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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I slowly pull my eyes open. God my head hurts. Why does it hurt? Oh yeah, cause Lin knocked me out. The bastard. I gasp, remembering why he knocked me out. I sit up and look to my bed where Rachel usually sleeps. She's not there. In fact the bed looks like it hasn't even been slept in.

"We're gonna miss you Rach, you've added a little excitement to everything around here." I hear Lin from outside say.

"I miss you too, you make me happy cause you don't get mad at me all time." Rachel says softly to him. I scramble to my feet and run out. My bare feet slapping the floor.

"Rachel!"I yell. I have to stop her. I want to apologize for what I did. I want to tell her how I feel. I want to kiss her until she understands that I don't want her to go. "Rachel!"

"Bye Pree me miss playing with Korren, me send him presents all time okay?" She giggles. I hear Pree kiss her cheek and laugh.

"Okay. Stay out of trouble, and come back soon," she says.

"I promise." She says.

"Come child it's time to go."I hear another womans voice. No! No! I race into the room .

"Rachel!" I yell, gasping for breath. "Wait!!" She waves as she turns into mist mouthing 'Bye Yori'.She's gone. "No!" I turn to face Pree and Lin glaring at them.

"It's for the best Yori," Pree says.

"It was the best thing for her Yori. She needs a place where she can mess up but not get hurt."Lin echos. I'm shaking in anger, still glaring at them

"You didn't even let me say goodbye," I hiss. 'You didn't let me talk to her, and apologize and tell her how I feel." I shove past them, stomping away. Pree grunts a little and grabs my shoulder. She digs her nails into my shoulder. I push her hand off.

"Hey don't get mad at us cause you were to slow." lin says I turn to him.

"I just woke up, cause someone knocked me out. Why didn't you wake me up?" I snap.

"Athena wanted to take her straight away. And Rachel didn't want to have to say goodbye to you." I growl and stomp to my room, slamming the door shut, locking it and sit down on my bed. There's a little note on the nightstand,

I sorry me no good. Me go now so me no make you mad no more.

-rachel :(

I crumble the note in my fist and put my head in my hands. So she did leave because of what I did. God, I'm so stupid. I was so close to telling her how I feel. Why didn't I do it sooner? Why the hell did I yell at her like that. There is a soft knock on the door

"Yori…." Pree says. I turn to my nightstand and crank up my ipod stereo, making it clear that I didn't want to talk to her, or anyone. It was one of the Jpop songs Rachel liked to listen to sometimes.

"Did you forget that I can poof into any room I so choose to?" Lin sys suddenly appearing in my room. I groan and flip him the bird.

"No, but you obviously forgot how rude it is to just walk in on someone," I say. My anger is draining, but I still don't want to talk to anyone.

"I'm not walking in on someone I'm walking in on you." He comes and sits on the bed. "Yori....you really can't be mad at us. She didn't want you to see her leave." I shake my head, it's still in my hands, and so is the note. I laugh bitterly.

"I'm not mad at you or Pree. I'm sorry I lashed out," I tell him. I can't believe she's really gone. I wont get to wake up to her staring at me, waiting for me to wake up.

"She'll be back when she's ready Yori...She left thinking about you." I snort and slam the note onto my nightstand.

"Yeah, I know…..She left because of me." I sigh. "I don''t wanna talk about it Lin." Pree poofs into my room next. She stumbles a little and grabs onto Lin to right herself.

"Still getting use to that," she says to him, she turns to me, scowling. "Don't push us away like this Yori. You always do this. You always shut us out when you're upset."

"What do you want me to say Pree?" I hiss. Pree crosses her arms over her chest, and narrows her eyes at me. "You want me to talk about my feelings? Tell you how I feel so that you can just tell me what I want to hear to make me feel better? I get that you care and you wanna help, but….Jesus Pree, I screwed up. Talking about won't make me feel better." I'm not yelling her, its just a harsh whisper.

Lin puts a hand on my shoulder,"Yori....I don't know what I can do to help you..."He pushes pause on my ipod. "But I do know locking yourself up isn't the answer."He stands up pulling Pree with him. "You have today to mope around but tomorrow your ass is working double shifts." I sigh and hit play again.

"How is Luke?" I ask to switch the subject.

