kill them...I will kill them....." I chant rocking....everything but my voice turns into a buzzing sound I fell more than here Pree trying to get my attention. I just stare at the snow that soaked up the life blood of my child. Pree shakes me.

"Luke, I need to get you back. I swear on everything, that you will get your revenge. I will make sure it happens Luke. I swear to you," she says. I look at her shaking but I nod wrapping an arm weakly around her shoulders so she can help me up. She helps me up, and we vanish, appearing back into the bar.

"Sam! Luke's bleeding!" Ashley yells running over with a blanket wrapping it around me. "When your better I'm beating the shit you of you for breaking his nose." She hisses I glance down at her tiny baby bump and flinch. She and Pree lead me to sit on a stool. She rips open my jeans wrapping a device around my leg. She takes a deep breath concentrating on healing my thigh I don't even flinch at the pain. I just stare numbly out into the bar.

Pree squeezes my shoulder. Sam comes into the room. His face is swollen, but it looks like Ashley, healed some of it. He sighs.

"How is she?" Pree asks.

"She's in the bath, refusing any medicine for the pain and she's not talking to anyone," he says. He comes over to me and examines me. "Luke are you injured anywhere else?" I don't answer him, the numbness taking over me completly.My eyes are drooping as I just stare off into the space in front of me. I know I'm breathing...I know I'm alive....but I feel so dead… Pree kisses my cheek, and shakes me a little.

"Luke, don't you shut down too," she says softly. "Look at me please."I lazily look at her without turning my head. "Remember, you aren't the only one that lost a child Luke." She says it gently.

II flinch hanging my head...."How.....how....do...do I comfort someone........I...don't even know what to say to her.......I don't..."I sigh giving up on my words. Pree runs a hand through my hair.

"Sometimes you don't have to say anything. Actions speak louder than words. Maybe the words will just come to you," Pree says.

I can feel the tears burning in my eyes I look up at Rachel and Yori my anger directed to them, I stand and walk over to them"I hope your fucking worth it Repogirl."I slam Yori into the wall and go into the bathroom.

I look to see Piper soaking in the tub it was slightly pink from blood. "Pipes.....I...I...." I hang my head kneeling in front of the bathtub."I'm so so sorry. I was so stupid. I'm so sorry." She looks away from me, unable to face me. Tear trek down her face.

"My fault," she hiccups.

I shake my head grabbing her hand,"no it's mine. I shouldn't have been so paranoid. Lin or Pree would have came and we would have been fine.....Gods I'm so sorry." She pulls her hand out of mine and covers her face.

"It's my fault! I knew I was late…. I knew. I just…. I thought….. it had happened before, before I met you. I thought… I thought my period was just acting up. I….I should have told you. I should have said something about it, but… I… I… I'm the stupid on Luke. It's my fault. I killed your baby. I'm so sorry." She was crying softly.

I throw my phone out side of the bathroom and crawl into the tub with her pulling her into my lap. She tries to pull away, fighting me a little, like she was punishing herself, and not allowing her to touch me. She gives up after a moment and sags against me. "Don't....please...if you value my sanity don't blame yourself or call yourself stupid...please I beg you..." I kiss her head. "W..we'll try again okay? He or she is now waiting for us up there where ever he/she is.......I think it was a girl......" I swallow hard leaning my head back so that the tears don't fall. "We need to name her. She deserves a name." I kiss her head,"How about Diane...?" I offer the name. Piper nods and sniffles.

"I...I like that," she stutters. "Diane...is...on the counter…." She nods to wooden box. "I asked Sam to let me see her…"

I look over and my heart breaks even more. "We'll find a nice hill with a tree and flowers. Somewhere where she can grow with nature around her and...and watch the sun rise and set." My voice cracks a little but I clear my throat. I have to be strong for her right now. She turns, wincing a little and press her face in my neck. She's trembling but I don't feel anymore tears.

"Will you let Sam give you medicine? Please?" She stiffens a little, but nods once.

"I guess so," she whispers.

I kiss her head,"D...do you...do you want to try again?" She nods again.

"Yes…..but not now… hurt too much right now…." she hiccups.

I kiss her head,"We won't turn into Sam and Ashley...it'll happen when it happens." She nods slowly, laying her head on my chest. She takes a shuddery breath.

"Don't….Don't hate...me for killing her…" she whispered, closing her eyes.

"It wasn't your fault...I swear to you...I swear on the river of styx I will watch Jamie burn in hell. I will watch her die for what she did to us."

"I want to kill her," she says. Did she really say that? My sweet Piper? Her head droops as she falls asleep. I flinch but hold her draining the now lukewarm water and refilling the tub with warmer water. I hug Piper close to my chest and kiss her head.The days events hitting me hard as I drift off to sleep.


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