Lin chuckles,"He's having a hard time. He should be coming up out of it here soon." He laughs opening the door for Pree. Pree snickers walking out.

"You could say that Piper is really bending backwards to help him," she adds over her shoulder.

Lin laughs,"That's a good one." Pree laughs harder and kisses his cheek.

"I know." she says. Okay, so I can fill in the blanks. Guess it's not only Sam and Ash going at it. Great. This is awesome. I wish Ash would get pregnant already. I don't know how Sam hasn't dried up yet.

"You should see him at the bar after Ash goes to sleep." He tells me. "He's passed out on the bar at least ten times." I sigh. I'm not surprised really. I lay back onto my bed, which still smells like her.

Week 1

"Yori! Pay attention! Your spillin the whiskey!" Luke yells at me as he's putting drinks onto Pipers tray. I jolt a little. Shit these double shifts are kicking my ass. I blink and shake my head. I clean up the spilled whiskey. Piper stares at the tray nervously. She's already dropped two. Thankfully not on people, or we'd probably get sued. I almost don't like working with her, but she keeps a good humor and cheers every time she drops something like she's doing it on purpose. It's actually kinda funny now. Even the people are starting to cheer.

"Sorry," I tell Luke. I wipe down the bar and fix the drink I had been pouring. I slide the order down the bar and watch the dancers. Kane comes over handing something to Luke he laughs and nods stuffing it in his pocket. Roger keeps the beat well and blends a lot of music together but makes it sounds bad ass. My thoughts go to Rachel, and that night I danced with her. God I miss her. I look at Luke and raise an eyebrow at him.

"Letters from my mom." He does that 'I'm lying' smile. I roll my eyes, and go to take another order. Piper comes running back up the the bar, grinning.

"I did it!" she says, every time she delivers an order without dropping it. She starts to sit down on a stool, misses the stoll and if she hadn't of caught herself on the bar she would have hit her ass. "Oops." She giggles

Kane hands her a letter too,"And there's one for you too." She takes it and smiles at him. She turns to Luke and hands him another order to fill, blowing him a kiss. Luke catches it and puts it behind his ear turning around to start filling the order. They were grossly cute. I snort making a dry martini for the already drunk slutty looking girl, trying to hit on….. well anything that moved. I am going to have to cut her off after this one.

"Awww thats so cute, she spelled my name right." Luke says reading his letter as he puts the drinks on the tray. I frown at him.

"Well of course she would, if she named you," I say, trying to catch him in a lie.

He just rolls his eyes smiling,"What'd she write you about babe?" Piper reads her letter and smiles brightly.

"Just about how she misses me and stuff like that," she says.

"She's getting good, I don't even have to have Pree read it to me now that her hand writting has improved." Kane says. They all laugh. I feel like they are all keeping something from me, and I don't like it.

"What are you all going on about?" I demand.

"Nothin you need to worry yourself about man." Kane says kissing Pipers head,"I'll take this one off your hands you sit and rest your feet darlin we're going shoe shopping tomorrow and I don't need your feet swollen." He smiles taking the tray walking off. Luke chuckles going down the edge of the bar to serve drinks. I growl, slamming a bottle onto the shelf and making the orders rattle. I turn to take some more orders. Fine let them keep their secrets.

"Excuse me, I am not a piece of meat, I am a living being, stop staring at me, before my boyfriend kicks your ass," I hear Piper say. Shit, we don't need to have Luke pissed off, and Lin coming down here and yelling at us. I go over to them, and narrow my eyes at the guy that sat next to her.

"Pips, come over here and sit on this side," I tell her. I hold out my hand to help her over and she takes it and I carefully help her over. She drops the letter, and I sneak it into my pocket. Luke comes over smiling and kisses her cheek before going back to work. She giggles and checks out his ass. While she's doing that I look down at the letter.

Dear Piper,

Hi! Me learning lots and lot's. Athena be really nice and smart! Aphrodite taught me to control my chipy powers so I no make Sam crazy! Me learn to write Luke's name too! I miss you bunches!

~Rachel <3

I swallow the sudden lump in my throat, and blink back the burning tears in my eyes. She's writing them? And not me. Does she hate me that much? I slam the letter down, making Piper yelp a little, and turn to me. She sees the letter and her eyes widen.

"Oh Yori," she says. I shake my head at her. To cut her off. Did Rachel even miss me like I miss her. Piper opens her mouth to say something else but I hold up my hand.

"Don't. I don't wont to hear it," I tell her. She snaps her mouth shut and glances at Luke. She looks back at me. I pour myself a shot of tequilla and down it before turning away to work quickly.

One month;October

"You can't be serious Pree...You didn't dress him up like that." Lin pinching the bridge of his nose shaking his head. Pree smiles sweetly at him, strapping on his fake sword.

"I think it's cute!" Kane says pinching Korren's cheeks. "He's gotten so big!"

"Why not? He is cute like this," she says. "I'll be right back. I need to get changed too." she says, kissing the top of Korren's head and then Lin's cheek. She runs upstairs.

"I don't understand this whole trick or treating thing." Lin says. Ash comes out smiling wearing a super girl outfit that consisted of blue and red booty shorts and a tube top that showed her whole stomach and most of her cleavage with a tiny ass red cap behind her. Sam walks out smiling. He's wearing a matching Superman outfit, only thank god wasn't revealing. He grabs her ass. I snort and took another shot. Piper comes down the stairs, walking carefully. The other day she took a nasty fall down the stairs and broke her wrist. Sam fixed her up, but it was still sore and wrapped in an ace bandage. She was dressed in short white dress and hung low on her back. She had a halo on her head and glitter on her face. She has bright red lipstick on her lips. There is an opening at her belly button, showing off her belly button ring.

Luke comes out with black leather pants and a red leather vest.He's wearing huge military boots with horns on his head he smiles looking up at Piper. He's even scruffy looking with his beard unshaven. Piper smiles up at him and hugs him happily.

"Pez! Here kitty kitty! Come show everyone your costume! I think Kane is going to love it!" she says. Pez darts down the stairs, meowing in complaint, and I can see that he's dressed as a hot dog.

Luke laughs with Kane. Kane is all blue from head to toe but he hasn't told anyone why. Roger comes in,"Hey I got everything Kane." Kane grins and they run off to the back room laughing. I huff.

"I feel like I'm missing something." Lin grumbles leaning against the bar in jeans and a bar-t-shirt.

"You are. I'm more dressed up than you are. and I don't even wanna go. Pree is going to insist the you get into your costume," I grunt. Sure I was just in jeans and a t shirt that said Costume, but at least I was here. Piper grips onto Luke's shoulders to brace herself as she brought out her wings. Korren is trying to chase Pez around.

He groans,"I'm not wearing a dress." okay in reality Pree got in a toga. "Korren be careful remember be nice to the kitten and he won't scratch you. And then I won't have to kill it." Pree comes down in a very short, and revealing maid outfit. I have a feeling she didn't get it from a Halloween store. She is wearing fishnet stockings. The fluffy shirt, was black and white was so short that I didn't want her to bend over. The top revealed more of her cleavage then I would have liked, and she had a feather duster.

"Damn!" Luke and Lin say at the same time. Piper smacks Luke's chest playfully.

"Hey!" she says, pouting.

"Sorry Piper, took me surprise is all. YOu know I love you." He kisses her cheek so then he doesn't get lipstick on him. Lin blinks. Pree walks over to him and flicks the feather duster at him.

"I had to pick this one," she says and then looks at Ashley, "Since SOMEONE took the sexy Super girl outfit," she teases. Sam grins at Pree and kisses Ashley hard.

"My Supergirl," he says.

"I like halloween." He says.

But no one was ready to see what Kane and Roger came out as. They have no shit made themselves into Avatars dreadlocks and all. It was like the fucking walked straight out of the damn movie. They had painted their whole body blue with strips and everything!

"We win." They say together laughing. I nod.

"I agree with them. Their costume is badass," I say. I pour another shot. Pree frowns at me.

Luke,"Damn guys that's why you bought all that blue paint? Damn do you know how long ya'll are gonna be in the shower?"Kane grins like Luke is missing the whole point.

Roger laughs, "No shit sherlock." I chuckle softly, and down the shot. Piper blushes but smile at them

"I love it! You guys look awesome," she says. Pree snatches Korren as he runs passed her.

"Really guys. Its awesome," she says. She flips Korren over haning him upside-down and swings him from side to side. "Tick tock the baby clock." Sam scratches his head looking at Kane and Roger.

"They're from that movie we watched the other night right?" he asks Ashley. I forget how much he doesn't know about movies. I sigh, I love all these people, but it doesn't feel right. I don't feel right. I feel empty and lonely. It's not just because of all the couples around me. I miss her so much. There hasn't been a day where I haven't thought about her. Every day that passes I miss her more. It hurts that I still haven't gotten a letter from her. I guess she still hates me. I pour me another shot and down it. I'm barely starting to feel the effects of the liquor, but I need more. Anything to fill this emptiness. I don't even want to do out tonight, but Pree is making me.

"Tick, tock the baby clock," Pree coos Korren, swinging him upside down again.

Lin laughs and suddenly he's wearing a gladiator costume like Korrens except his is real. "Ready."

A letter appears on the bar labeled everyone, I sigh turning away and just taking a chug out of the bottle. Tear burn in the back of my eyes. Now I really don't want to do out.

Lin opens it and laughs,"Looks like she's going out too! Look she gave us a picture!"

"Ooo what is she dressed as," Piper asks, walking over. Pree puts Korren down and leans over to look.

"Rapunzel." Lin looks to me and hands it to me. "You need this more than we do." I swallow the lump in my throat.

"Why she didn't send it to me," I say, but I grab the picture and look at it. She's dressed in a beautiful pink and purple dress with flowers braided in her hair. She has a huge smile on her face. But I can't tell where she's at.

"She sent it to everyone. Must I show you the envelope?" I grit my teeth and swallow hard again. I tuck the picture carefully into my pocket. God I wish she was here with me.

"I think I'm gonn stay in tonight," I say softly. I grab the bottle and head to my room.


"Why is there so many holidays?" Lin asks, again Pree teaching him something new. She shrugs sticking a huge turkey in the over. She licks the sauce off her fingers and turns to check the boiling eggs. Lin tries to sneak a bite of stuffing when shes not looking.

"I saw that," she says. He frowns stuffing his hands in his pocket.

"Why cook the food if you can't eat it?"

"You can eat it, when everything else is ready," she says smiling. Piper comes in, carrying a really pretty center peice and she made out of sticks, autumn leaves, oine cones, and acorns. It looks like a turkey. She places it on the counter and goes to wash her hands.

"You didn't even let Korren lick the pie spoon." Pree looks at him.

"Did you want to deal with Korren on another sugar rush?" she says. We all know it was Lin who wanted the spoon. He shuffles his feet pouting a little. Ash comes in sighing she must have tested negative again or Sam and her got into an argument. Piper looks at her, and frowns.

"What's wrong Ashley?" she asks. I'm currently leaning against the back counter, playing a game on my ipod. I look up after I die.

"Sam and I got into a fight......" She says softly. Piper hugs her.

"I'm sorry. Anything I can do?" she says

"Want me to kick his ass? This is Thanksgiving! He needs to get over whatever it is," Pree says.

"He wants me to go on fertility pills but I don't want to. Firstly they taste like Lin's waffles-"

"Hey! That was one time!" Lin yells in defense.

Ash chuckles softly,"And two because..... I don't think I want to try anymore." She says softly. Pree frowns, mixing the cranberries. Ash looks at her, "Don't tell me that you're on his side Pree....Please don't."

"Actually, I wasn't going to say that. Maybe you two are trying too hard. Give yourself a break. Have sex to have fun. You two are stressing too much about it, and maybe that's what's making it hard," Press says. Piper nods in agreement.

"That's what I told him....but.....he doesn't think that." She sighs running a hand through her hair."I took another test we'll see but I doubt it."

"Sam is stressing about it too," I speak up softly. I hardly speak much anymore. "He doesn't like it when you're upset, and he blames his self for all of the negatives. Maybe that's why he's stressing it. I agree with Pree though." Piper blinks at me, and then busys herself with the centerpeice.

Luke jumps in,"I agree but only because I'm tired of being next door to the both of you." He smiles and winks at her. Count on Luke to be the comic relief of the family. Ash hugs me tight, shaking a little.

"Thank you Yori...you always make me feel better."

"You're welcome," I say softly. Pree grabs the baby monitor hooked to her hip and holds it to her ear. Sure Korren was getting older, but in a place this big, the baby monitor is still useful.

"Crap Korren is awake," she hisses.

"I got him love." Lin says kissing her head jogging up the stairs. Ash hangs her head going to the table to start setting it. Kane was in Utah visiting with Roger's family they were getting really close, I think I keep seeing Kane looking at rings. Piper squeaks and swears softly.

"Damnit," she says. She goes to the sink to runs water over a bleeding finger.

Luke chuckles,"That is the only injury you're allowed today alright babe?" She grins at him and nods, pulling out a My Little Pony band-aid and wrapping it around her finger.

"Got it baby. Look at my turkey!" she says. I go back to my game. Pree checks the turkey and fist pumps the air. I hear someone running up, and at first I think it's Lin with Korren, but Sam runs in, grabs Ashley and kisses her hard and lovingly. He smiling hugely. He pulls away smiling down at her.

"Check it out sweetie," he says, holding up the pregnancy test. Ash sighs softly looking down. She gasps.

"A...ar..e...it....it....I...I'm...." She looks up at him an screams laughing hugging him. He spins her around before setting her on her feet. He kisses her again.

"Oh crap! I drank a glass of wine! Shit now the baby is gonna get sick!" He chuckles and shakes his head.

"Actually wine isn't bad for the baby, but don't drink too much of it. After today bed rest." Sam orders.

"Aww you're gonna be one of those?" She whines. He nods and puts a hand on her stomach. Pree squeals and hugs them both.

"Yay! I'm not gonna be the only mommy! Ooo I still have my pregnancy shirts that you can use," Pree says. I smile, a little, but then just go back to my game.

"That's awesome," Piper says. "Congratulations."

"Best Thanksgiving ever!" Ashley yells hugging Sam tight.

Luke leans over and whispers something in Pipers ear whatever he says makes her blush. Not one of my favorite Thankgivings. I still have that emptiness I can't fill, and Pree is keeping a close eye on my drinking.

Luke:I can't wait to see you smile like that.


"Shh don't wake him up." Kane says softly I must have passed out on the couch. I groan, softly pulling the covers over my head. My head is killing me, and I didn't even drink. I just couldn't sleep.

"But Kane s-" Ash says.

"Shhh! Lin said to wait. So we're gonna wait." They're talking at the bar. I hear a lot of footsteps coming down the stairs. I hear someone walking over to me and a lot of giggling. This is pissing me off. Last time I sleep on the couch. I think I still have my shoes on. Oh yeah, I remember, I went for a walk and got into a fight with a mugger.

"Yori are you awake?" Lin asks. I roll over burying my face in the cushion. I don't even want to deal with today. Maybe I can spike some eggnog while Lin isn't looking. I just want this feeling to go away. I'm tired off all this. One night, I snuck into the bar, when I knew Pree was asleep, and drank until I couldn't see straight. Pree ended up kicking my ass, and then later having a huge talk with me. By talk I mean yelling.

"Yori you have to open you present." Lin says putting a hand on my shoulder. "I promise you'll like this." I huff, not pulling the covers down.

"Just leave it on the table," I say.

"I don't think this particular gift can sit on the table until you decide to get off your ass." He says but he's smiling about it. Pree stomps over and yanks than blankets off me. The light blinds me and I hiss.

"I hate morning people," I groan.

"Good, you and Piper have something in common, at least your hair looks better than hers in the morning. Now get up," Pree orders. Piper smooths her hair at her comment.

"Hey, my hair isn't that bad in the morning, is it?" she says and then shakes her head.

"No love it's not she's just teasing." Luke says kissing her head. "I like you "bed" hair."he winks at her chuckling. She blushes but smiles. She looks at me. Sam has an arm around Ashley's waist resting a hand on her stomach. She has her hands over his smiling softly.

"Come on Yori....your gift is waiting." Lin says he still has a smile on his face. Hell they all do. I groan and sit up. I rub my eyes, and comb my fingers through my hair. I push to my feet slowly and stretch.

"It's over there." Lin says nodding his head to the hall way. I groan again, and shuffle slowly. Fuck, I hate holidays more and more. I'm going to have to watch Pree and Lin spoil Korren and kiss each other lovingly. Piper and Luke will tease each other, and then cuddle. Sam with tend to every one of Ashley's need, pampering her like a queen.

"Hello Yori." That voice.......that sweet sweet voice. I freeze in my tracks and swallow hard. My whole body turns hot and cold at the same time.

"R...Rachel," I stutter, stupidly.

She comes out from the shadow of the hallway. wearing skinny jeans and a dressy red shirt that hangs off her shoulders. Her hair is curled up and pinned up so that it's not in her face. Two little curls cupping her face. "Merry Christmas Yori." She says offering me a box with a bow on it.I can feel everyone watching us. I reach out, and I'm a little embarrassed that my hands are trembling. I cup her cheek, and nearly groan feeling how warm and soft her skin is. I swallow hard again. God she's beautiful. So damn beautiful.

"You're here," I gasp, completely ignoring the gift in her hand.

She smiles softly nodding,"I missed you...I missed being home...." She puts the gift in my hands."I know it's a stupid gift...but I saved them so you didn't feel left out." I look down at my hands and open the gift slowly. It's a dark wood box with a gold heart on it and gold trim. The heart has my name engraved into it. I look up at her, and smile a little.

"It's pretty," I croak. Her voice….It's her voice but she sounds different. More grown up. Still amazing.

"You kinda have to open it silly." She giggles softly. I takes a moment longer to stare at her and then open than wooden box. Its full of letters addressed to me. Theres at least thirty of them in there. "I wrote one almost every day. Athena and Aphrodite said it would just hurt you more if I sent them to you. So... I saved them."She blushes a little. I lift a few of them. All this time I thought she hated me. I thought she was still pisses at me. I set the box down carefully so I don't break the box. I pull her into a tight hug and bury my face in the curve of her neck.

"I miss you so much," I say hoarsely. I feel her arms around my waist as she hugs me back.

"I missed you too Yori....I missed you so much....oh...umm" She pulls away and hands me a shirt. My favorite shirt to be more precise. "I kinda took it when I left....." She blushes, "I didn't wanna forget you." I blink back tears, but for once it's not because I'm missing her. It's because I'm happy. I ignore the shirt, cup her face and kiss her like I wanted to do so long ago. She gasps softly buy kisses me back cupping my neck.

"Woot!" Luke yells. Kane and Ashley whistle at us. Piper claps and cheers, giggling.

"It's about damn time!" Pree says. I ignore them, and kiss Rachel passionately. I let out a small groan in relief, that I finally get to kiss her. Rachel wraps her arms around me kissing my back smiling. I thrash my tongue against hers and taking everything I can but giving back more. I've waited so long for this. She moans softly tangling her fists in my hair bending backwards from the force on my kiss.

"Get a room!" Lin yells laughing,covering Korren's eyes. Sam is chuckling. I force myself to pull away before I can do everything else I've been craving to do. I lay my head on her forehead.

"Rachel…" I breathe. She breathes hard giving me a quick peck before giggling.

"That was a good welcome home present." She giggles hugging me tight.

"I should have done it along time ago," I whisper. I hold her close. Everything I've been wanting to tell her bounces around in my head. She laughs softly and grabs my hand kissing it.

"We'll catch up later, guys tonight there's a show and I got you all tickets....it'd mean alot to me if you all came." She blushes softly,"I'm performing it it and everything with some friends of mine." I stroke her cheek.

"I'll be there." I say softly.

"Me too!" Pree calls. Piper nods in agreement, grabbing Luke's hand. Sam glances at Ashley concerned but he nods also.

"If it gets me far away from my room I'm in." Ashley says. Sam kisses her temple.

"It's kid friendly so Korren can come to he can even get his picture taken with Santa."

"Santa? Who is this Santa everyone keeps obsessing about?" Lin asks. Pree giggles and kisses his cheek. Rachel smiles and kisses my cheek holding my hand.

"I'm so glad to be home. Olympus is great but they're all so....."

"Dull boring annoying noisy obnoxious irritating.."Lin suggests she giggles nodding.

"Yeah that just about sums it up." Lin laughs softly.


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